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The following text was extracted from the original game, for fans, archival and nostalgic purposes. There should be a menu on the right side linking to all parts of this dump, if not please visit the Snatcher text dump main page.

The text is presented as close as possible to the original, including colors when available. Next to each line is the offset within the file for the corresponding text.

0x381c:A...Ahem... This is investigator
0x3853:It's about your father.
0x3878:He wants to come home. If you
leave him where he is, I don't
think he'll be around much
0x38e6:Are you listening to what I'm
0x391d:This is your own father I'm
talking about!
0x3948:Is he...Is he doing all right?
0x3967:No he's not. As a matter of
fact, he looks ill.
0x3998:...Is that so?
0x39b1:I'm sure you two must have had
some problems, but he's still your
father, right?
0x3a11:Thank you for taking the trouble
of informing me of the situation,
0x3a62:Despite how poorly you've treated
him, your father still calls out
your name everyday.
0x3ab9:Really?!...Pop does that?
0x3adf:Forgive me...Pop. Please forgive
0x3b05:Where?! Where is he?
0x3b1a:He's in the South Itayado area
of the SN district. Go and take
him home.
0x3b64:Yes. I will! I'm leaving right
0x3b8b:I can't thank you enough...
0x3ba7:Thank me by taking good care of
your dad this time.
0x3bdb:You did a good thing, Gillian.
0x3c0e:Hi! I'm Stella the Stegasaur.
Thanks for calling! Will you be
my friend?
0x3c57:Hi! I'm Stella the Stegasaur.
Thanks for calling me! I'm so
0x3c9d:Hi! My name is Stella the
Stegasaur and I think I like you!
Thanks for calling me and don't
forget to tell your friends to
call too!
0x3d22:Hi. I'm Christy. What's your
name, honey?
0x3d4e:Hi Christy, I'm Gillian.
0x3d67:Hi. I'm Christy. What's your
name, honey?
0x3d93:Er... Um... John.
0x3da7:John what?
0x3db2:Ummm...John Do..Do..Doberman.
0x3dd0:That's an interesting name.
What is it?
0x3df8:(mumbles)... fictional...
0x3e13:What did you say?
0x3e25:I, I, I said its... Phoenician.
0x3e46:Oh come on. What's your real
0x3e6a:It's Gillian.
0x3e78:Oh Yeah?!? How did ya finally
get off that island?
0x3eab:No, I said Gillian!
0x3ebf:I'm just teasing ya honey. So
what did ya call for?
0x3ef4:So, you're interested in "Love",
0x3f1a:Yeah, that's right. Very
interested, if you know what I
0x3f59:Oh yeah. I know what you mean.
You want "LOVE", don't you?
you know where I can get some?
0x3fd1:Sure, baby, I know where you can
get some. The question is how
bad do you want it?
0x4025:I want it real bad.
0x4039:How bad is bad?
0x4049:Let me put it this way. If I was
a cat, I'd be cleaning myself.
0x408a:O.K., I get it. Anyway, if you
want the real thing, I'll give you
another number to call, o.k.?
0x40eb:Yeah, O.k. And I can get the
kind of Love I'm looking for
0x412d:Oh yes. You'll never feel so
loved. The number is 39-6004.
0x416a:Oh come on little buddy, you know
you didn't call for a
conversation. You should at
least be honest with yourself.
0x41de:Well...I suppose you're right about
0x4208:Sure I am. If you aren't honest
with yourself, you'll lose touch
with reality.
0x4258:Wow. That's truly profound. By
the way, what do you look like?
What are you wearing?
0x42af:What would you say if I told you
I was 5'10" with long straight
blonde hair, and my
measurements were 38-24-36.
0x431f:I'd probably say something like
0x434b:And what if I told you I was
wearing a black leather teddy
and thigh-high boots?
0x439c:If that were the case, I'd
probably say "gulp" or something
0x43e1:And if you said that, I'd
probably counter with "Oooh, I
wish you were here with me now.
I'm sooo lonely!" or some
derivation thereof.
0x4468:Is that right?
0x4477:But, that wouldn't be very honest.
0x449a:What do you mean? You're not a
beautiful sexy blonde?
0x44d0:Oh sure I am. I'm more
beautiful and sexier than you
can imagine!
0x4513:Then what do you mean about not
being honest?
0x4541:I mean that I would rather
perform toenail surgery on
myself than be alone with you.
0x459c:I'm so glad we had this
conversation. It sounded like you
needed to take a reality check.
