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This wiki is manly dedicated to the Open Source Scan Converter OSSC and the XRGB family of videoprocessors by Micomsoft and other methods of playing 240p video games on an LCD, Plasma or any other progressive display device.


The Basics

Pixels, Resolutions, Frame rates, Color spaces, Sync signals, Aspect Ratios, Interlacing, Deinterlacing, Progressive Scan, Input Lag, Cables.

Maybe we can merge Interlacing/Deinterlacing/Progressive Scan to something else ?

Connectivity helpers

Scalers, converters, transcoders, sync cleaners / strippers / boosters, scanlines generators, HDCP strippers, matrices, splitters sometimes you will need them.

Should we say scalers or video processor ?

Micomsoft XRGB scalers

A line of upscan converter built for gamers.

Other scalers and scan converters

SuperGUN and Arcade

It also has tangential information regarding playing arcade game boards at home via a SuperGUN, cables needed for playing consoles games on an XRGB and the related themes.

Improving quality with mods

In this world there are genious which created some mods that allow us, gamers, to increase our gaming experience. Check the mods.

240p test suite

We also host the 240p test suite, homebrew software developed for use in video game consoles. It's purpose is to help evaluate upscalers and deinterlacers, either the integrated ones on a display or external ones.

Record your gaming sessions

All about capture for gamers.

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