Snatcher CD-ROMantic Official Guidebook 1990 Perfect Selection Snatcher & SD Snatcher KICA-1017 1995 Midi Power Pro Best Selection 1994 Snatcher MIDI Power ver 5.0 KICA-7645 1997 Kukeiha Club & Konami Kukeiha Club BEST Vol. 1 1992 The Syber Punk Adventure Snatcher Zoom Tracks KICA-7610 1993 Snatcher 'Radio Play' KICA-2308 1988 Snatcher PC-8801 mkII 1988 Snatcher MSX2 1990 SD-Snatcher MSX2 1992 Snatcher Sound Clip 1992 SCC Memorial Series Snatcher Joint Disk KICA-7607~9 (LC053~55) 1989 Snatcher 'Radio Play'  276A-7713 1992 Snatcher Pilot Disk PC Engine Super CD-ROM2 KMCD-2001 Gillian Seed Jaimie Seed Random Hajile Katrina Gibson Mika Slayton Metal Gear Mark II Gillian Seed Random Hajile Jaimie Seed 1998 Snatcher >> Policenauts Kojima Hideo Kantokusakuhin Ongakushu Black a.k.a. Kojima Black KICA-7888 1992 Snatcher CD-ROMantic PC Engine Super CD-ROM2 1994 Snatcher Mega CD/Europe 994 Snatcher Sega CD 1994 Snatcher Sample test Disc at 98% Konami Personnel Division Snatcher Calendar 2042 and 1993 1989 Hai no Majutsushi 1998 The Cyber Punk Adventure Snatcher Zoom Tracks 2000 beatmania Club MIX Original Soundtrack 1995 Winbee Neo Cinema Club 3 ~Tokimeki~ 1996 Snatcher Sega Saturn 1996 Snatcher PSX Perfect Selection Snatcher BATTLE Neo Kobe 2045 Speed King 1992 Deluxe JUNKER Key Holder (Keychain) 1992 Snatcher No Subete (All about Snatcher) 1998 Snatcher Trading Cards 1994 Winbee Neo Cinema Club 2 ~Paradise~ 1992 PC Engine Magazine Snatcher Exclusive

All controversy begins with DOUBT

Snatcher has been a very important game for me, since it was the first game I played that had such general quality. I am talking about plot, character development, sweet visuals, great music and above all, a lot of detail everywhere.

This section of Junker HQ contains Snatcher related information and images. Most of it are scans, text dumps, descriptions and translations whenever possible.

This is a complete list of all the Snatcher versions in existence thanks to Takamichi, whose help in finding the oldest and rarest ones has been invaluable and very welcome. The soundtrack collection is also complete now, and that is thanks to James from Shadow Moses, who also helped in completing the Trading Cards and finding the Official Guide. Jon Price from Devon UK also deserves a special mention, for contributing the first image of the Junker Key chain I ever saw, and that one was here at Junker for a while.

Special thanks go to Jeremy Blaustein and Scott T. Hards for the excellent translation work they made with the Sega CD version, to Kevin O'Donohue for creating the Sega CD game manual as we know it (That unique "white stripes" Sega CD design is his doing), Satoshi Yoshioka for his art, Masahiro Ikariko, Motoaki Furukawa and the Konami Kukeiha Club for the excellent music across all versions and soundtracks, and finally to the incredible work of Kojima and the development staff.

You should also read the Liner Notes translation for each of the soundtracks, since they contain lots of inside information on the development of Snatcher and Kojima's team during the creation of the game.

Finally, you might want to visit the Snatcher forum at the Kojima Message Board, or our unofficial SDATCHER Translation.

Snatcher Versions

Click on any item from the following image or select from the lists below.