Bye now, and better luck with
Mary Ann. (Hangs Up)
0x462b:Toenail surgery?!?
0x463e:Damn! ...I've been had!
0x4656:You were deceived? Women will
do that if you give them the
0x4699:Phooey! on them!
0x46aa:It was just a "Stella the
Stegasaur" talk line. Do you
derive some perverse pleasure
out of listening to it?
0x4718:N...No. It's not like that! I
0x4749:Isn't that from a movie or
0x476f:Well, yes. As a matter of fact...
0x4792:For some reason, I've sort of
grown attached to this 'Stella'.
0x47d1:Gillian, I didn't realize you were
into that 'weird' stuff!
0x480d:I like you too Stella!...
0x4831:Gillian, there is something deeply
twisted about you.
0x4867:Today's Neo Kobe weather
forecast. Today will be clear
due to a high-pressure system
moving in from the south.
0x48d7:But, the National Observatorium
has reported that the hole in the
ozone layer continues to increase
in size.
0x4944:They recommend that if you're
going out of the house, you
should liberally apply a thick
coating of "Anti-UV" sunscreen.
0x49bd:Clear day, huh?
0x49cd:The weather is our ally. The
increase in Ultra-Violet rays
will limit their movement.
0x4a24:We should continue the
investigation while this weather
0x4a63:Neo Kobe weather for the day
will be as follows...
0x4a96:Acid rain will fall sometime
during the morning hours,
clearing up by the afternoon.
0x4aeb:Finally it looks like the weather
is gonna improve.
0x4b1f:It appears so.
0x4b2e:Tomorrow's Neo Kobe weather
will be as follows...
0x4b60:Radioactive 'heavy rain' will
continue to fall throughout the
day, making things a little
gloomy. And in some areas, we
have a SNOW-9 warning in
0x4bfa:Rain, huh? It really gives me the
0x4c23:Neo Kobe has an abundance of
rainfall this time of the year.
0x4c60:Rain again!? When is it ever
gonna clear up?
0x4c8d:This is the Neo Kobe Fire
Department emergency line...
0x4cc4:Please report the type of
emergency, status, location and
This call will be automatically
recorded, so please speak in a
calm, quiet voice.
0x4d58:Its very wrong to make a prank
call to the fire department.
0x4d94:Gillian, don't call the Fire
Department if you have no
reason to.
0x4dd6:This is Miss Hayasaka at Konami.
Thanks for your continued
0x4e1a:Finally, Konami's famous
"SNATCHER" will be released
worldwide. We're so happy that
Konami fans and fanatics will
now be able to play this game.
0x4eac:Although the characters in this
game are all fictitious, after
playing the game, I really felt
that I knew the characters as
real people. Also, this is the
first game I've ever played that
continually gave me strong
feelings, just like watching a
great movie.
0x4fb1:Gillian Seed, a man without
memories, the romance of all the
beautiful women around him.
Also, that enigmatic Bounty
Hunter, Random Hajile. And who
could ever forget Gillian's
sidekick, Metal Gear mk II...
0x5080:I felt sad when things went bad
for the characters, and I also
learned many things about love
and friendship.
0x50ee:I'm sure everyone has seen a
movie, read a book, or heard
music that stays with you and
that you never forget.
"SNATCHER" is that type of
work. I hope it is for you too.
0x5199:I'm very grateful that I was able
to meet all of you in this game
and I want to continue helping to
bring you exciting and moving
software, so keep rooting for us.
0x523d:Thanks again for calling.
0x5257:Just to thank you for calling all
the time, I'm going to let you in
on some super-secret
0x52bd:I'm going to tell you the
videophone number of Konami
HQ's R&D Information.
0x5309:It's 078-0000573.
0x531d:Once again, thanks for calling.
I'll tell you one more secret.
0x535c:The R&D staff data is all
available on Jordan.
0x538b:You can even find out all about
0x53af:Bye Bye now!
0x53bc:...Hello, this is Mitsuhiro Togo.
0x53de:Hi, this is Mitsuhiro Togo. I've
just stepped out to the 7-11. If
you want, please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
0x545d:Hi this is Mitsuhiro Togo. I've
just gonre out to 7-11 to pick up
a stuffed bean burrito. Please
leave a message.
0x54d1:Hi, nice to meet you. My family
is made up of my daughter and
my extremely tough wife, who
also serves as our bodyguard.
0x554b:My hobby is constructing IBM-PC
AT compatible hardware. Our
personal computer is hooked up to
a network, but is not open to the
0x55d4:I am an expert in MS-DOS and
Windows, so if you have any
questions, please ask. to you later. Bye!
