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Toaplan V2 is an arcade PCB.


Year Game Sync variation present Sync fix patch available
1991 Teki Paki
1991 Ghox
1992 Pipi [and] Bibis / Whoopee!!
1992 Tatsujin Oh / Truxton II
1992 Dogyuun X
1992 Fixeight X
1993 V-V / Grind Stormer X
1993 Batsugun / Batsugun Special X
1993 Knuckle Bash X
1993 Mahou Daisakusen / Sorcer Striker
1994 Otenki Paradise / Snow Bros. 2 X
1994 Shippu Mahou Daisakusen / Kingdom Grand Prix
1996 Battle Garegga
1998 Armed Police Batrider
1999 Battle Bakraid

Models tested

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XRGB-2 Specific settings

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XRGB-3 Specific settings

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XRGB-Mini Specific settings

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OSSC Specific settings

No special settings are required.

OSSC Pro Specific settings

As shown in table above, some V2 PCBs have irregular sync which is problematic for digitizers. To get best compatibility with OSSC Pro, set "AV1-3 sync opt -> H-PLL Loop Gain" to 3 and run it in scaler mode with framelock disabled.

Games Tested

  • Armed Police Batrider (tested on OSSC)
  • Pipi & Bibis (tested on OSSC)
  • Knuckle Bash (tested on OSSC Pro)