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My this site doesn't explain much, if any, about Snatcher game itself. Following sites will give you superb insight.

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Page of Daniel Caetano (Brazil). Just go and download the latest translated Snatcher!!

Page of Artemio (Mexico), the great Kojima fan who put one material - text dumps, scans, photos - after another on website.

MSX emulator by Frits (Netherlands), who contributed greatly to reverse-analyses.

Explains a lot about Snatcher versions including SD Snatcher.

typed this down while playing PC Engine Snatcher. I translated some of it here before.

Page by Gaetz, who played MSX Snatcher to end while relying on the emulators. Offers a lot of precious links.

Page by Yoshi. Graphics, chats and a lot more!

My other related pages;

For MSX/emulator. Can play all Snatcher music.

No graphics. Not much, but is translated anyway.