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Still my favorite for the integration with VR missions. One sub-theme of this game is how genetic information defines a human being. This game is really a piece of interactive art in all senses.
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Cloudy Mountain [link]IntellivisionThis game was very influential for me. I first played it at Vicente Lemus's house, and the "RPG" feel plus D&D world was enough to have me captivated.
Adventure [link]Atari 2600This was the other game, along with AD&D that interested me the most. Castles, dragons, swords and items in an RPG like fashion. (Here is a flash version and the Adventure page by Warren Robinett)
Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no RondoPCE/DuoIt took me a lot of time to get it, but it was well worth it. A great 2d game, bringing some of the best games to the PCE. It is clear what the next Castlevania (Symphony/Nocturne) would be like after playing this, even in the music department.
Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no YasoukyokuSaturnI played this after the PSX version. I love both versions, though I must admit I play more the PSX one due to speed. The extras in this version are very well worth it.
Alien StormArcade, GenesisThis "combo" of games was one I played a lot at the arcade, specially liked the shooting scenes and detail.
Altered Beast [link]Arcade, GenesisThis one was also very important. Played it at the arcade a lot with Rodrigo Regalado, and one of the reasons I bought a Genesis.
Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja [link]ArcadeAt the same time we played Altered Beast, we played this one A LOT. Yosele Tapia, Rodrigo Regalado and me played it almost daily.
Blade Runner [link]PCVery nice game for the PC which brings closure to the movie and the book, taking both worlds and blending them perfectly. This is easily one of the best licensing efforts from a movie to a game. Music, voice acting, environment, ideas and plot are top notch.
Bionic CommandoNesI played this at a neighbor's house, we rented it a lot.
BombermanPSX, PCEThis is the best multiplayer game when looking for plain fun. I have played several versions across different platforms and love the concept.
Burger TimeIntellivisionWho doesn't like Burger Time? Excellent arcade game and the best home version.
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightPSXTHIS is a game. In my humble opinion the BEST 2d game to hit the market, and on a 32-bit platform. I enjoy playing this a lot and have finished it several times.
Congo BongoArcadeI only played this at my uncle's arcade. But I definitively loved the "plot" and scenes. I rarely finished it then though.
Conker's Bar Furr DayN64One of the reasons I bought my N64. An excellent parody with a lot of references and changing gameplay, highly recommended. I thank Gilberto Echeverria for pointing it out.
ContraNesA lot of hours playing this at my neighbor's house
DaytonaArcadeEvery weekend, Oscar Noriega (a.k.a. Akira), Andres Almiray, Gilberto Echeverria, Victor Urbina and me went to the arcade to for the weekly "Daytonazo". This game really impressed me a lot, and a reason I wanted the Saturn.
Dig DugAtari 2600I played this game quite a bit, and enjoyed it... Bad part is that I was never very good at it.
Discs of TronArcadeI was lucky enough to play this arcade and the effect was awesome.
DoomSGI, PCWho didn't enjoy multiplayer when we first had it? Played this a lot in Indigo 2 machines, at school =)
Elevator ActionArcadeI barely remember the first time I played this game in Acapulco, I guess it must have been the early eighties. I simply love this game.
Escape from Monkey IslandPCWe finally got Guybrush in 3D, and I must say that this is a great game. Although I liked the previous three a lot more, this one has huge surprises plot wise... and sort of makes fun of the whole series.
Fighters MegamixSaturnThis was the game of choice when we played Saturn in group. Andres Almiray, Francisco Macias, Pedro Aguilar, Jose L. Balderas, Victor M. Urbina and me played this a lot to get all the extras, several times.
Final Fantasy VIIPSXMy first PSX game. I love this game. Aeris is my favorite character. We played it in turns at home between Jose L. Balderas, Victor M. Urbina and me. This was also the second FF game I ever played. (The first being FF III/VI on the SNES at Oscar Noriega's home.)
FlashbackGenesisIn the same line as Out of this world, this was a huge and excellent game in terms of playability, cinemas and action, with a little mix of puzzles that gave a perfect balance.
Ghost in the ShellPSXThis is a game in which I became quite good. I like it because the action and the control/playability it offers. Also the music has a great impact on the overall effect. Not to mention the setting and anime.
GhostBustersC64, SMSI first played this game on the C64 during 1985, at Jaime Tacher's home. I love the movie and the game, later I played the SMS at Yosele Tapia's home, very good home version.
Ghouls & GhostsGenesisSimply put. A very fun game to play. Very nice graphics, sound and gameplay make a classic like this.
