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Gillian Seed

28/12/2003 The scans for World Fighters: Dream Mix TV are up now. I also included a couple of screen captures, featuring the 4 Snake customs and the Winning and Losing icons. The Video vs Simon Belmont is also available there for download. In other news, Twin Snakes videos are available. I still don't like the general "rounded" look, and the exaggerated Matrix-like action scenes.... but we will wait and see how it feels. It might just be that I don't like Silicon Knights tampering with one of the most fabulous games ever...and the music, why change it?

23/12/2003 Here is a small gift: A video file from Dream Mix TV World Fighters, featuring Snake. It is not the best, but at 4 am it is something at least. The game does feature 4 different costumes for Snake: MGS1, MGS2, Pliskin and Tuxedo. Quite fun if you ask me, I was more pleased than I thought about this game. I will add scans tomorrow morning. The file is in DivX format, and weights 7mb.

21/12/2003 I received a piece that is very important for the Metal Gear collection, and although I have not been able to upload the appropriate scans (and I will), I want to give you some images that most hard core Metal Gear fans will find interesting. Here is a nice scan of the Metal Gear: Solid Snake Cover Image (992x1136, 390kb) and an Interesting page from the Metal Gear: Solid Snake manual. Since this game is a bit rare, I will make the scans a little more detailed than the usual. If you have a special suggestion or request, please feel free to e-mail me or post at the guest book.

18/12/2003 Today Dream Mix TV World Fighters was released in Japan. It is available for GameCube and PS2, although the pre-orders shipped yesterday. As you might know, thanks to Takamichi who posted in the guest book, Snake is a playable character in this "Smash Bros" type of game, alongside Optimus Prime, Simon Belmont, Bomberman and several other known figures. Looks like it will be a wacky experience, when I receive it Scans and info will be available. Meanwhile, you can also visit the Official Site.

16/12/2003 You may have noticed I have been quite slow in the updates. I must apologize, and promise that I will do my best to get back the material I lost (I have to get back an old hard drive where I used to have the backup of the scans and pictures in full resolution). It is no excuse, but I have been quite busy at work.. and the time I have left I have spent at this:

I am Zaika, if you happen to be in "Fairy", look for me at San d'Oria.

15/12/2003 Good news! Daniel Caetano has informed that his MSX Snatcher English translation is still in progress, and although it has been slow, he plans on finishing it in the future. here is the current status:

07/12/2003 During this holiday season The Kremlin has been quite busy with great updates. Be sure to pay a visit, you will be glad you did.

05/12/2003 Some updates were lost, and some files too. But will work on restoring the site to it's former state and then get the updates flowing. The mail is up again. Update The old backup I had is completely up.. I will work on getting the last updates uploaded, which include the Snatcher Sound Clip, and a lot of Metal Gear Solid... too tired..... I'm off to get some sleep after a lot of work around here.

30/10/2003 A very low month for Junker HQ, I know. But tomorrow I am getting a new scanner and I promise there will be a lot of new scans and pictures available, check by noon CST.

22/10/2003 Just a small update with small thoughts that I wanted to share, while I was watching the movie "Fallen" I came up with a thought when everything turned against the main character:

"We hold to the patterns in our lives, even though the only thing we have for sure is the actual moment".

I wrote it down, but it became stronger when I read a passage on Orson Scott Card's book "Xenocide" (the third on the Ender series, which you will enjoy for sure if you liked Sons of Liberty story line). The text is as follows:

"Human beings do metamorphose. They change their identity constantly. However, each new identity thrives on the delusion that it was always in possession of the body it has conquered."

That phrase echoed in my mind with my recent thoughts, and with this text by Ray Kurzweil:

"If I ask the question, 'Who am I?' I could conclude that, perhaps I am this stuff here, i.e., the ordered and chaotic collection of molecules that comprise my body and brain.

However, the specific set of particles that comprise my body and brain are completely different from the atoms and molecules than comprised me only a short while (on the order of weeks) ago. We know that most of our cells are turned over in a matter of weeks. Even those that persist longer (e.g., neurons) nonetheless change their component molecules in a matter of weeks.

