240p Test Suite

It is an open source project that helps calibrate CRTs and upscalers for classic game console video signals, as well as testing FPGA implementations and emulators.

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MDFourier is an open source software solution created to compare audio signatures and generate a series of graphs that show how they differ.

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Pristine X68000

This is a preservation project targeting X68000 floppy disks.

Please contact us if you can contribute.

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Junker HQ

The original site that got started in 2001. It documents Snatcher, Policenauts and Metal Gear merchandise scans and photos.

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Policenauts Translation

The site that hosts the Policenauts English translation. It also features a glossary and merchandise gallery. I worked in this with Marc Laidlaw and Michael Sawyer amongst many others.


SDatcher Translation

Mac Laidlaw translated the radio drama to English, an we decided to create a site with subtitled videos featuring the orginal audio. I made the videos and the Spanish version of the translation.


Classic Upscaler Wiki

A wiki dedicated to the OSSC, RetroTINK and XRGB family of products, open to any other upscaler.

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Arcades MX

A site dedicated to restoration and preservation of Arcade cabinets and PCBs. (In Spanish)

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Score VG

A podcast about games, anecdotes, their technical details and more. I'm a regular. (In Spanish)

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I finally got to meet Bob in person at RetroCreate and talk about the genesis of many projects, our points of view and the retro gaming community.



Had the pleasure to talk with Jeremy Parish and we covered several topics: the CPS2 de-suicide project, MDFourier and the 240p Test Suite.


Analog Frontiers

I was invited to participate in this excellent series by My Life in Gaming, be sure to check all episodes.


Input Mag

An article about the story behind the 240p test Suite and its uses, written by Aidan Moher.



A video series about the Policenauts translation, this is a link to the full length feature.


Preserving Sound of Consoles and Computers

A talk between Displaced Gamers, My Life in Gaming and Artemio regarding some ways in which old synthesizer audio presertavion is being made.




If you like what I do or want to help support the costs these projects sometimes incur, you can help me by donating a small amount.

This is not required, as all projects are always open source and free to use.