Golden AxeArcade, GenesisThis is a game I played at the arcade daily along with Rodrigo Regalado, we used to stop after school and finish it everyday. Later I played the Genesis version almost daily too. Those were the days I had some time.
Grim FandangoPCAnother classic by LucasArts. This one is quite funny, with very nice graphics and charismatic characters.
Guitar HeroPS 2A really fun game to play, it gives you the sensation of guitar playing, specially if you know nothing about that. I really enjoy playing it.
IcoPS 2Excellent game, challenging and really beautiful to watch, The detail put to the atmosphere in the game is simply amazing, not to mention the natural sound and landscapes. Not recommended if you suffer vertigo, I might add.
IkarugaDreamcast, NGCThe best shooter, in terms of strategy and re-playability. Graphically incredible, with excellent cooperative gameplay (which I found out with Yosele Tapia and Victor Urbina), and a great challenge. I recently got the GameCube version, and it is every bit as good as the DC one. If you like shooters, you are going to love this game.
Jungle HuntAtari 2600An Atari classic. Fun to play everywhere. I played it a lot at relative's homes where I could grab it instead of being at the family reunion.
KangarooAtari 2600I loved this game as a kid. One of those well done games by Activision, which all my family enjoyed.
Last Blade IINeoGeoAn excellent fighting with very good graphics and interesting concepts. I played it a lot on the Dreamcast, until I got the MVS version..
Lunar Eternal BlueSega CDI had to wait almost 4 years to get my hands on one of these. When finally Francisco Puente put one on my hands, I played it 'till the end. A day later, when I was about to start the epilogue, my Model 1 Sega CD stopped working. I had to wait and buy another Sega CD 2 years later.
Lunar Eternal Blue CompletePSX, SaturnAfter having played Silver Start Story Complete, and the "trouble" I had with the Sega CD version, I bought this as soon as I could and will never regret it. One of the games I have liked the most.
Lunar the Silver StarSega CDI first saw this at Alfonso Salgado's home, and bought it just before playing Robotech at Yosele Tapia's home. His Sega CD was broken, so I had to wait to get home and play it. Victor M. Urbina (my brother) and I took turns during a week (my first week of exams at the university) and finished it the same day. This is an excellent game I have grown loving.
Lunar the Silver Star Story CompletePSX, SaturnThe first time I came across this version was with the Japanese one. Oscar Noriega brought a copy from Japan, from his first trip for Atomix if I remember right. The US version was bought by Victor M. Urbina, against my father's will, as a gift to me. I didn't give it importance at the time and thought I would play it later. I really appreciate the effort of both of them, since they are some of my most loved games.
Match of The Millennium: SNK vs CapcomNeoGeo Pocket ColorSince the Neo Geo Pocket came out, I wanted to see this game. I played it emulated a couple of times, but until I got it with my Neo Geo Pocket I felt in love with the game. The graphics, gameplay and fun factor are great. This title has been a way to pass the time during airplane flights.
Metal Gear Solid IntegralPSX
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertyPS2This was the reason I bought my PS2. Excellent visual presentation, the best gameplay of its kind, great soundtrack and best of all. A very involving plot line with some twists that reminded me a lot of Douglas Hofstadter's books (The Mind's I, GEB). The main theme is the exploration of the role information plays in the human being. An Excellent experience. I made an essay regarding such themes at the ending.
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake EaterPS 2I didn't think that Kojima Productions could pull this out.. I thought MGS2 would be the end of the series, but they did. And they did a great job in all respects, it is a technical marvel with excellent story telling and great pacing that make a must play title.
Metal Gear Solid: Ghost BabelGBCContrary to what one may think, this is an excellent reason to own a Gameboy. The gameplay is great, so is the story and it even has V.R. Missions and a lot of weapons. It has helped me a lot in airplane trips.
Metal SlugNeoGeoThis game is quite fun to play, just blow everything. Excellent graphics and a lot of fun with a friend. I have played it several times thanks to Eduardo Romero.
Metal Slug XNeoGeoIn the same line as the predecessor, a lot of fun here along with very nice graphics and tons of sprites. 2D fun for everyone.
Moon PatrolAtari 2600This game was one I played a lot as a child. It had great music (for it's time).
Mortal Kombat IIArcade, Genesis, SNESI recall playing this game when college started, Gilberto Echeverria, Andres Almiray and a couple of friends expected it for both the SNES and Genesis. Spent a lot of hours doing fatalities, you can never grow tired of that.
