Extracting the PCM audio from Sega/Mega CD Snatcher

Thanks to the efforts of Artemio Urbina and the constant nagging of fellow Snatcher enthusiast Joey Migeed, a new program has been developed that successfully converts the 80.8 megabyte raw PCM file (PCMLD_01.BIN) from the Sega/Mega CD version of Snatcher into a listenable WAV file at the highest quality possible. This PCM file that the program converts contains all of the sound effects and most of the dialogue from Sega CD Snatcher (the rest of the dialogue is contained in the redbook audio tracks on the disc, mixed with music). This program techically does not convert anything at all; it simply performs arithmetic on the PCM file to decode it into a standard wave file.

The previous method of converting this file involved using a utility called PCM2WAV, designed for converting audio from the Sega CD Lunar games. Using that program on the Snatcher PCM file unfortunately discarded half the data and therefore half the quality due to the linear fashion of PCM audio. You would get a mono, 8 kilohertz, 8 bit file. The full resolution is decoded by SPCM2WAV, at 16 kilohertz (also mono and 8 bits). As you might guess, those extra kilohertz make a world of difference!

So, how to use the program? It's very simple:

  1. Copy the PCMLD_01.BIN file from a Sega CD or Mega CD Snatcher disc or image to a folder on your computer.
  2. Put the contents of this zip file in the same folder as the BIN file.
  3. Run the program of your choice. It is a command line program so cmd.exe will open up if you're using Windows. Wait a few seconds, and the program will have created a file called Snatcher_audio.wav in the directory it was in.
  4. Open the WAV in your favorite audio player and enjoy the dialogue and sound effects from Snatcher at full quality!

The same process can be applied for the other two programs, but the segmented version will output 1214 wav files instead of one wav file. The drum sample extractor will do likewise, but will get you 7 samples used for the in-game music (probably Akira Yamaoka's work). The file used for this is PCMDRMDT.BIN.

Precompiled versions are available for Windows. The source code is also available so you may compile it yourself if you're using another operating system.

Although questions are not anticipated, they may be asked at the JUNKER HQ forums at http://forums.junkerhq.net where a topic about these programs is currently open.

Snatcher PCM2WAV v Source code at github

Download Snatcher PCM2WAV v (original 2007 binary release)

Download Snatcher PCM2WAV v (Updated 2022 64 bit Windows binaries)

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