The only firearm capable of eliminating Snatchers. Neutral feedback circuitry adjusts weapon to user's capabilities, allowing nearly unlimited improvement in marksmanship skills.

  • Carbon polymer/ceramic construction is very light weight and provides almost complete resistance to heat, resulting in near-perfect shape retention.
  • Grip and trigger shape are ergonomically designed from cast of user's hand to maximize comfort and accurancy. Built into the gun's safety system is a sensor which reads the user's fingerprint and temperature. This ensures that the gun can only be used by the specific Junker.
Model NameBLA-H17 (type 3)
DesignerHarry Benson
Assisted byS&M Inc. and NASA
Bore caliber.38 caliber
Length380 mm
Muzzle lenght150 mm
Weight900 g
(incl. energy pack)
Ammunition(energy pack)
Beam impact powerCan pierce ceramic armor of 60mm thickness.
Render from the Snatcher Official Guide
Trigger Detail

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