So I am a completely different set of stuff than I was a month ago. All that persists is the pattern of organization of that stuff. The pattern changes also, but slowly and in a continuum from my past self. From this perspective I am rather like the pattern that water makes in a stream as it rushes past the rocks in its path. The actual molecules (of water) change every millisecond, but the pattern persists for hours or even years. "

I know that it is partially off-topic (specially if you don't agree with my MGS 2 analysis, but worth the thought and reflection. It happens a lot to me, that every chain of thought that I am interested suddenly starts popping up in most of the stuff I like, that is why I ended up writing the Ending Analysis anyway.

I answered the guest book and hopefully will be getting more updates trough next weekend.

21/10/2003 It's been a long time since the last update... But I am not dead, nor is the site. I will be back home this weekend (after a month and a half away), and there will be some additions to the site, mainly Boktai US Version and ZOE DVDs. I also got myself a couple of new toys, including and N-gage. (Yes I know, it is a bad hybrid, but I had to have it for the collection). Anyway, site will be back to normal next week.

30/09/2003 I just downloaded 3/4 of the "new" MGS3 Snake Eater trailer at PS2 IGN. I had already seen the low quality one that circulated the net a few weeks back... But man, I have to say that the new one (specially because of the music) really exited me. I like what I am seeing so far, and I like it a lot. As always, Kojima loves playing with us... just that sentence "We recommend 'Solid'" is enough to get everyone started over who is the main character.

But enough of that, here is the real reason I am making this entry. A couple of weeks back I was reading an interview with Hideo Kojima.. and I came across the following sentence:

Kojima: That's part of it, but not much of it. The first Metal Gear was about genetics, the second was stuff beyond genetics - how you learn music, speech etc. Then we're sort of adding a timeline to that double-theme. I can't really talk too much about it, but this trilogy, these three parts compose the grand theme of Metal Gear Solid.

I obviously was happy to read an "official" statement on the themes for the games, and how they are just what I believed them to be, but it got me into thinking what could be the theme of this game. I already had decided that MGS3 had to close the trilogy in the "themes" sense: genetics, memetics and .... Well, that sentence made me think of something that is crystal clear in my mind right now. The theme that completes the series could be evolution and it is deeply linked to survival.... also the main theme song played during this trailer supports this idea. We will have to wait and see, but I would love to see how he closes the loop and comes up with a deep theme interweaved with the game play so people around the world won't complain about a deep story and too much cinemas (both of which I love having). Then, the "grand theme" would be life.

Oh, BTW... I updated the Kojima Games List.

28/09/2003 Finally, I got a dial-up connection here from my laptop... so I will be checking with a bit more frequency (not much though). I was able to pay a visit to The Kremlin, and found very nice new surprises there, so go pay a visit if you are interested in Snatcher material and music. And the best of it was that I read about a new Snatcher site out there, it is called Snatcher Outer Heaven, way to go. Only problem with it is that it doesn't display correctly under Mozilla (my default browser), just added to the links section for our future reference.

27/09/2003 Time for some deserved updates. Finally, I got a terminal from which to host this great contributions. First, we now have the Snatcher MIDI Power images Contributed by Justin Muthersbaugh from The Kremlin. And some very impressive images courtesy of Matt, from Deadcell HQ, which show us the Metal Gear Solid Shareholder's versions, both signed....

I am still away from home, and have very little tools, time, and Internet access. That means I cannot answer mail as soon as possible, but I will try.. same goes for the updates, but I got the US version of Boktai and also the remaining ZOE, Dolores I episodes to complete the full set, scans for those will be available when I am back home.

25/09/2003 It's been a long time without updates, and there is still some to go. I will continue to be away from home and unable to make major changes since I can't access the net from my laptop or desktop machines, but I have some updates ready. First of all, there have been two contributions while I've been away, regarding a Snatcher soundtrack and a Metal Gear version (a very special one at that), and I have also bought and played Boktai for a while now. As always, scans will be available when I am back. I was somewhat disappointed at first by the US release of Boktai, since the Box was nothing special (same art, but only with the blue background), and Otenko's voice isn't as deep as it should be. But man, have I had a great time with the game! (Although the damned sun here at San Diego isn't cooperating a lot with me).

