Panasonic S20

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System Region Refresh-rate (Hz) Sync Stuttering Additional info
NEC PC Engine JAP (60Hz) AUTO No Core Grafx modified with NJM2267 RGB-amplifier
Nintendo NES / Famicom US 60.08 (60Hz) AUTO No -
Nintendo Super NES / Super Famicom EU 60.08 (60Hz) AUTO No European "1CHIP"-model modified with US crystal for 60Hz
(50Hz) AUTO No
Nintendo Gamecube EU (60Hz) AUTO No -
Nintendo Wii EU (60Hz) AUTO No -
Sega Genesis / MegaDrive JAP 59.91 (60Hz) AUTO No -
(50Hz) AUTO Yes -
Sega Saturn JAP 59.82 (60Hz) AUTO No -
(50Hz) AUTO Yes -
Sony Playstation 2 EU (60Hz) AUTO No -
Sony Playstation-games on PS2 EU (60Hz) AUTO Yes US & JAP games played on chipped European PS2
Sony Playstation Portable EU (60Hz) AUTO No PSP-3000
SNK Neo Geo CD JAP 59.60 (60Hz) AUTO No -
SNK Neo Geo MVS EU 59.18 (60Hz) AUTO Very little -

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