Welcome to the Junker HQ Homepage. Here you will find the actual status as well as all my info, research and source code on several text dumping (scripts for translation) projects, as well as general info and images related to Snatcher, Policenauts and Metal Gear. On the side, it also contains a Metal Gear Solid 2 Ending Analysis, that tries to clarify the matters the game touches near its conclusion.

The main target of this project is to make Snatcher and Policenauts available to a wider public (me included). That means creating a patch or a suitable distributable method for anyone having a Snatcher CD-ROM to create an English translation (Spanish maybe) version. The actual platforms are Playstation, Saturn, MSX2 and PC-Engine (TG-16).

MSX, PC-8801 mkII, Sega CD, PSX and Sega Saturn dumps of Snatcher available, also MGS for the PSX and the full script dump from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Regarding Policenauts, we have released a patch to play the Playstation version. You can read all about it at Policenauts.net and the forums.

Kojima Related News and Project Status

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Gillian Seed
Script dumps
Full text from Snatcher, Policenauts, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Lunar
Snatcher, Policenauts, MGS, Lunar...
Script Extraction Tool Download
with source code (DOS/Linux)
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A Gallery of pages with abundant information and media on Snatcher, Policenauts and Metal Gear Solid

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Source code on some Sega Saturn programs I made in the past.
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Random Thoughts

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