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This is a must see for any Snatcher fan. SD Snatcher (Super Deformed Snatcher) is an alternative version of Snatcher made by Hideo Kojima. The gameplay is that of an RPG, combined with a shooting-turn-based combat. The story follows the main plot of Snatcher, but has its own variations and jokes. It was only released in Japan. A new and worthy translation was done in 2014, you should check it out.

Since this version is quite difficult to find (because the sound cartridge (SCC+) is highly appreciated by MSX users). In case you happen to find one, buy it. The pure packaging is worth it.

SD Snatcher added a lot of depth to the storyline since it completed Act 3. Originally Snatcher was planned to have three acts (there is evidence of this in the manual shared by the first versions, the PC-88 soundtrack and also hinted at later in the Snatcher Zoom Tracks Liner Notes) , but the third one didn't make it into the PC 88 or MSX 2 probably due to time constraints. SD Snatcher concluded the storyline and led the path for the next versions, along with several musical themes that kept with the series.

This page has very valuable info on this version.

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