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All these are released for public use under the GPL. Feel free to use them.
02/02/2002 Here is the source code and executable for the Snatcher MSX2 dumper.. I forgot to upload it quite a while ago... (Mental note: (*this) page is a real mess)
12/1/2002 MGS Spanish dumper source and executable.
14/11/2001 Source for the Snatcher text dumper and DOS Executable (Sega CD).
30/10/2001 Whoa! No updates in some time.... Here is the source and executable to dump the text on disc 1 of Metal Gear Solid.
02/10/2001 Released an util to compare files (for the OASIS translation of MSX vs the original) Compare Util along with the result of such comparison.
28/08/2001 Bugfix.... when difference was -2 in a relative search and asterisk was present a lot of errors appeared... now ASTERISK == -2000

Update 22/08/01 1:00am CST here is the DOS executable with source code

OK,I have only done so far a program that can do relative searches and exact hex matching so far. the code was done about two years ago for another project and rebuilt to do searches over any number of files and do relative ones. Also was modified to have two types of input... Hex and ASCII, with * standing for any byte/character.

All the source code is included in the tgz file, so you can compile a DOS or Linux version.. maybe even on Windows =) (I will try later to do so if necessary)

SO far instructions are not in the readme due to lack of time... I have a lot of work until this Friday, and most probably will only do a bit of research... but any input is more than welcome.

I will upload a DOS executable by 22/08/2001 1am CST

search [-rap] [files]


-r -> does relative search
-a -> Input is in ASCII, i/e instead of typing byte values, you type the
letters... example: J*U*N*K*E*R => 4a * 55 * 4e * 4b * 45 * 52
-p -> Print the value found.. useful with -r when it is a relative value, not exact

If no options given, will do an exact match per byte search.

for example you can type something like:

search -rap *.BIN

One good thing that you can do is use * to match any byte in that place, this was quite useful to find the text in the PCE version...

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