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This is the first CD version of the game, released in October 1992, and it also is the first Konami CD-ROM ever. The packaging of this version is one of the best. It actually consists of a double CD box, although the game is just one CD. It has two manuals, one with a lot of information and the other containing the actual manual for the game. It also has a set of stickers. Also, a Pilot Disk of this version was released.

I like to think of this version as a "Director's cut", since it is actually the only CD version in which Kojima was directly involved, as far as I know. As a result, ACT 3 was added to the game, colors were improved due to a larger palette, graphics were changed and most importantly, voices were added.

Some of the ending scenes and images were directly taken from the SD-Snatcher ending and there were some unplanned changes in the story as a result of recording the voices before the game was fully done (What were these changes will remain unknown until Kojima or the team speak, read the Snatcher Zoom Tracks liner notes for more details on the development process of the game and music). As a matter of fact the whole of Act 3 was planned from the beginning but never made it in the first versions due to time constraints.

Some of the music was changed or simply added in some scenes. This is the first version to use "One Night in Neo Kobe City" during the intro sequence, instead of "Twilight of Neo Kobe City", and the beautiful "Tears Stained eyes" as the ending theme.

It is almost identical to it's US counterpart, the Sega CD version, although in the later some scenes were slightly altered. For example, the Alice scene was moderately toned down in the Sega CD and ACT 3 is less interactive in this release. This version also had a scene in which Gillian and Metal find a tape with dubious content.

PC Engine:
Director/Planner:Hideo Kojima
Character Designer/Original Illustrations:Tomiharu Kinoshita
Mechanical Designer & Graphics:Yoshihiko Ohta
Graphics:Satoshi Yoshioka
Main Program:Yoshikazu Matsuhana
Program:Kenji Shinohara
Assistant Director:Shinya Inoue
Scenario Compiler:Toshiya Adachi
Sound Effects:Kazuki Muraoka
Music Composer:Motoaki Furukawa (Konami Kukeiha Club)
Producer:Hideo Kojima
Executive Producer:Akihiko Nagata
Yusaku YaraGillian Seed
Mami KoyamaMetal Gear Mk. II
Kikuko InoueJaime Seed
Kaneto ShiozawaRandam Hajile
Mina TominagaMika Slayton
Ryuji SaikachiHarry Benson
Isao InoguchiJean-Jack Gibson
Goro NayaBenson Cunningum
Production/Copyrights:Konami Industry

Some technical data:

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