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I think it is best to create each console/arcade board page with teh detailed information instead of a table. The table is ok for when we have clear data to show to the user, but since it is full with defaults it doesn't help. <- that's why people must share knowledge... but your idea is good too, I don't know what to do yet

I believe it will be better to just have a list or a link to a page with the list here, and each page with as much or as little information as needed. In the table we'll have multiple lines with no extra information to show on each column and make it less readable.

Check out the pages that have already been created.

Possible future new sections

  • Video gallery <- the problem with camera is that it always looks better... unless we find a way to make proper video capture.
  • Picture gallery <- ok camera


exemple :

[PlayStation - SCPH-1000] [JAPAN] [Official RGB cable - SCPH-1050] [XRGB-3 USED SETTINGS]

[PlayStation - SCPH-3000] [USA] [noname RGB cable - n/a] [XRGB-3 USED SETTINGS]

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