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XRGB-2 Specific settings

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XRGB-3 Specific settings

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XRGB-Mini Specific settings

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OSSC Specific settings

No special settings are required for basic functionality.

The OSSC can however be set up to perform NTSC square pixel sampling. When doing so, the sampling matches the pixel clock in games running at square pixel 640x480 resolution and maintains a correct 4:3 aspect ratio. The latter also applies to games that run at a non-square pixel 720x480 resolution (albeit with a 2% total horizontal crop). This setup is especially useful when using 4x mode with 480i input and 2x mode with 480p input, where the default settings may produce an incorrect aspect ratio.

It can also be used for 2x mode with 480i input and passthru mode with 480p input if desired.

Note that compatibility with these settings can vary between displays.

NTSC square pixel settings

In Sampling opt. menu

Parameter Recommended setting Notes
Allow TVP HPLL2x Off This setting is only recommended to be enabled if the picture becomes jittery or unstable, as it can cause sampling phase to randomly shift 180° and blur the picture.
Allow upsample2x On This is optional but recommended when using 4x mode with 480i input or 2x mode with 480p input to maintain smooth edges and detail in games that use 720x480 resolution.

In Adv. timing sub menu

Parameter Setting Notes
in 480i in 480p
H. samplerate 780 780
H. s.rate frac .00 .00
H. synclen 58 58
H. backporch 60 60 Might need to be adjusted up or down a step or two to center the picture.
H. active 640 640
V. synclen 3 6
V. backporch 16 32 Might need to be adjusted up or down a step or two to center the picture.
V. active 240 480

When playing games that have a resolution of 640x480 with the above settings, disabling the Allow upsample2x option will produce sharper edges between pixels. If that option is desired, it is also necessary to disable Allow TVP HPLL2x and adjust Sampling phase to reduce bleeding between pixels.

Note that disabling Allow upsample2x with the above settings will cause some loss in clarity with games that run at 720x480.