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XRGB-2 front
XRGB-2 back

The XRGB-2 is an upscan converter by Micomsoft. It has limited capabilities when compared to the newer units such as the XRGB-2 plus and the XRGB-3, nevertheless it offers great performance. The stability of the image is rock solid, and you usually don't need to fiddle with settings as much as with later units.

It offers no remote control, and all functions are available through five buttons on the unit's front. It offers just one scanline setting, equivalent to the 127 setting (50%) on the XRB-3.



Japanese English Setting Default setting Use
明るさ Brightness 0 - 62 41 Adjust white level
BLUE 0 - 62 31 Adjust blue
GREEN 0 - 62 31 Adjust green
H_POS 0 - 7 4 Adjust horizontal position
BLACK 0 - 62 0 Adjust black level
GAMMA OFF / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 OFF Adjust gamma
AFC 0 - 8 0
USR_DTC 1 - 62 59
V_LINE OFF / ON OFF Scanlines



It also has passthrough for:

  • VGA
  • RCA Audio
  • Mini Jack


  • VGA at 640x480 31khz
  • RGB in 15-pin D-sub (for older Japanese monitors)
  • Mini Jack for audio output

Capacitor List


What is the "RGB/PCB STD" switch for?

This little switch physically activates a set of 220 ohm resistors, allowing the use of arcade game pcbs on your display device. This is needed since the video level used by PCBs is higher than the one used by game consoles, the resistors make them equivalent.

How to reset XRGB-2

When the unit is powered down, press all four buttons (up, down, left and right) and then power on the unit. All values will be reset to factory defaults.

Important : about GAME IN input (RGB-21)

Never directly use the European standard SCART cables with an XRGB-2 since the pinout is different to the Japanese standard RGB-21 ones, and damage might result due to voltage applied on signal lines.

Power Supply

Power supplies tend to fail. It requires 12V 0.5 Amp, center positive. Less than 12 and more than 11 tends to give a wobbly image, and less than 10V turns on the LED without output.


This unit has only one scanline setting, and is activated by turning on the last option in the menu, named V_LINE.

In order to compare the scanlines to those of the XRGB-3, several pictures were taken at different scanline levels. The results matched at level 127 of the XRGB-3. The same cables, arcade PCB, camera settings and TV were used to connect and compare them. The images show a cropped section of pure white on the CRT calibration screen of a System 16 board.

XRGB-2-Scanlines.jpg XRGB-3-Scanlines-127-cropped.jpg
XRGB-2 with scanlines photo XRGB-3 with scanlines at 127
XRGB-3 with scanlines at 001 for reference
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