Snatcher Zoom Tracks

Liner Notes translation by Takamichi


This is the translation page for the Snatcher Zoom Tracks liner notes, which was done via an OCR and the kind help of Takamichi Suzukawa as a translator. This specific translation is for KICA-7610, the original release, although the content is almost identical the same in the re-release (KICA-7906).

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  2. One Night in NEO KOBE CITY
  3. Twilight of NEO KOBE CITY
  4. Theme of SNATCHER (PART 1)
  5. Theme of SNATCHER (PART 2)
  6. Theme of JAIME
  7. Preasure of Tention
  8. Faded Memories
  9. Eternal Promise (Good-bye RANDAM)
  10. Beyond Sorrows
  11. Tears Stained Eyes
Composed by: Konami Kukeiha Club
Arranged by: Kazuo Haji (1, 2, 11), Yuzo Hayashi (3-10)

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Gillian Seed (the player)
Age: 31 (estimated)Blood type: A
He was retrieved together with his wife, Jamie Seed, by an investigation team in Siberia. His memory is still lost. The belongings he wore and other things revealed his relation with Jamie. Even now, his past memory is shrouded in the mystery, and he has been living away from his wife since two years before. After he receivied a long term special training, he was appointed in Neo Kobe City as a JUNKER.
Jamie Seed
Age: 29 (estimated)Blood type: A
She is Gillian's wife who is living away. Her memory is lost like Gillian's. She works in "Neo Kobe Science Lab".
Benson Cunningham
Age: 46Blood type: B
He is the HQ chief (head) who leads the junkers with his unmoved decisions and detailed tactics.

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Mika Slayton
Age: 23Blood type: A
She is the junker receptionist, and also works as the operator. She looks cool minded at first sight, but is a passionate woman.
Harry Benson
Age: 55Blood type: O
He is the junker mechanic person. People like him, and call him "Daddy".
Randam Hajile
Age unknownBlood type: ?
He is an enigmatic bounty hunter. He is a highly skilled bounty winner who terminated three Snatchers so far.
Jean Jacques Gibson
Age: 55Blood type: O
His wife was murdered by a Snatcher, so he switched his job to a junker. He is living by two, together with his real daughter Catherine.
Catherine Gibson
Age: 14Blood type: B
She is a Jean's loving lone daughter. Currently, she is active as a commercial model.
Age unkownBlood type: AB
He is the informer that Jean relied. He is a Chinese man with a lot of enigmas.
Isabella Velvet
Age: 24Blood type: O
She is a celeb actress in the hologram visions. Her native good sense has rapidly pushed her to the stardom.

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SNATCHER Liner Notes

September 10, in the staff cafeteria of the Konami Engineering Lab

Muraoka "Are everyone there?"
All "......" (still hung over from yesterday's project finishing party)
--(1) "Start incidental introduction (2) of yourself..."
Matsuhana "Accidental-introduction, oops... I didn't mean it. I'm the King of Accidents, Matsuhana the programmer. Don't pronounce me Matsubana."
Shinohara "......I'm Shinohara the programmer. I promised to shave my face if 100000 copies were sold."
Yoshioka "I'm Yoshioka in charge of the graphics. Finally I finished one project."
Hashimoto "I was doing the system support. I'm Hashimoto. Know me well"
Matsuda "I'm Matsuda who designed the package. Yesterday night, I was drinking with the director till four o'clock"
Ota "I'm Ota in charge of the graphics. I'm having white blood cell insufficiency"
Inoue "I'm Inoue the assistant director. I once made a Neo Kobe Pizza."
Furukawa "I'm in charge of the music...... Furukawa from the Kukeiha Club. Here goes my gratitude"
Kojima "I'm Kojima the director. Previous night's alcohol and takoyaki (7) are still remaining in me."
Muraoka "I'm Muraoka the music director. Today I chair the discussion. I thought I'd like to hold this discussion in a place we had the deepest memory in... so I chose this cafeteria."
Kojima "This is the same sofa where the Hayakawa's CD-ROM (3), the pilot disk was recorded, isn't it?"
Matsuhana "Yes, this is the sofa of our memory, stained with the saliva of us the staffs"
Muraoka "This sofa was nothing other than the staffs' sleeping bed......"
Matsuhana "I had no place to rest during night... ...I had no other option."
Shinohara "This sofa is stained with everyone's wishes"
Yoshioka "With blood and sweat... or rather, saliva and body odor?"
Kojima "Phew, lucky it was still clean when Mr. Akira Yamashita (4) sat on it"
-- "Weren't we used to be called a cursed team?"
Matsuhana "Is that my fault?"
Matsuoka "The car accident alone was stunning enough, wasn't it?"
Matsuhana "I thought I was over when my car overran through the rice field."
-- "Tricycle overrun?"
Matsuhana "Thanks to that, now I know a lot about the insurance"
Hashimoto "There were others, ha?"
Shinohara "Yes, my new car got scratched. First time 30 minutes after I've bought, three times in one week since... (cynical laughter)"
Inoue "I was riding with him at that time. I sympathize him."
Yoshioka "Me too"
-- "I heard many abnormal events happened, did they?"
Muraoka "What happened to the jeans pants that melted?"
Matsuhana "I'm keeping the melted jeans pants with care. They're the jeans pants of my memory. Do you need them?"

