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Taito F3 is an arcade PCB.



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Models tested

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XRGB-2 Specific settings

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XRGB-3 Specific settings

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XRGB-Mini Specific settings

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OSSC Specific settings

H-PLL pre-coast: 4
H-PLL post-coast: 4

Games running on this PCB use 240p with odd-odd field signaling. OSSC's video digitizer chip does not recognize it properly, but there are 2 alternative workarounds:

  • If the board is connected to AV1, select the input on OSSC before starting up the game and do not change it during game play. Alternatively hook up another 240p source to AV2, and switch from AV2 to AV1 while both sources are active.
  • A more robust method is to hook up the board/Supergun to AV3 RGBS input (TTL-level csync to pin 13 of DE-15 connector) which has slightly different sync processing than AV1/2 analog sync inputs.

Games Tested

Grid Seeker (tested on OSSC)

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