Snatcher references found in the MGS4 Tokyo Game show trailer

There are a couple of Snatcher references found in the MGS4 TGS trailer. The most obvious one is the inclusion of Metal Gear Mk II, Gillian Seed's personal navigator. Here are a couple of images, the first is art from Snatcher, whilst the second one is from MGS4:

The 'original' Metal Gear Mk II from Snatcher
Metal Gear Mk II in MGS4

Kojima also made some comments on his his blog where he mentioned a "Search the house" reference in the trailer, and indeed there it is on Otacon's desktop (a small note). I was really happy about those details, even the MSX sound...

Here is a very rough translation I made, please bare with me since my Japanese is not that good yet and this is the first attempt I make at something like this. Any help would be appreciated for a more accurate one:

実はこの間のTGSで発表したMGS4のトレーラーには多くの仕込みをしている。 「ネオ神戸」のマークや「家を探せ!」等、スナッチャーネタが多い。 その中のひとつ、オタコン操るちびメタル(メタルギアmk-2)が登場した際の音にある加工をしている。 オタコンが「僕だよ、スネーク」という音声の背景にMSX版のメタルの声(音階)を敷いている。
"As a matter of fact, there was a lot of preparation for this past TGS MGS4 trailer presentation. There were a lot of Snatcher references such as the "Neo Kobe" mark, "Search the house", etc. There is one in particular, the sound made when Otacon's manipulated "Chibi Metal" (Metal Gear Mk 2) enters the scene. When Otacon says "It is me, Snake" you can listen to the MSX Metal's voice (chime) in the background."

In the images below you can see the original note (from Gibson's pocket) and the one in Otacon's desktop.

Search the House! 家を捜せ!
Image from the PCE version of Snatcher
Picture taken from the trailer

You can also notice that small symbol on the right corner of the Snatcher screen pic. That is as well referenced in the trailer, on Metal Gear's screen. In Snatcher it is used to indicate that the user can press any button to continue reading, as well as the insignia that represents Neo Kobe City. Here is a scan from the Snatcher PCE manual with the mark, and a screen taken from a semi decent version of the trailer.

Neo Kobe City Mark, from Snatcher

MGS4 Snatcher References


You can also notice I circled something else on that image. I believe that is also a reference to Snatcher (the one I originaly thought I noticed), I believe it is a reference to "Search the House" as well, since it resembles very closely the "admiration mark" (although it is rotated) on Gibson's note (see picture above). If you played the original game, you must know what that exclamation is supposed to mean, as well as the house/home reference (that only applies to the original versions of the game, whereas the exclamation mark is a wider one).

Finally, this last image shows the Neo Kobe Mark as an Icon in Otacon's desktop, and you can also notice Otenko from Boktai up there. And, could that be a Balster from Snatcher as well? As a final Kojima reference, Dingo is quite obvious in the first image.. right?

Neo Kobe Icon and Otenko

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