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All "No. (laughter)"
Ota "What really melted them?"
Matsuhana "The most likely cause is a battery fluid spillage......"
Hashimoto "Firstly I thought it was a curse that melts humans, or a new type virus."
Kojima "You know the movie called The Incredible Melting Man (5), don't you? It was like that. They melted day by day......"
Matsuhana "They looked terrible, so I looked nothing other than an ill reputed man during my way home.
(His car was still broken at that time, so he was showing off his embarrassment in the train.
What caused everyone to grow fat so fast?
Kojima "Stop talking that, will you?"
Muraoka "I did try dieting by walking the way to the company......"
Inoue "Wasn't that the overtime obesity popular nowadays?"
Shinohara "It's fancy, isn't it? It can be a commemoration"
Kojima "Becoming fat has got nothing to do with commemoration."
Ota "I was unaffected."
Yoshioka "......Same as me. I'm thinning from losing love."
-- "Is being a developer a pain?"
Matsuda "What do you mean losing love?"
Yoshioka "......After the development was over, I got split with girlfriend
When everyone was doing the final bug check, I was talking about splitting all night long."
All "Horrible......"
Yoshioka "I'm considering a visit to Kobe Omikuji (6)......"
All "Splitting always imply the development, maybe?"

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Inoue "Not that I've split, but I was almost close once.
Fed up with my latecoming to home, my wife's parents came to retrieve my wife back to them."
Kojima "Wow, back to Niigata (8)?"
Inoue "Yes, I couldn't even take the Bon vacation (9)."
All "......I understand."
Hashimoto "Yeah, bring me back my summer!"
I didn't even notice that Obon ended.
The state where the day and night were indistinctive continued for one month.
I want my nights to be brought back as well."
Shinohara "The ones who lived near their home should count themselves fortunate."
Muraoka "Once when I was working late at night, Mr. Furukawa's ending tune came to be heard......
It caused me to miss my home."
Ota "Do your kids remember their father's face?"
Muraoka "I'm not confident they do. But I'm confident with the sounds"
-- "That's what CD-ROM is good at"
Matsuda "When I was working on the package. the tunes and sounds near the last part of the game arrived from next tome.......
I got into tear because of that.
They pretty contributed me to develop imagination.
That probably resulted in something with uncommon atmosphere, the one with the scent of the adult."
Ota "Well, the original was from 88/MSX......
I felt like the level has increased by 10 times.
It happened, when I was drawing the characters in the opening, I felt, aren't they unsophisticated?......
But when the music came into, they became pretty hip didn't they?
I might say, Hail to the CD-ROM...... what do you think?
As the music staff?"
Furukawa "Yeah, because this time it was a CD-ROM, I used a lot of real music instruments......"

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Furukawa "The ending one includes the real guitar, its contents are so gorgeous.
Toki the well known sax player, Yagi for harmonica......
The participating musicians were awesome.
After all, I could do my fullest because it was CD-ROM."
-- "How about the sound effects?"
Muraoka "The hard parts were, no other than...... ADPCM and linear editing, I think?
Their quantity was extremely enormous......"
Kojima "I was deeply impressed with the after-recording session.
I could see the famous voice actresses."
Muraoka "In that day, we could complete five minutes before the end of their work shift...... it was near the border"
Matsuhana "We barely managed to save our skin."
Kojima "All the voice actresses were the beaus...... I was tense."
Inoue "We recorded the voices in the quite early time, haven't we?"
Ota "Yes, the characters were not much developed at that time."
Kojima "That troubled us later......"
Inoue "We could not re-record even after locating a contradiction or error in the scenario, we had hard time because of that."
Kojima "......I repent that I fixed them by making giant leaps."
-- "What are your messages for the users?"
Muraoka "ACT 3 contains a tune that was not included in the original. Please listen to it."
Shinohara "Recommend this to everyone."
Yoshioka "If there is anything ugly, it's my fault. My apologies."
Matsuda "A grown-up's juvenescence is here!"
Ota "You'll never think you wasted your money!"
Furukawa "It was the best!"
Matsuhana "Best as the BGM during car drive. (Be careful to avoid accidents......)"
Inoue "Are you telling me to make another one? Jamie?"
Jamie "How hard you may try, you can never snatch a people's mind."
Kojima "But suppose if I could grasp people's mind if I tried".
Randam "Could you?!"
Muraoka "I don't know why, things were the complaint throwing......
Have a nice day everyone."

