Snatcher 276A 7713/KICA-2308 Track List

AD 2042 Neo Kobe City
02大惨事 魔王ルシファーの降臨
Bio Hazard
Twilight of Neo Kobe City
04Evil Ripple
05Theme of Snatcher
06遭遇 謎のバイオロイド
Creeping Silence/Criminal Omen/Danger Dance...& Justice all
07Innocent Girl
08Theme of Jaime
09Decadence Beat
10追跡 ジャンの残した手掛かり
The Entrance to Hell/Theme of Izabel
11Theme of Katherine
12Theme of JUNKER
Act 2 CURE
13罠 トライサイクルの暴走
Blow up Trycicle
14脱出 ランダムよ永遠に
Spreading Diehard/Eternal Promise (Goodbye Randam)
15Faded Memories
16死闘 暴かれた真実
Restoration/Preasur of Tension/Endless Purser (*)
Beyond Sorrows
18Master of Puppets Among the Disease
Theme of Ending

(*)Preasur is the way the song's title is spelled on the CD Case (in both releases).

Snatcher Radio Play Scans (King Records Release)

Snatcher Radio Play Scans (Re-release)

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