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A JAMMA compatible arcade platform by Sega, derived from their System 16 PCB. It's video runs at 57.23hz according to readings form the board by the MAME team.


Suicide battery

Please refer to the FD1094 and FD1089 suicide battery page for more information on this issue.

XRGB-2 Specific Settings

Video is up scanned without problems, however the resulting vertical and horizontal frequencies are not standard TV ones and it might not work on some TVs that can't sync with such signals.

The frequency generated by the XRGB-2 when using this PCB is 57.4Hz and it has been verified as working on CRT monitors.

XRGB-3 Specific Settings

All this information applies to the GAME IN port only, using RGB21. Works without problems in B0 mode, however due to the uncommon sync frequency used by System 18 games, the XRGB-3 generates the appropriate up scanned signal at 57.4Hz which might be incompatible with some displays since the standard TV frequency is 59.94Hz. It has been verified as working on a CRT monitor.

Games tested

  • Alien Storm

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