SCC Memorial Series Snatcher Joint Disk Track List KICA-7607~9

Disk 1
02Bio Hazard
03Twilight Of Neo Kobe City
04Evil Ripple
05Theme Of Snatcher (Part 1)
06Merry X'mas Neo Kobe City
07Theme Of Metal Gear
08Danger Dance...& Justice All
09Theme Of Snatcher (Part 2)
10Innocent Girl
11Theme Of Izabel (Part 1)
12Theme Of Izabel (Part 2)
13Decadence Beat
14Theme Of Jaime
15Midnight Science
16Faded Memories
17Theme Of Snatcher (Part 3)
18Blow Up Tricycle
21Theme Of Katharine (Part 1)
22Theme Of Katharine (Part 2)
23Spreading Die Hard
24Eternal Promise (Good Bye Randam)
25Theme Of Junker
26Good Bye Harry
27Pleasure Of Tension
28Beyond Sorrows
29Master Of Puppets Among The Disease
30Theme Of Ending
Disk 2Disk 3
Sd Snatcher
01Strange Overture 01Body Snatchers
02Another Bad Accident 02Amazed
03Difficult Move 03Decadence Beat
04Modern Crusade 04High Pressure
05Kasuga 05Mysterious Clue
06The First Lead 06Harry's Retrospection
07Stress 07The Merry-Go-Round
08Exclusion 08The Day Dream
09Resistance 09Jim &Amp; Hilda
10Bio Syndrome 10Vanity
11A Potent Power 11North Downtown
12Misfortune 12Reckless
13Theme Of Katherine #1 13Wild Times
14Theme Of Katherine #2 14Case Closed
15Factory Place 15In Danger
16Reconciliation 16Heart Break
17Destruction 17Dear Jaime
18Percussion Head 18Master Snatcher
19High Tide 19Propaganda
20Low Tide 20Triumphal Arch
21The Gates Of Hell 21Sunrise
22For M.M. 22Coda
26Let's Go Downtown
27Prelude No.1
28Prelude No.2
29Junker Hq
30An Awful Fellow
31The Peaceful Avenue
KICA-7607~9 Liner Notes Translation

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