Sony KDL-40Z4500

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System Region Refresh-rate (Hz) Sync Stuttering Additional info
Atari Jaguar EU 50Hz AUTO No -
Commodore Amiga EU 50Hz AUTO No Amiga CD32 with SX32 Expansion
60Hz AUTO Yes
Commodore C64 EU 50Hz AUTO No PAL C64C Via S-Video
NEC PC Engine JAP 60Hz AUTO No SuperGrafx RGB modified
Nintendo Super NES / Super Famicom JAP 60Hz AUTO No NTSC Super Famicom with raw sync cable
50Hz AUTO Yes
Nintendo Gamecube EU 60Hz AUTO No PAL Cube with component cable and modchip, NTSC software
Nintendo Wii EU 60Hz AUTO No -
Sega Genesis / MegaDrive JAP 59.91 (60Hz) AUTO No -
50Hz AUTO No -
Sega Saturn JAP 59.82 (60Hz) AUTO No -
50Hz AUTO No -
Sinclair Spectrum EU 50Hz AUTO No PAL Spectrum with RGB cable
Sony Playstation 2 EU 60Hz AUTO No -
Sony Playstation-games on PS2 EU 60Hz AUTO Yes US & JAP games played on chipped European PS2

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