13/09/2003 I just uploaded the scans for another soundtrack, this time it is the Policenauts OST. This is the OST for the PC 9801 version of the game, and was well worth the wait to get it. I will be leaving the city for a while (probably a good 3 weeks), work related. So updates and e-mail response will be slow, I will try to get Boktai in this short period though, in order to upload some scans.

08/09/2003 Shadow Moses Island is finally moving out from Geocities and the new URL is: http://shadowmoses.net/. Great change if you ask me, we'll wait and see what he has in store for us.. and Happy birthday to him. Update: Added an excellent new Snatcher Wallpaper contributed by Andrew Jones, and also changed the layout there. Now the wallpapers section is separated by themes.

06/09/2003 David Shields just sent me the link of a very interesting article regarding Hideo Kojima's Insight. It addresses some points of inspiration and motives behind the games, an interesting read for all the fans. I know it is not new, but worth it for those that didn't read it in the past.

05/09/2003 A new interview about Twin Snakes and new pictures are up at IGN. They look nice, but sometimes the models look like those of Splinet Cell... I hope that gets fixed. Regarding the Policenauts dump, I made some advance... but found a brick wall in my path. Hope to advance during the weekend.

03/09/2003 There is a new Shinkawas Art wallpaper available at IGN. I have been working on dumping Policenauts, since James The Stampede did some great advance on the S-JIS table. I hope to have at least something this week, so the Ghost Babel dump is on hold for a while.

28/08/2003 The new Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater trailer (four minutes long). It has very nice elements of game play... you will see, for a detailed description of it visit the Metal Gear Net forums although the video quality is VERY bad. If you just want a quick note on it, more detailed hand to hand combat, booby traps, some in cave shots and using crocodiles in your favor. I recommend checking Shadow Moses Island soon, since he was there with Kojima when this video was shown.

27/08/2003 The Official Boktai homepage is now available in English. It has the original online comic, now translated, as well as the E3 movie, a FAQ, a guide for playing under the sun and some images as well. No Coffin or special edition GBA SP for us so far.. Although it reads that there will be an update on the 31th of this month. We'll see... (Information provided by Shadow Moses Island)

22/08/2003 There is an incredible article regarding video game journalism and analysis at Insert Credit. I know it is a long read, but it is great and from the best writers out there today (Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield, Tycho Brahe and Jane Pinckard amongst many more). IGN has a small rendition of the Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes GC Box Art, quite nice if you ask me. Two days for Kojima's and my brother's birthday, and 6 days for the next Snake Eater Trailer.

21/08/2003 A new wallpaper is available, from the 2000 E3 Konami Press Kit, contributed by Shadow Moses Island.

20/08/2003 The scans for the Policenauts PSOne Books re-release are available now, as well as pictures of the Black/Red Gameboy Advance SP Boktai Edition. As expected, the Policenauts re-release is virtually identical to the original PSX release, except in the packaging. The Boktai GBA SP is very beautiful, I recommend this one to anyone wanting one of this excellent portables.

16/08/2003 The pictures for the Snatcher 1993/2042 Calendar are finally up, and also the Snatcher Group Picture has been updated to include all the versions of the game itself. The info that Takamichi sent me on Friday is very important to MSX 2 Snatcher owners (specially if you don't read Japanese or don't have the "Release Notes"), it is also interesting of you care about the PC-8801mkII and MSX 2 version differences. A few more images were updated or added, they are as follow: PCE Snatcher CD-ROM, PC-8801 mkII Snatcher full contents, Group Picture of Boktai and Bonus Coffin, Konami style MGS2 Promotional Shinkawa art book cover and MGS2 Substance Ultimate Sorter Group Picture.

15/08/2003 Now Junker HQ has a new web server. A lot more space and much more freedom to give a better service. Expect some changes during the next month, and new scans by monday. Takamichi also sent some very valuable information regarding the PC88 and MSX 2 versions of Snatcher, I will add it to the "version info section" during the weekend if you care to read it. This changes should improve speed and compatibility with browsers (for all those people not being able to see the images).

