This is the trailer contained in the Pilot disk. Be aware that it contains a LOT of spoilers. It is 8:33 minutes long, although the GIF version presented below is just 4:15. I posted both versions so quality of the game can be seen in the GIF. If you haven't played the game, I recommend NOT TO SEE THIS. You have been warned. Enjoy! If the animated gif doesn't load, it is possible you loaded a cached file, clear your cache files and reload to solve the problem. In case you want to download this for your iPod or PSP, or simlpy view it at google, here's the direct link.

Snatcher Pilot Disk Trailer

Pictures were taken with Magic Engine I highly recommend buying that emu, it is great! (Although since last reported, Snatcher didn't work completely under it or any other PCE emu, but the Pilot Disc does!)

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