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Format of the .sjs file is equal to .txt.
To prevent opening the text files in your browser, right click then choose "download", or use applicable ap like Reget.

The Disk translation contain "codes" within the message, considering future implementation back to game disks. Unlike later versions, MSX/PC88 version Snatcher texts are multicolored and are displayed by different speed at times.

The lines which appear more than once in a file, or is found in another translation text file are NOT translated, and are reserved in Japanese. There are detailed explanations why they are not translated.

Write to Ivan Latorre any comments/questions about the translation into Spanish.
Disk 1 Disquete 1 Video phone conversation, Joy Division store, Altamila square, Ivan's home, Freddy's home 
Disk 2 Disquete 2 Junker HQ, GAUDI data, Factory ruin, vet
Disk 3 Disquete 3 Gibson's home, Outer Heaven bar, that hospital
Disk 1 - 2 comparison Comparación entre los disquetes 1 y 2 Explains what part of disk 2 is found in disk 1
Disk 1/2 - 3 comparison Comparación entre los disquetes 1/2 y 3 Explains what part of disk 3 is found in disk 1 and 2
Commands Comandos Translation of menu commands. Both full and shortened versions
Notas sobre la traducción Remarks on the translation into Spanish

Japanese original of above data, and related technical information how MSX Snatcher stores text data are found in Artemio's text dump page.