Script dumps

Factory Scene from PCE Snatcher

Well this dumps are here for several reasons. First I would love to translate these versions (obviously the ones in Japanese). The second one and more practical is to read all that you missed while playing them. The level of detail these games have (Snatcher, Metal Gear, Lunar) is impressive.. and they all have a lot of funny comments here and there. Some of them have a bit of characters between lines, I apologize for these. Due to the amount of text I cannot check it all before releasing it, and I prefer some of these than not having the complete dump (excluding them). If you ever need source code or instructions on how this was accomplished (mostly in the Japanese snatcher cases, the most complicated). Contact me.

Here are the dumps I have and seem to be complete (at least to my untrained eye =P). if you can help translating these, please contact me first, so I can give you a dump with hex references and a more comfortable format. I will release the source code that made this dumps, just be a bit patient while I clean it a bit (It is a very simple piece of code as a matter of fact).

I highly recommend using JWPce, or NJStar CJK Viewer in conjunction with Ultraedit. You can view large amounts of Japanese text that way, even while doing Hex editing =).

In case you want to view them online, work is being done to convert all these to HTML. You'll find the appropriate links close to the dumps.

Special thanks go to Jeremy Blaustein for the excellent translations of Metal Gear Solid and Snatcher, and to Suzukawa Takamichi, for his proof reading and support and to SkankinMonkey & Cyber Warrior X from SegaXtreme for their help and support.

You can find more info and source in the tools section, also be sure to visit the Kojima-san Game Gallery or Lunar Section, you will find a lot of scans on merchandise and games.


Hideo Kojima Games


Version and filesHTMLFormat/LanguajeGame InfoGame Translation
PSX Snatcher Text DumpSoon!S-JIS/JapaneseVersion Info
Sega Saturn Snatcher Text DumpSoon!S-JIS JapaneseVersion Info
MSX Snatcher text dump
MSX Snatcher text dump without codes
Soon!S-JIS JapaneseVersion InfoEnglish and Portuguese translation
PC-8801 mkII Snatcher text dumpSoon!S-JIS JapaneseVersion Info
Sega CD Snatcher text dump
Sega CD Snatcher text dump without codes
Sega CD Snatcher text dump 1998 version
Sega CD Snatcher HTML text dumpASCII EnglishVersion Info

Metal Gear

Lunar Games

MSX dump codes are as follows:

Ivan Rodriguez