Snatcher PC-8801 SR Version Info

MetalSlave Team Logo, also appears on the MSX 2 manual

This was the first version of Snatcher to exist, released in November 1988. Later, it was ported to the MSX 2. In this version, the "Team METALSLAVE" logo is present, as in the MSX manual. As a little detail the character above appears to have been "Snatched". Unlike the MSX version, this one has profiles of the developers and staff, although they are a bit rude comparing them to the later versions which included them.

This also happens to be the rarest of all versions, and now you can see scans of the Packaging and discs at the PC 8801 SR Snatcher page. The manual is exactly the same as the MSX 2 version, as well as the registration card. The case has a slight slope for the discs to rest overlapping each other, in an escalator manner, otherwise it is completely identical except for the PC-8801 text, price tag and bar code.

Some technical data about the game:

  • Media: 5" 2D Floppy Disk (5 disks)
  • Audio: YM2608 FM sound + SSG3
  • Resolution: 640 x 200 (24khz and 15khz)
PC88 Staff:
Scenario:Hideo Kojima
Mechanical Design: Yoshihiko Ohta
Character Design: Tomiharu Kinoshita
Character Assistant: Yoshiki Minami
Main Program: Toshiya Adachi
Sub Program: Hiroyuki Fukui
Sub Program: Masahiko Ozawa
Sub Program: Koji Toyohara
Sub Program: Yoshikazu Nakanishi
Sound Effect: Iku Mizutani
Sound Effect: Noriko Gushiken
Music Composition: Masahiko Ikariko
Superviser:Naoki Matsui
Game text dump

Snatcher PC 8801 mk II Scans

Gillian SeedOpening image of the Intro
Neo Kobe City and Hideo Kojima Credit
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