MoonwalkerGenesisThis is a game I played a lot due to its originality. I can say I did dominate this game and knew every secret.
Night TrapSega CDThe first game I bought for my Sega CD. I was really impressed by all the video display, although colors were horrible I didn't notice at the time. I knew every location of the ogres by heart. I know, it is a bad game really, but I loved it at the time since it was one of the few games I first got with my Sega CD.
Ninja GaidenNESSimply one of the best and most memorable side scrollers out there. Excellent cinemas and solid game play.. what else could you ask for in the NES days?
ŌkamiPS2Even those that don't like it's graphic style admit it is incredibly good looking. But that is not the reason to love this game. It's depth in design and attention to detail is incredibly rich. An experience to be had.
Out of This WorldPC, GenesisFirst saw it at Rodrigo's home.. a true gem in gaming, since it was cinematic, used polygonal graphics, good plot and variety in gameplay. It was also hard to complete.
Panzer DragonSaturnThis was one of the games that made me long for a Saturn. I recall how Oscar Noriega mastered this game and when we first saw it. Beautiful soundtrack, good game play and very nice visuals.
Pac-ManAtari 2600A classic. Most probably this was the first video game I ever played (I do know for a fact that it was either this, or Spider-man for the Atari 2600). What I do know for sure, it was the first I knew about thanks to my dear friend Carlos Rodriguez.
Phantasy Star IIGenesisThe first RPG I ever played, and also one of my first Genesis games. This one really kept me entertained for a while.
PitfallAtari 2600One thing can describe this game. Options. It is the first game I recall giving you a lot of stuff to do: go for the score, survive long enough, collect treasure or just have fun.
Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyNintendo DSDue to the language barrier I had never played teh Gyakuten Saiban series. I loved this game for it's story and characters, the art was also great and the impression it leaves is aided by the music and pacing. I never imagined this game would have my hands sweating in a trial. I hope Capcom brings more of these.
Q*bertAtari 2600, ArcadeI really love this game. I first played it in the VCS, later found the arcade version. But I loved it graphically and in game play.
Radiant SilvergunSaturnSimply the best shooter in my opinion. Great action, graphics, music and above all, cooperative gameplay. I played this legendary game for hours with Gilberto Echeverria.
Raiders of the Lost ArcAtari 2600It took me several years to finally complete this game. When I first got it, I had no instruction manual, so I had to figure out a lot of stuff. Of course, I didn't finish it then. Anyway, follow the stuff in the movie in VCS style.. Great game if you know how to play it.
RayearthSaturnQuite a piece of work here. It was translated by Working Designs, and took them quite some time. Humor, cute graphics, great characters, video and diaries to read. Also a bunch of extras and solid game play, a must see.
If someone ever asks me about Digital Art, I would point this game. It is the best piece of Artistic Interactive Software you will ever find. A shooter intertwined with techno music that really makes an excellent experience, I highly recommend getting this game if possible, Sega made an impressive work here.
Road AvengerSega CDThis is one of those games based on video for the Sega CD, nevertheless, if you play it on hard and try to feel you are there, it is great. The anime made for exclusively this purpose is very good.
SD SnatcherMSX 2A parody of Snatcher made by Kojima himself. It plays like an RPG, compared to the digital manga style of the original. If you have played Snatcher, you will love this one.
Shadow DancerGenesisQuite a different game from the arcade version, but very challenging to get all the endings. I liked the music and game play very much.
Shadow of the ColossusPS 2A very beautiful game, in all respects. The art direction, gameplay and feeling that it transmits are garndious. An experience not to be missed.
Silent HillPSXSimply put, excellent story line with a perfect environment. This game creates a constant feeling of suspense and renewed the survival horror genre with fresh air and an intelligent story.
SilpheedSega CDI like this game a lot because of the integration with the backgrounds. I simply love the fast paced levels with lots of detail and solid shooting.
SnatcherSega CD, PCE, PSX, Saturn, MSX 2This game, as all Kojima ones, has all you need. Romance, suspense, action, excellent story, plot twists and great characters. My all time favorite.
Space Channel 5Dreamcast, PS2The concept, music and looks of this game make it a unique title. A daring game by UGA that set new quality standard in many areas, including motion capture and originality.
Star RaidersAtari 2600I loved the complexity this game had. A map, several clusters of ships, fuel, light speed travel (sort of), refueling at the bases... I simply loved this game.
Street Fighter Alpha 3DreamcastI think this is an excellent blend of classic SF characters, with new style and graphics. The great thing about the DC version is playing dramatic battle, 2 on 1 is quite fun to play.
