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This LIRC config will transmit the codes from a computer to the OSSC. It can be used to control the OSSC or program a remote such as the Chunghop L336.

Credit for this script goes to weux on the VideoGamePerfection.com forums. LIRC for Linux can be found here, while the WinLIRC for Windows can be found here.

begin remote

  name  ossc
  bits           32
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  header       9024  4512
  one           564  1692
  zero          564   564
  ptrail        564
  repeat		9024  2256
  gap          108000
  frequency    38400

      begin codes
          1                        0x3EC129D6
          2                        0x3EC1A956
          3                        0x3EC16996
          4                        0x3EC1E916
          5                        0x3EC119E6
          6                        0x3EC19966
          7                        0x3EC159A6
          8                        0x3EC1D926
          9                        0x3EC139C6
          0                        0x3EC1C936
          10+                      0x3EC1B946
          TOGGLE/RETURN            0x3EC17986
          PIC/CANCEL               0x3EC18D72
          MENU                     0x3EC14DB2
          EXIT                     0x3EC1ED12
          INFO                     0x3EC1659A
          CLOCK/EJECT              0x3EC1D12E
          REWIND                   0x3EC1619E
          FORWARD                  0x3EC1E11E
          L/R                      0x3EC1B54A
          PAUSE/ZOOM               0x3EC1C13E
          CHAPTER-                 0x3EC19D62
          CHAPTER+                 0x3EC15DA2
          STOP                     0x3EC1A15E
          PLAY                     0x3EC141BE
          LEFT                     0x3EC1AD52
          RIGHT                    0x3EC16D92
          UP                       0x3EC12DD2
          DOWN                     0x3EC1CD32
          OK                       0x3EC11DE2
          POWER                    0x3EC101FE
          VOL-                     0x1CE3F00F
          VOL+                     0x1CE3708F
          MUTE                     0x1CE318E7
          CH+                      0x1CE350AF
          CH-                      0x1CE3D02F
          TV/AV                    0x1CE3C837
          PNS                      0x1CE348B7
          TONE-                    0x5EA1D827
          TONE+                    0x5EA158A7
      end codes

end remote