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What is this ?

The 240p resolution that is used by most classic consoles and arcade games is a hack of the 480i video standard, in which only every other line is drawn every field; as opposed to drawing odd and even video fields each 1/60th of a second. This results in a progressive image that uses half of the display resolution, leaving back lines in between each 240p line.

They are part of the native video signal when drawn on a CRT display, and are more visible with displays bigger than 21".

A scanline generator is a device that allows the simulation or insertion of such scanlines in an upscaned or upconverted video signal in order to provide a more authentic, or even aesthetic, look.

When do I need it ?

List of scanlines generators

  • XRGB upscan converter familly

Official website :

  • Arcadeforge SLG3000

Official website :

  • Toodles Scanline Generator

Official website :

  • RetroVGA Scanlines Generator

Official website :

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