0x5644:Hey! What are you doing,
hanging up like that!?
0x5674:He seems to be rather
0x5699:Ever since that jerk got
married, he never goes out
0x56d6:He's out huh....I thought we could
play some Mahjong...!
0x570f:Gillian, You don't have time for
Mahjong, do you? We're working
on a case.
0x575a:Oh yeah, well excuuuuse me!
0x5776:That guy practically lives at
0x579a:If he has any free time at all,
he's always at 7-11 or the
0x57e0:Hello, this is Nakamura... huh?
You're asking me if I want to
buy some "Junker's Rush"?
0x5839:What the hell are you saying?!
0x5858:It's adrenaline gum. You chew it
and get an energy burst. Wanna
try some tonight?
0x58ac:Gillian!! What ARE you doing?
0x58ca:No, hey. I just want some pocket
0x58f5:What are you talking about? You
can't sell that?!
0x5927:O.K. Hey, Nakamura? You need
some Blaster bullets?
0x595b:Gillian, you had better straighten
up and fly right!
0x5990:I can't believe you're trying to
sell me that stuff! Get the hell
off my videophone now!
0x59e9:Hi, this is Nakamura. What?!
You again?!.. Don't call again!
0x5a31:This is a message for all of you
who bought Lethal Enforcers.
I LOVE YOU!!! This game is
also Justifier-compatible, so have
0x5ab4:I will continue trying to make
software that will move you,
surprise you, delight and amaze
0x5b65:Chie, would you turn that down,
0x5b95:Moshi Moshi. Burausuteen desu.
0x5bb5:Huh? What?
0x5bc0:Oh...Hello? You speak English?
0x5bdf:No. I live in Japan. I speak
Japanese. What language was
0x5c21:That WAS Japanese.
0x5c34:I don't get it!
0x5c44:Well, technically, you're speaking
Japanese in the world of the
game, but it's translated into
English so that everyone can
understand you.
0x5cd0:I don't have any idea what the
hell you're talking about! By the
way, was that Buddy Guy?
0x5d2a:Yeah, that's right. You're into
Buddy too, huh? Y'know Gillian,
you're a lucky guy. You get to
do all these exciting things,
surrounded by beautiful women
who flirt with you constantly.
0x5de6:Yeah well, you know how it is.
Some people got it...
0x5e1b:And all I do is sit in front of
this terminal writing funny, sexy
stuff for you to do! Ow! Kiwi!
Don't bite! There, take that!
0x5eaa:Hah. That'll teach you!
0x5ec3:Don't hurt her! It's amazing
she's survived this long!
0x5efa:I'll say! She should be dead!
She's over 55 years old! By the
way, she's not the hurt one.
Look, I'm bleeding!
0x5f69:Oooohhh! That's a bad one! Yes,
it is strange that she's lived this
long. I guess it's her positive
mental outlook.
0x5fde:Look, sorry, I gotta run now.
I'm conducting an investigation.
0x601d:Yeah well, I know how it turns
0x6041:Huh? What?
0x604c:Forget it! Good luck, Junker!
0x6097:Hello. Oh hold on a minute, o.k.?
0x60ba:Sorry about that...Hello?
0x60d4:Who is this?
0x60e1:I don't know, you called me.
0x60fe:Listen, this is Gillian Seed from
the Junker Agency. Who is this?
0x6141:It's Gillian Seed from the Junker
Agency. That's what you just
told me.
0x618a:Hmmmmpphhh! What number is
0x61ab:How many guesses?
0x61bd:Dddoooo! Listen here, I want to
talk to Jeremy.
0x61ed:Well why didn't you say so?
0x6209:Why you...!
0x6215:Who are you? Why are you
harassing my wife? Oh, it's you
Gillian? What do you want?
0x6269:Do you still have my copy of
"Crest of a Knave"?
0x629a:Uh yeah, but...Ouch! Hey you
little monster! Get out of there!
Yoowww! Kiwi!!!
0x62e9:You O.K.?
0x62f3:Yeah, just my stupid cat again.
Listen, call me later!
0x6385:Hello. Oh what's up Gillian?
0x63a3:I just realized! Your "cat",
Kiwi! You said she's over 50
years old?!
0x63e9:Yeah, so?
0x63f3:How's her physical condition?
0x6411:Oh, Kiwi's in great shape. Never
better. Damned strong cat!
0x644f:What about her behavior? Does
she go out much?