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"Motoaki Furukawa Talks the Snatcher!"

The Konami fans nationwide, how have you been? This is Motoaki Furukawa from Kukeiha club. I feel like it's quite long since the last time I wrote a CD liner note like I'm doing now. That's because, since end of the XEXEX (10) development, I made "Sound Locomotive" my solo album and then did a live commemorating its release, and I also had Kukeiha Club lives and radio airing, and so on...... I was really having busy time with no time to make the game tunes, but after all I should not forget my real profession! Therefore, I came to be in charge of the BGM for the PC Engine version "Snatcher" that is Konami's first CD-ROM software.
To speak of two tunes contained in this CD, "One Night In Neo Kobe City" and "Tears And Stains" that I composed, "listenable without feeling any unfamiliarity compared to the previous Snatcher BGMs, but with brand new sense in somewhere..." was my inner picture I had when I toiled on them.
Furthermore, since this was the CD-ROM, I could make a dream real, to include my own guitar play in a game software, the act that was unthinkable in the little earlier times.
Then, this CD that showed up as the soundtrack for that work! Arrangement by Haji and Hayashi were superb, it came be finished in the high quality that Konami can provide with confidence.
I will be appreciated if you'll lovingly listen to this CD as one of the precious items for the Konami fans.


(Recording Staff)
Producer:Shigeru Fukutake (Konami Corporation)
Co Producer:Kazuyoshi Senzaki (Musical Station)
Art directed & Sound Produce:Konami Kukeiha Club
Director:Michael Maezawa (Konami Corporation)
Atsushi Otsuki (King Record)
Recording Studio:Studio SAM
Wonder Station
Free Studio Tsukiji
Engineer:Atsushi Kobayashi (Sound inn)
Toru Otsuki (Wonder Station)
Eiichi Tanaka (Wonder Station)
Mastering Engineer:Kiyotsugu Kaneko (King Record)
Designer:Citroen Matsuda (Konami Corporation)
Yasushi Ikeda (works D)

Konami Label Snatcher World


CD 276A-7713 Price including VAT Y2843
"Snatcher" the PC game is reprised by the musics (PC-88 version soundtrack), sound effects and English dialogues! The realistic grapples between Gillian and Snatchers, and the sweet conversation with Jamie.... This is one disc that hinted the new possibility of the Konami sounds.

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Catch the latest information from the Konami Label Information!!!!

This project is about submitting the latest information of the Konami labels to everyone who wrote to us. Currently, one issue is released a month. In addition, we accept the queries to the Konami Kukeiha, and your request to the label, so please send to the address shown in the right, with a return 62 yen stamp enclosed.

  • Query to
    Konami Label Information, Konami Corporation
    Shiroyama JT Mori bldg, 4-2-1 Toranomon Minatoku Tokyo, Postal code: 105
62 yen stamp
Be sure to enclose a stamp
Konami Label Information, Konami Corporation
Shiroyama JT Mori bldg, 4-2-1 Toranomon Minatoku Tokyo, Postal code: 105

Perfect Selection

"Snatcher &
SD Snatcher"

CD KICA-1017 Price including VAT Y2800

Full arranged versions of total nine tunes from Snatcher and SD Snatcher, arranged by five arrangers. Once again, it tackles the world of the cyber punk sound "Snatcher"!

SCC Memorial Series



CD KICA-7607 to 9 Price including VAT Y4800

The SCC sound module original soundtrack disc from the MSX version Snatcher and SD Snatcher. This tells everything of Snatcher!!

    Notes by Takamichi

  1. (Speaker of the lines after "--") Probably spoken by Muraoka who claims he "chairs the discussion".
  2. (Incidentally introduce, Accidentally introduce) Originally a pun between "jiko shokai". This word usually means "self introduction", but Matsuhana wanted to introduce his accidents (jiko) instead of himself (jiko).
  3. (Hayakawa's CD-ROM, the pilot disk) The PC-Engine pilot disk.
  4. (Akira Yamashita) He, who was not related to Konami, was a well known game reviewer during 80s and early 90s.
  5. (The Incredible Melting Man) A US movie depicting an astronaut who melts daily.
  6. (Kobe Omikuji) This was a couple matching site that existed as part of a Kobe fortune telling mall in early 90s. Men wrote their profile on a paper strip (omikuji), and women chose a would-be boyfriend out of the omikujis.
  7. (Takoyaki) Roughly said, a Neo Kobe Pizza without soup.
  8. (Niigata) This location in Japan is far away from Kobe, and requires hard travel to reach.
  9. (Bon vacation, obon) The second week in August is called Bon or Obon, a Buddhism week where most companies consider a vacation.
  10. (XEXEX) The Konami arcade shootemup released in 1990.

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