Snatcher "Radio Play"

Liner Notes translation by Takamichi

This is the translation page for the Snatcher "Radio Play" liner notes, which was done via an OCR and the kind help of Takamichi Suzukawa for translating them. The SJS files are available here for the curious.

"Snatcher" Liner Notes

IKA: (1) Hello, everyone, thank you for coming spending your precious time today. This occasion (2), we have a special favor, we decided to gather the people other than the music developer, and hear from them the stories related to the development.
Now everyone, let's start
Metal Slave Matsui: (Hereafter called Metal) I was doing the job that is named the supervisor.
I'm Potato Jelly Matsui. (The potato jelly (3) is being served to everyone though no one knows who brought it here)
Maddock Kinoshita: Oh, the potato jelly tastes so nice. I'm Maddock Kinoshita in charge of the character design. (Hereafter called Mad)
Snake Kojima: I'm Kojima the planner. (Hereafter Snake)
Ultraman Adachi: Yes, I'm Ultraman Adachi who was doing the programs. (Hereafter Ultraman)
Black Ohta: I was in charge of, what? I don't know sure (...looking nervously) Aah, the mechanic design. Yes, that was my job. I'm Black Ohta.
IKA: There are actually many other people, but today, we gathered these people as the representatives of their division. (Everyone is too busy with eating the potato jelly and no one is listening at all).
I'd like to hear your memories and the hard time talk during the development...
Black: Well. I had a sort of pride as the Snatcher team. Not so much as the duty to make something good, but I was mentally pressured in that way, didn't you all feel like that?
Only me? (...looking nervously)
I think everyone had one, the sort of unspoken understanding that we couldn't compromise with the level in every aspect...
IKA: In that sense, this development was the one with big gut.
Snake: Gut? I dragged my gut all the way into my dream.
Black: Snatcher appeared in my dream too.
Ultraman: In my case, the half of the things was the fight with capacity. I think the others people had considered the capacity issue as well.
Mad: For my part, the storyboard in the plan were so superb, so I had fun drawing.
Snake: For me, the early part of the development when there were only two, me and Mad, was the most fun.
The feeling was like making a film or an anime rather than making a game, so as the adverse effect it was a painful (I came up with too much ideas), I worried whether it'll be really completed.
Metal: As my memories, I sometimes overcame the various pressures but sometimes was oppressed by them, and there was a quite a long time between the advertisement and the release of the game, so we had the user reactions and release requests even while we were still developing, so in that sense the development style was a quite rare one (he spoke this snobbishly)
All: This tastes good.
IKA: Well, this really was a huge scale plan. How many character sheets were going to be in the initial estimate?
Mad: Initially, I drew and drew but never ended. How many were there approx?
Snake: 300 or so.
Black: There were so many, so I couldn't foresee how fast I should draw to grasp the feeling of total work rate.
Ultraman: So, from the programmer's view, it was nothing other than risk taking.
When I was doing, I was praying all the way that the capacity would suffice.
IKA: It looks that each of the characters has its fans... we received the letters. I personally like Catherine(7).
Snake: Er, I'm a huge fan of Jaime, after all. I like Metal Gear beside.

Mad: I forgot to configure the Metal Gear's occiput.
Snake: Yes!! Metal Gear's unknown occiput!
IKA: What about Catherine's sharp pointed ass? (IKA is obsessed with Catherine)
Mad: Actually, I am not good at that sort of thing.
IKA: Beside the questionnaire postcards, some people sent chocolates for the Valentine Day (4) this year, what happened to those chocolates?
Mad: Oh well, I'm sure all of us ate them!
Snake: "Randum", why did you die!!
Metal: We also received assorted sweets.
Mad: Hi, I'm Haruka's mother. (5)
All: We express our thanks.
IKA: Now finally, please say something to the audience.
Snake: Er, among the works I've done, I had highest satisfaction with Snatcher, but I'd like to keep developing even better.
Mad: Snatcher is the biggest adventure of this century!!
Ultraman: Spending this much of effort to make a large scale product has almost pushed me to the limit. I had learned a lot of things though, but at the same time I was scared that if I'd experience this twice I might die.
Black: I hope to make something good again by referring to Snatcher, that we made this time, as my guide.
Metal: Let me think. As a creator, I don't want to be satisfied with this one, I'd rather want to make a better game, and use this experience in other style of development. And, if we can get a lot of opinions from the user masses, the next one will be much easier to create... I'm waiting your postcards.
IKA: Everyone, thank you for today.

June 6,1991. . . . . . Moscow

There has been a big accident at the Chernoton Research
Centre. A secret form of experimental bacterial weapon
has escaped into the environment.

80 % of the Eurasian continent has been destroyed. Half
the world has been wiped out. Then. . . . . 50 years Iater. . .

December 2042

The crazy atmosphere of Neo-Kobe-City.

The human inhabitants are facing a terrifying situation.
A mysterious organism, a bioloid appeared. Where it came
from,What it is and what it wants, no-one knows !
A new enemy weapon, an invader from space. . . . . ??
lt appears in winter and kills. lt takes on the form of the
slain human and mingles into society. Like a normal human.
human, their artificial skin bleeds and sweats. Their skin
even re-generates itself so it is almost impossible to tell
them apart from real humanbeings.

Because they snatch human bodies, they have been
termed .Snatchers..
Human or Snatcher ?

A special police squad has been set up to combat the
This special police team has been trained to disregard
their own satety. . . . . . they are no.t embtional men.

That is . . . . Judgement Uninfected NaKed Kind & Excute
people call, them .JUNKER.

Speech bubble: This is the information corner for the Konami fans.

Megupin's (8)
"Kukeiha Detective Squad" (9)

Nice to meet you.
I am "Megupin" who has been the Kukeiha's assistance since this spring.
Know me
I've now grown intimate with the Kukeiha members, I'll send various information faster than the courier services, fresher than Yaoshin the greengrocer(10). It's really VEGITABLE! (11)
By the way, have you checked the TV commercials for Twinbee 3 and the racer mini 4WD (12) that we aired in April?
The Kukeiha's commercial song played in their back, wasn't it a little brilliant!
If you send us a lot of request we might release them in a record.
Send us your cheers, everyone
P.S Presently, Kukeiha is doing their best toward their next album.
So, everyone, cheer them up
I'm looking for the next occasion to meet you.
So, see you again...


By Takamichi

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