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On Perfection and Genetics

Entry made by Miguel Familia, from Republica Dominicana


I honestly don't know if by any chance you are going to read this, or if by any chance this is your real email, but what I am going to write, I won't just do it to show you maybe what could be valuable information, but for my personal comfort in what aspects this can benefit in my life. A way of letting go.

I have played other Metal Gear games before, for example, Metal Gear Solid for PSX. I loved that game, one of the best I'd say. Most people tend to portray it as a lot better than MGS 2. They actually don't appreciate the kind of message or information this game gives us. How in a not so distant future, maybe in a future that you and I will not be but our children or grand-children will be.

The idea of genetically enhanced "superhumans" is not far from completion. The Human Genome is already being investigated for cures of diseases like Aids and Cancer, a way to extract all this kinds of information through genetic material. There are certaintly thousands of pieces of information that still have not been given to the public including you and me, and probably people that work even harder to find answers.

Probably, in some time, technology will open more doors to this "Genome" factor. Since the moment you are born, this machine is going to be able to know what are your flaws and weaknesses, what diseases you have, what mental disadvantages might you have or already do. Like it or not, it's going to start a new kind of segregation, and this time not because of race or religion, but just because of the fact of not being born perfect.

The ideals are simple, accept only the best, have only the best, be only the best. It is a very happy story when you say it but very different when you have it. There is no such thing as a perfect world or thing. If something should ever reach perfectness then it is not perfect anymore. There is always going to be something better to achieve, something better needed.

I have a better example for you. Right now in the world, there are ugly people and there are pretty people. If somehow all the ugly ones disappeared, and you were born at that time, how would you know which ones are the pretty ones if all are pretty. You wouldn't! You wouldn't have anything to compare them with to actually notice the difference. The same with intelligence. If everybody were to be as smart as you, what would be your stimulation to do something in this world, your reason for living.

With inteligence it can be a little different though. Great philospher once said, there are a couple of types of intelligence. Among all of them, there is the Mental Intelligence, and the Practical Intelligence. Some people have the inmense capacity of having wonderful ideas and philosophies, being incredibly smart and all kinds of things, math, literature, etc. In spite of all, they do not have the practical ability to do most of the things people, not so intelligent as they are can do. Some people have the marvelous ability to carve a statue or beatiful face in wood or bronze, or even gold, ice, whatever you wish. They can create beaty with there owns hands. Meanwhile, they don't have the mental capacity of surpassing most of the people who go around the world more often.

And you know something, none of them feel fear for their disadvantages. The most intelligent know they can count on the most practical if the case comes, and the most practical know they can count with the most intelligent if the case comes. They feel comfortable knowing that they can count on each other.

If by any case, everybody were created "perfect" and that dependance were over, then what would be of everything. People will never need one another to do anything. To reach their goals. People will stop socializing, they have nobody to look up to, life would have no meaning of all. Just to be ordinary.

So you see the so called "Perfectness" is not so perfect at all. The only thing that can make this life work is balance between everything. It's true the world will come to an end, nothing is forever. That is something we just have to accept as beings on the earth.

Life is more simple than what the world wants it to be. Some people spend their lives trying to seek for someting that would change the world around or something that would make them recognizable for some sort.

I have a better way of seeing things. Live "life" or whatever it is, being reality or fiction, as happy as you can be, reminding the best things in life are not bought with money. Be honest,respectable and honorable. Living this way you can make much more difference in the world than trying daily to discover some new theory or explaining something unexplainable. Because, maybe just maybe, somebody will look at your life, and take it as an example, the way you lived. And that somebody will take that example and live it as they understood it should be. And little by little, the balance will be stable, just remembering everybody have their own opinions and belliefs, and their own way of interpreting things. "Balance" is the most difficult things to obtain. But for me, it's much more worth it than "perfectness", because as far as I have lived, I know balance exists in many things in life, but perfectness exists in nothing, only in the foolishness of the human beings mind.

Farewell, sorry to disturb your valuable time. Thanks for giving me the pleasure of reading your analysis, and if possible, for reading this email.

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