13/08/2003 I am a happy man. The Snatcher game collection is now complete. Yes indeed, I just got the PC-8801 mkII version of Snatcher. But that is not all, I also received a Snatcher Calendar that was only for Konami Personnel. It is for years 2042 and 1993. I scanned the first page, since I have not figured out how to scan the other pages without ruining it. The quality of the drawings is incredible, I must say that it is the best source for those drawings.. and there is one for each month. The least I will do is photograph them with a digital camera during the weekend. I also added a nice wallpaper of the main image, where you can see most of the detail (it is 1280x1024). I must sincerely thank Takamichi, whose help has been invaluable in completing my most treasured collection: Snatcher games.

09/08/2003 Just arrived back home. I will only say: Thanks for the GBA SP, Boktai, Warioware and Phantasy Star Collection. I really enjoyed playing those while traveling. Expect big updates during the next week, I am off to rest.

08/08/2003 Well, I am not back yet, but Putty(SSH) on the cell phone is a great thing to have. Policenauts was re-released yesterday in Japan, and also the Homepage for the game was completed during the 6th of this month. On other news, Namco has secured the rights for a Snake Plissken game (From John Carpenter's Escape movies). Kurt Russel will provide the voice himself. I have mixed feeling about this, although it is great to have a Snake Plissken game, my secret hopes of having Plissken as a secret playable character in a Metal Gear game are now gone. I hope Namco does a great job, since they have proven to be a very good game company. Thanks to the excellent Insert Credit for the news.

31/07/2003 Again, I am going in a business trip. I will be gone for a week, and will probably have little access to the net.. so expect no updates until next Friday. The good news is that I have a big change prepared for the site for this month.

27/07/2003 I updated a bit the Ultimate Sorter Scans. As a matter of fact, it is just a piece of cardboard to place your discs, but the soundtrack is worth it.

26/07/2003 Scans of Boktai (Bokura No Taiyo/The Sun is in Your Hand) are available in the Kojima Games section. hey include The bonus coffin that was given to pre-orders. I will also upload scans of the Special edition Gameboy SP that was released. I must say that the game is quite fun to play, and does make you go in and out to the sun all the time (of course you can cover the solar cell with your hand, but where is the fun in doing that?). And no, you cannot make the Solar Cell work with a lamp (if you could do that, imagine the amount of Solar Cells we'd have inside our homes to recycle energy)

25/07/2003 I got my hands in a couple of Kojima Games, so here are the scans of: Policenauts for the 3DO, Anubis: Zone of the Enders Demo Disc, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Japanese Version and some images of the (yet to be updated with pictures of the full thing) Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Ultimate Sorter. I will upload Images for Boktai and the Coffin tomorrow morning.

24/07/2003 New Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes wallpapers are available, kindly contributed by SUBTEGRAL from the IGN boards.

22/07/2003 If by any chance you are collecting the Snatcher Trading Cards and have SP6 available for trade, please contact me. I have SP4 and SP8 ready to go. I also have several from the R series (almost all) for trade in case you need those. One good news today, the Policenauts mailing campaign has reached IGN.

21/07/2003 A new section has opened here at Junker HQ. Most of the Snatcher fans already know, but MrRudi has made a couple of music arrangements of the original Snatcher and SD Snatcher soundtracks. The section (Snatcher Music Arrangements) is now up, and hosts two tracks. One is an arranged version of Triumphal Arch, and the second one is a Piano Version of Twilight of Neo Kobe City, both are excellent I hope you enjoy them.

20/07/2003 Takamichi rules! He got a couple of impossible things to find... and I will post about them in a few weeks. Snatcher related.

16/07/2003 Boktai was released today in Japan, at least the GameBoy SP Pack-in did, also it has been announced that Boktai will have multi player support. Also the "Introduction" and "Staff" sections were added at the Policenauts re-release site.

09/07/2003 Just uploaded the scans for the Metal Gear Solid 2 Konami Official Guide. The book has some interesting sections, some of there were scanned already. Worthy of attention is the Poster gallery, that shows all the posters of girls and games form the game. It also has another section that details the available ranks from the game (in Japanese), and a final one with fun stuff to try in the game.

