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A generic name given to any device or set of parts that allow the use of an arcade pcb on a TV. It is also known as a JAMMA test rig. The main parts involved are:

  • Arcade switching power supply or ATX power supply.
  • JAMMA harness.
  • Video converter from RGB to desired output (An XRGB-3 or other upscan/video converter can be used).
  • Audio attenuation circuit or Speaker.
  • Controller ports and controllers.
  • Enclosure to hold it all together.

Some extra details that can be added to the SuperGUN are:

  • Fuses on power lines.
  • Potentiometers to regulate RGB signals.
  • JAMMA+ harness for games that have more buttons or players.

Information on specific board models

Please visit the Arcade PCBs for the list.

External links

CPS2 Shock JAMMA test rig

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