Winbee Neo Cinema Club 2 ~Paradise~ Track List KICA-7642

1.Open your heart(ツインビー)Open your heart (Twinbee)
2.転生の終章(魍魎戦記MADARA2)The Final Chapter of Reincarnation (Madara 2)
3.Mirage(エキサイティングサッカー)Mirage (Exciting Soccer)
4.Prelude(悪魔城伝説)Prelude (Castlevania Legends)
6.黙示録(月風魔伝)The Apocalypse (Tsukikaze maden)
7.Time to party hearty(XEXEX)Time to party hearty (XEXEX)
8.夏色の夢(スナッチャー)Summer-Colored Dream (Snatcher)
9.Star Express(愛戦士二コル)Star Express (Love Warrior Nicole)
10.BLUE DESERT(グラディウス)BLUE DESERT (Gradius)

Winbee Neo Cinema Club 2 ~Paradise~ Track List KICA-7642 scans

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