Street Fighter IIArcade, SNESThe game that made fighting games what they are today. Although quite slow for today's standards, an excellent game overall.
Street Fighter III: 3th StrikeDreamcastThe music, game play and graphics in this game are awesome. The only thing I don't like are some of the characters, aside from that I love this version.
Streets of Rage IIGenesisA classic, although based in other games from the same type, it features great music, a wide range of moves and several characters to choose from.
StriderArcade/GenesisThe action game I enjoy the most. Playing this is very relaxing for me, I know the motions and almost every small detail in the game. It simply flows. I love the graphics, music, stage arrangement.. everything on this one.
Super Monaco GPGenesisThe first racing game I saw in a console with such detail. I played it a lot with my brother and some friends, finishing it in tournament almost everytime, switching teams and cars.
Super Street Fighter IIArcade, GenesisThis upgrade featured new characters and rounded up game play to the series, it was the one I played the most in my home console.. hours and hours of fighting spent there.
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesArcadeThis was the game to play at the arcades. Every time we found it, Yosele Tapia, Rodrigo Regalado and me played it at least for a couple of coins. Great team work here.
The Curse of Monkey IslandPCI could say this is the best Monkey Island game, but I can't since I love them all. Besides, I would love to see what Ron Gilbert had in mind for the third game in the series (Monkey Island 3a: The secret revealed or your money back). Graphically, it is the one I like the most. This series is a must play.
The Revenge of ShinobiGenesisOne of my first Genesis games, and one of the best indeed. It is a great action game with very decent graphics and music, which took me quite some time to complete in my early years of 16-bit gaming.
The Secret of Monkey IslandPC, Sega CDI must thank Jorge Tamborrel who introduced me to this series. This, the first one, is a real classic. Great humor, challenging and great looking (at least for it's time).
The Secret of Monkey Island II: Le Chuck's RevengePCIt took me some years to come along one of these, finally i got it and played it completely while at Shelton during a weekend in a business trip. Excellent as every part of the series, with a ton of surprises.... and left me wondering what the heck that ending was about.
Time PilotArcadeThis is one classic that I still play a lot. Simple game play, shooting and lots of enemies. Just plain fun.
Toe Jam & EarlGenesisI have finished this game with a lot of people (specially with Victor Urbina), and it takes a couple of hours to do so. It is a wacky piece of software about two rapping aliens, with a lot of crazy ideas thrown in, but very funny.
Toe Jam & Earl IIIXboxAll I can say is that I love this version. If you played part one, you will love this one. It has beautiful graphics, great voice acting and a lot of surprises. Indeed a great game that brings back an original concept that not many companies dare to publish.
Vagrant StoryPSXThis game is truly amazing. It pushes the PS visually, and presents an action/RPG like no other with gothic and medieval themes. A true masterpiece.
Virtua Fighter 2Arcade, SaturnThis is the version of VF that I like the most, and the one I have played for enough time. I first came across it with Enrique Ortiz and Oscar Noriega, when we were into 3D modeling with SoftImage, so we were captivated by the detail in it.
ZaxxonColecoVisionI used to play this game a lot when I was very young, and the semi-3D setting impressed me, The visuals and game play introduced by these elements were challenging and non-ordinary.
Zelda Link's AwakeningGB, GBCI first played this game emulated, using a keyboard and without sound. It is a true masterpiece in a portable system, since it includes a lot of elements and plot. I finally bought the DX version (in color), and played it restlessly.
Zelda, The legend of: Ocarina of TimeN64, NGCAlthough I didn't play it when it came out, I always wanted to. It was until I got the Bonus disc that came with Wind Waker and my friend Vicente Lemus told me I should. It is really an incredible game with a lot of well used creativity and imagination. A highly recommended adventure game that rates as one of the best created to date.
Zelda, The legend of: Wind WakerNGCThe feeling that this game transmits is incredible, like reliving your childhood in a fresh way. I loved the graphics, the setting, the fantastic realism of the world and the ocean.
Zone of the Enders (Z.O.E.)PS2The game play, mechanics and visuals of this game are truly amazing. The only thing I complain is the main character, and maybe it's length. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves mecha.
Zone of the Enders: AnubisPS2Also know as ZOE: The Second Runner. Shuyo Murata did an excellent work withe sequel. It surpasses the first installment in every single aspect, and that is saying a lot. Control, subweapons, visuals, epic battles and anime cutscenes make this really fast paced mecha game the title of best Mech game in my book, in all aspects.

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