System 16B Capacitors

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This is the list of Electrolytic capacitors in Sega System 16 B boards

C2 470uF 16V

C3 470uF 16V

C4 470uF 16V

C6 1uF 50V

C7 1uF 50V

C8 1uF 50V

C9 1uF 50V

C10 470uF 16V

C11 10uF 16V

C12 10uF 16V

C13 220uF 16V

C14 100uF 16V

C15 100uF 16V

C16 470uF 16V

C19 47uF 16V

C21 2.2uF 50V

C22 2.2uF 50V

C34 220uF 16V

C62 2.2uF 50V

C63 2.2uF 50V

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