Snatcher Music Arrangements and sheet music

PC88 Snatcher Title Screen

This section is dedicated to Music Arrangements of the original Snatcher and SD Snatcher music. If you are interested in the Snatcher soundtracks, visit the Snatcher Material section at Junker HQ.

MrRudi Arrangements

Dancing Metal GearThe author of these pieces is MrRudi, from the Netherlands. He is a huge Konami/Kojima fan and has been arranging game music for 10 years, first on the MSX and later on synthesizers. He prefers the MSX version of the Snatcher music for working, since he wants to capture the dynamics of the original work hence he works with the Joint Disk. I highly recommend visiting The Arranger series web page, where you will find more music by the author and a talented group of musicians that arrange MSX music.

If you have trouble downloading the music, your browser is not sending the correct referrer. Please correct the problem and try again For more information you can read this page. If that doesn't work for you either, visit this topic at the forums for a direct download, you can also leave feedback there ^^

Track NameFormatSize
Triumphal Arch SAV (Super Arranged Version)MP35.3 MB
Twilight of Neo-Kobe Piano VersionMP33.6 MB
Case ClosedMP34.57 MB
FunnyMP34.58 MB
Harry's RetrospectionMP35.26 MB
Percussion HeadMP3921 KBNEW!

Now we proudly present some more of MrRudi's work, which is also very valuable to the community: Snatcher sheet music. I was really impressed when I saw this, the sheets themselves are jpeg.

Sheet NameGameFormat
Triumphal Arch Sheet music (Original Version) Snatcher JPEG 500 KB
Case Closed Sheet Music (Original Version) SD-SnatcherJPEG 750 KB

Sad_muso MIDI arrangements

Here is an arrangement on a classic Snatcher track done by sad_muso from the forums. Hope you like it.

Innocent Girl MIDI Arrangement

Any contributions are welcome and please post your comments in the Snatcher Forums or at the Snatcher fan club so the author can read them

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