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15:47, 8 July 2020Khazama-window.png (file)8 KBBuckoA51 (Khazama AVR programmer software window.)1
15:44, 8 July 2020Koryuu-top.jpg (file)75 KBBuckoA51 (Koryuu top - Showing pin numbers for J5.)1
15:40, 8 July 2020J5-pinout-sm.png (file)10 KBBuckoA51 (Pinout for J5 on Koryuu)1
15:35, 8 July 2020Koryuu-unit-leds-lab.jpg (file)225 KBBuckoA51 (LEDs on the Koryuu)1
15:32, 8 July 2020Koryuu-unit-back-lab.jpg (file)238 KBBuckoA51 (Outputs and IO on the back of the Koryuu transcoder.)1
15:29, 8 July 2020Koryuu-unit-front-lab.jpg (file)227 KBBuckoA51 (Koryuu unit inputs)1
15:27, 8 July 2020Koryuu-unit-back.jpg (file)122 KBBuckoA51 (Koryuu transcoder - Back)1
15:23, 8 July 2020Koryuu-unit-front.jpg (file)113 KBBuckoA51 (Koryuu transcoder - Front)1
18:33, 28 September 2018Smoothing-example-compare.png (file)312 KBBuckoA51 1
18:11, 28 September 2018Retrotink-overview.jpg (file)166 KBBuckoA51 (RetroTINK 2X overview)1
16:01, 28 September 2018Retrotink-unit.jpg (file)25 KBBuckoA51 1
15:59, 28 September 2018RetroTINK-logo.png (file)24 KBBuckoA51 (retroTINK logo)1
19:33, 5 January 2018Ossc-back-small-1.jpg (file)97 KBBuckoA51 (OSSC Back)1
19:30, 5 January 2018Ossc-front-small-1.jpg (file)113 KBBuckoA51 (OSSC Front)1
19:23, 5 January 2018Ossc-logo-small.png (file)38 KBBuckoA51 (OSSC Logo)1
19:04, 5 January 2018SNES-LPF.jpeg (file)349 KBBuckoA51 (File showing effects of the reverse LPF on the SNES.)1
11:01, 24 September 2017Hd-fury-2.jpg (file)22 KBBuckoA51 (HD Fury 2 DAC)1
10:44, 24 September 2017Hdfury-small.jpg (file)29 KBBuckoA51 (HD Fury adapter)1
10:35, 24 September 2017Nano-gx.jpg (file)36 KBBuckoA51 (HD Fury Nano GX)1
10:20, 24 September 2017Extron-dvirgb200-sm.jpg (file)33 KBBuckoA51 (Extron DVI to RGB 200.)1
10:07, 24 September 2017EXT-DVI-2-VGAN MAIN-10.jpg (file)8 KBBuckoA51 (Gefen DVI to VGA converter)1
10:57, 14 June 2017Sony-psp-go-300px.jpg (file)14 KBBuckoA51 (Sony PSP go console)1
08:45, 14 June 2017Nes-console-300px.jpg (file)9 KBBuckoA51 (NES Console)1
14:24, 30 April 2017Unbranded-example-black-crush-ramp.jpg (file)55 KBBuckoA51 (Black crush when using an unbranded HDMI to VGA adapter.)1
14:19, 30 April 2017Tendak-example-black-crush-ramp.jpg (file)55 KBBuckoA51 (Grey ramp when using the Tendak digital to analogue converter.)1
14:17, 30 April 2017Unbranded-example-black-crush-halo.jpg (file)159 KBBuckoA51 (File showing black crush on an unbranded HDMI to VGA adapter.)1
14:16, 30 April 2017Tendak-example-black-crush-halo.jpg (file)152 KBBuckoA51 (Picture showing lack of black crush when using the Tendak adapter)1
13:53, 30 April 2017Hdfury-example-halo.jpg (file)16 KBBuckoA51 (HDFury digital to analogue converter in use playing Halo)1
13:51, 30 April 2017Tendak-example-halo.jpg (file)18 KBBuckoA51 (Tendak digital to analogue converter in use playing Halo.)1
13:46, 30 April 2017Female-hdmi-to female-vga.jpg (file)14 KBBuckoA51 (Female HDMI to female VGA adapter.)1
13:42, 30 April 2017Unbranded-dvi-to-vga.jpg (file)18 KBBuckoA51 (Unbranded DVI to VGA adapter)1
13:40, 30 April 2017Tendak-hdmi-to-vga.jpg (file)15 KBBuckoA51 (Tendak HDMI to VGA adapter.)1
13:38, 30 April 2017Meko-hdmi-to-vga.jpg (file)15 KBBuckoA51 (Meko HDMI to VGA adapter)1
13:32, 30 April 2017HDFury3.jpg (file)14 KBBuckoA51 (HD Fury 3 digital to analogue converter.)1
10:08, 10 August 2016Altera program step2.png (file)141 KBBuckoA51 (JTAG programming with Altera - Step 2)1
10:08, 10 August 2016Altera programmer step 1.png (file)101 KBBuckoA51 (JTAG programming with Altera - Step 1)1
14:02, 9 May 2016Logitech-ossc-step6.jpg (file)80 KBBuckoA51 (Using the Logitech Harmony with OSSC - Step 6)1
14:02, 9 May 2016Logitech-ossc-step5.jpg (file)101 KBBuckoA51 (Using the Logitech Harmony with OSSC - Step 5)1
14:02, 9 May 2016Logitech-ossc-step4.jpg (file)96 KBBuckoA51 (Using the Logitech Harmony with OSSC - Step 4)1
14:01, 9 May 2016Logitech-ossc-step3.jpg (file)104 KBBuckoA51 (Using the Logitech Harmony with OSSC - Step 3)1
14:01, 9 May 2016Logitech-ossc-step2.jpg (file)107 KBBuckoA51 (Using the Logitech Harmony with OSSC - Step 2)1
14:01, 9 May 2016Logitech-ossc-step1.jpg (file)104 KBBuckoA51 (Using the Logitech Harmony with OSSC - Step 1)1
11:47, 29 December 2014Dreamcast-squash.jpg (file)52 KBBuckoA51 (Example of incorrect AR on Dreamcast console.)1
14:30, 27 December 2014Xrgb-mini-change-language-step3.jpg (file)5 KBBuckoA51 (Changing language on the XRGB Mini - Step 3)1
14:28, 27 December 2014Xrgb-mini-change-language-step2.jpg (file)21 KBBuckoA51 (Changing language on the XRGB Mini - Step 2)1
14:25, 27 December 2014Xrgb-mini-change-language-step1.jpg (file)17 KBBuckoA51 (Changing language on the XRGB Mini - Step 1)1
12:43, 23 May 2013Xrgb-mini-back.jpg (file)68 KBBuckoA51 (XRGB Mini Framemeister back view.)1
12:42, 23 May 2013Xrgb-mini-front.jpg (file)36 KBBuckoA51 (Xrgb Mini Framemeister front view.)1
12:40, 23 May 2013Framemeister-logo.gif (file)14 KBBuckoA51 (Framemeister-logo (nicked from Fudoh's page).)1
12:32, 1 May 2013Rf cable.jpg (file)36 KBBuckoA51 (RF Cable)1

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