Mika from the We Love Snatcher Site
Mika Slayton taken from the WE LOVE SNATCHER site

Snatcher Official Merchandise

Snatcher Material

Snatcher title screen, PC-8801 mkII


Related Games

Hai no Majutsushi
RC 765A Mahjong game that includes a Snatcher as a playable character, amongst other Konami stars including Pentarou, Goemon, Simon Belmont and a Moai.
1996Neo Kobe 2045 Speed King
SLPM 86013There are several Snatcher and Kojima Game references present in this game.
2004Metal Gear Ac!dThere are 3 Snatcher character cards in the game.
2005Metal Gear Solid 4There are several references to Snatcher in the Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS trailer, including Metal Gear Mk II and the Neo Kobe Mark

Snatcher Soundtracks

1989Snatcher "Radio Play"
276A-7713Track ListLiner Notes Translation
1989Snatcher "Radio Play" Tape
230T-3713Track ListLiner Notes Translation
1990Perfect Selection Snatcher & SD Snatcher
パーフェクト・セレクション スナッチャー&SDスナッチャー
KICA-1017Track List
1992Snatcher Sound Clip
Track ListReleased along
PCE game.
1992SCC Memorial Series Snatcher Joint Disk
SCCメモリアル・シリーズ スナッチャー ‐ジョイントディスク‐
KICA-7607~9 (LC053~55)Track ListLiner Notes Translation
1992The Syber Punk Adventure Snatcher Zoom Tracks
スナッチャー ズーム・トラックス
KICA-7610Track ListLiner Notes Translation
1993Snatcher "Radio Play"
KICA-2308Track ListLiner Notes Translation
1994Snatcher MIDI Power ver 5.0
KICA-7645Track List
1995Perfect Selection Snatcher BATTLE
パーフェクトセレクション スナッチャー・バトル
KICA-1152Track List
1998Snatcher >> Policenauts Kojima Hideo Kantokusakuhin Ongakushu Black a.k.a. Kojima Black
小島秀夫監督作品 音楽集 黒盤
KICA-7888Track List
1998The Cyber Punk Adventure Snatcher Zoom Tracks
スナッチャー ズーム・トラックス

(Konami O-TA-KA-RA Game Music Collection)
KICA-7906Track ListLiner Notes Translation

Related Soundtracks

1990Konami Special Music Golden Treasure Chest 1991
千両箱 平成三年版
KICA-9005~8Contains a song titled "Hitomi ga Mitai/Theme of Snatcher"
瞳が見たい/スナッチャーのテーム Track 1 CD1s
It also came with a small calendar which has Snatcher, SD-Snatcher and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake art.
1994Winbee Neo Cinema Club 2 ~Paradise~
ウインビーのネオシネマ倶楽部2 パラダイス編, アレンジ
KICA-7642Track ListContains a version of "Theme Of Katharine (Part 2)"
Track 8 "Summer-Colored Dream (Snatcher)"
1995Winbee Neo Cinema Club 3 ~Tokimeki~
ウインビーのネオシネマ倶楽部3~ときめき編, アレンジ
KICA-7674Track ListContains a version of "Theme Of Ending"
Track 5 "Forever Blue (Snatcher)"
FOREVER BLUE(「スナッチャー」)
1995Midi Power Pro Best Selection
ミディ パワープロ ベスト・セレクション
KICA-7670Track ListContains a floppy disk with three Snatcher MIDI files, and three tracks from the Snatcher MIDI Power ver 5.0 (View track list for details)
1997Kukeiha Club & Konami Kukeiha Club BEST Vol. 1
矩形波倶楽部&コナミ矩形波倶楽部BEST VOL 1
KICA-7820Track ListContains two tracks form The Cyber Punk Adventure Snatcher Zoom Tracks
2000beatmania Club MIX Original SoundtrackAICT 1227-1228Includes a track called "SNATCHER [Dual vacuum Mix]" that has some sax tunes from "One Night in Neo Kobe City"

Throughout history, suspicion
has always bred conflict.
The real conflict, though,
resides in people's hearts.
This conflict has just begun.

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