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The Atari 8-bit family is a series of 8-bit home computers introduced by Atari, Inc. in 1979 and manufactured until 1992. All of the machines in the family are technically similar and differ primarily in packaging and case design. They are based on the MOS Technology 6502 CPU running at 1.79 MHz and were the first home computers designed with custom co-processor chips.


There were many models in the Atari 8-bit family during it's production run. For use today the XE and XL models are most desirable as these can be RGB modded.

Video output options

The stock Atari 8-bit computers offer RF and composite video output only. However the XE and XL models can be upgraded to RGB by installing a VBXE/VBXL upgrade.

Models tested

Atari 800XL with VBXE RGB modification.

XRGB-3 Specific settings

Insert data.

XRGB-Mini Specific settings

Insert data.

OSSC Specific settings

A VBXE/VBXL upgrade is required to use these machines with the OSSC. For best results, wire your VBXE/VBXL cable for SCART output and use AV1 on the OSSC to benefit from the OSSCs low pass filter.

On a PAL Atari, Line 5x/1080p mode can be used on most games without losing any significant part of the screen.

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