Artemio Urbina

Spanish version


  • Arcade:
    • Arcades MX A site dedicated to restoration and preservation of Arcade cabinets and PCBs, in Spanish.
    • CPS2 Desuicide Tool: Helped Eduardo Cruz and Ian Court develop and test a tool for reinserting keys in dead Capcom Arcade boards
    • CPS2 Black PCB Phoenix Tool: An old tool to use CPS III hardware to phoenix Single board CPS II PCBs.
    • Ghetto Fluke: A tool to assist in Arcade PCB repair using an Arduino Mega.
    • Currently a member at the Dumping Union for M.A.M.E. documenting old arcade hardwarei and software.
  • Translations:
    • Policenauts Translation: Helped Marc Laidlaw and Michael Sawyer in the tranalation of the Playstation version of the game.
    • SDatcher Translation: Helped Marc to create the English captioned version of the radio Drama that serves as a prequel to Snatcher. Made the Spanish translation as well.
    • Snatcher MSX text dump: Did the original dump of the Japanese text that was later translated by Takamichi Suzukawa and implemented in the translatioon by Daniel Caetano.
    • Sailor Moon AS text Dump: Helped in creating the initial tools to dump the script for the game.
  • Consoles:
    • 240p Test Suite: Coded most versions of the suite to help calibrate CRTs and upscaled video, as well as evaluating upscalers and video processors for classic game console video signals. Currently available for: Dreamcast, Sega Genesis/Mega drive, Sega/Mega CD, Super Famicom/Nintendo, PC Engine, Wiis and, Gamecube.
  • Podcast and video:
    • ScoreVG: A podcast about games, anecdotes, their technical details and more. I'm a regular.
    • BarcadeVG Arcade: A series fo videos where we talk about arcade games and their hardware, we also play them.
    • Junker HQ: This site, usually not updated but documenting Snatcher, Policenauts and Metal Gear merchandise.


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