0x647e:Very rarely, but sometimes she
goes out at night, why?
0x64b5:Any strange smells?
0x64c9:Well, yeah. Kinda rotten-ish. So
we give her baths alot. She's got
some kind of chronic skin
0x6534:Get out of the house now!!!
That's no cat. It's a
0x6573:Gillian, you're tripping! It's my
Kiwi-chan. I...Kiwi, no!!!
Dear God in Heaven, My Eyes!!!
She's taken my eyes!
0x65fe:Rrrooaarr! (Out vile jelly!)
0x661b:Kiwi, drop that!!! Kiwi, no!
Mommy loves you!!!
0x6659:We'd better get over there
0x667b:Sorry, Gillian. This game is not
programmed for that scene! We
will have to forget about it and
pretend that nothing happened.
0x66fb:O.K. Metal. Sounds good to me.
Who ever heard of "Pussy
SNATCHERS" anyway?
0x6748:I'm now in Honolulu for the
marathon. Please leave a
0x6787:Hi. This is Mr. Inamura, the
sub-programmer. I used to
breed cancer cells before I
started programming.
0x67f2:I also worked on the demo scene
for the Genesis game,
Castlevania Bloodlines. Give it a
0x6851:Hello. This is the Neo Kobe City
Police Department...
0x688e:Gillian, you shoudn't call if you
have no reason.
0x68c0:Gillian, you have no business
calling them for no reason!
0x6903:Is something wrong?
0x6917:I'm breaking the connection.
0x6934:This is SNATCHER 911.
0x694a:...This phone call is automatically
0x6978:Please clearly explain your
situation in 30 seconds or less.
0x69b5:The computer in Junker HQ will
process and respond urgently to
your situation.
0x6a04:Please speak in a calm, clear
0x6a29:O.K. Go ahead.
0x6a39:...Understood and recorded.
0x6a55:Konami R&D Information... May I
help you?
0x6a80:I'll tell you some top-secret
information that nobody else
0x6ac2:It took a long time, but
"Sparkster" for Genesis and
SNES has been completed.
0x6b10:Also, that cool cartoon,
Animaniacs is now coming to on
Genesis and SNES.
0x6b5a:And don't forget about "Biker
Mice from Mars" on SNES.
0x6b91:You'll also want to see our "Tiny
Toons Sports" games for Genesis
and SNES.
0x6bdd:We're anxiously awaiting your
fan letters!
0x6c08:Well, good-bye for now.
0x6c20:Hi, this is Vangie.
0x6c34:Hi Vangie, I'm, I'm Ian Gillseed.
0x6c56:How can I help you?
0x6c6a:Huh? Isn't this the Loveline?
0x6c88:Yes it is.
0x6c93:Well then, aren't you going to
say some provocative come-ons or
some semi-lewd half-references?
0x6cf3:Well, normally I would, however
the political climate in the World
is just not conducive to that sort
of thing right now. People would
get angry.
0x6d86:What people, what are you talking
about? It's just the two of us
here. Who would know?
0x6dde:Oh don't be so naive. Everyone
is watching everything we do and
0x6e24:You're crazy.
0x6e32:No, I'm serious. They're
listening and watching and
judging. Haven't you noticed
that whenever we talk about sex,
we're restricted to making vague
double-entendres and bland
0x6eed:Nobody is controlling what I say!
0x6f0f:Oh yeah? Then tell me why you
called. What do you want to do
to me?
0x6f54:Well, I want to, I want to, "get
to know you better", if you know
what I mean.
0x6fa3:No, I don't know what you mean,
tell me clearly.
0x6fd4:I'd like to get closer to you,
much closer! Nod, wink, nudge,
nudge. Know what I mean?
0x702c:I have no idea.
0x703c:I want to re-align your tires,
Boot your disk, grease your
baking dish...
0x7086:You see? Its true. Now do you
believe me? Your being
controlled. You have no freedom.
0x70de:My god, it's true. But they can't
do this. I'm an adult, I pay my
taxes. I have rights.
0x7139:Tell it to the Senate, cry-baby!
In the meantime, it looks like
you'll have to bait your own hook.
Good-bye!. (Hangs Up)
0x71b3:CENSORED! As far as I'm
concerned, all those politicians
anytime they like!
0x7227:There is too much interference.
I can't transmit.
0x7259:Too many tall buildings in the
0x727e:There is too much electrical
interference. I can't call from
0x72c2:In Neo Kobe, even electric waves
are unsafe...!
0x72f2:The electrical waves are still
unsecure. We cannot call from

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