07/07/2003 Operation MGS is getting yet another interview, this time with Kris Zimmerman (the voice director for MGS2:SOL). They also have some other interviews with David Hayter and Cam Clake. On other news, here is an article that doesn't take the usual stand against video games.

05/07/2003 A new contribution is up thanks to cartooncrackpot from the IGN boards. Now you can view the scans from Metal Gear Solid PAL Version at the Hideo Kojima Game gallery. And for some fun, go check this guy's Lego models from Metal Gear Solid, even the figures are amusing, some impressive work there.

03/07/2003 Konami of Japan has uploaded the Policenauts Re-release site, of course it is only in Japanese, and still for the PSOne. In other news, also the Boktai Site has a 7 page manga, which looks interesting (but alas, it is in Japanese too). If you are wondering where it is, just click on the 6th link in the left menu (the one that has two lines of text) or use this direct link to the manga.

27/06/2003 Shadow Moses Island added scans of the 2000 Konami Press Kit.

24/06/2003 I am very happy to announce that James The Stampede is helping me (as a matter of fact he is fully working on it) on the Policenauts translation project, so far in creating the table for the actual text dump.

18/06/2003 New scans are available for the Visualworks of Anubis book. They are still not detailed, since I need to borrow a Digital camera to get images from the interior of the book.

14/06/2003 There is going to be a Policenauts re-edition in Japan, for the PSOne. I know it is not good news really, but if you happen to be able to play imports, have the money and can read Japanese it might be good news.

13/06/2003 I just read this incredible essay on Metal Gear Solid 2 as Postmodern art. It is called "dreaming in an empty room", and I highly recommend it. And while you are at Insert Credit, go to their news page and have a read on Tim's piece on "The Twin Snakes".

05/06/2003 There is a very interesting article at Game Critics regarding the question Are Videogames Art?. In the article Chi Kong Lui discusses the current forms of expression found in video games, which few people recognize. He talks of very artistic games (IMHO), such as Rez, Metal Gear Solid and The Legend of Zelda. Go give it a read, it is worth your time. If you would like to read my personal thoughts in the subject (though they are not as deep, just some ideas), check out my favorite game list, where I wrote my vision as a header.

04/06/2003 Thanks to Arkhound from the Metal Gear Net forums, the interview with Jeremy Blaustein held by Chris Barker from Neo Kobe.net has been recovered and is stored here as an archive. Mr. Blaustein now works at WordBox, a high quality Video game localization company. In more actual news, there is this interview with Kojima regarding MGS 3. Some interesting info there.

02/06/2003 I am tired as hell, but here is a small preview from the MGS3 Classified Mech. An update will be up tomorrow (today) noon. Update: Changed some of the scans and added a lot more pictures of the E3 2003 Konami Press Kit images, and added detailed pictures of the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Classified Mech Paper Model. meanwhile, I will be working in the Metal Gear Rex paper Model. More Updates: I uploaded the manual scans for the european release of metal Gear for the MSX. I've had them for eons, but Arkhound from Metal Gear net mentioned them, and I remembered I had to upload those.

30/05/2003 Ok, it has taken me some time, but I have uploaded the E3 2003 Konami Press Kit scans. I will make a detailed report today, I am terribly sorry that the scans are not complete yet, but my poor scanner is too small to fit most of the stuff. Will improve them during the weekend, when I will lend a digital camera.

29/05/2003 Just got my Konami E3 Press Kit, which includes several interesting things regarding Boktai, Twin Snakes and specially Snake Eater. I will try and get scans tomorrow, as well as comments on it. Update: Great news for all MGS and Yoji Shinkawa fans. A new site about Yoji Shinkawa, the artist responsible for MGS and MGS2 stunning art and character design is waiting for your visit. Meanwhile, I will be cutting and folding paper to create those models from the E3 Konami Press Kit, man I love doing paper models... (specially when they are named "Metal Gear Rex" and "Classified Mech for MGS3") hope to build at least one for this weekend.

23/05/2003 Here is a very interesting interview with Denis Dyack (Head of Silicon Nights), where he talks about the "Twin Snakes" and the future of such projects. Very interesting read.

22/05/2003 Konami has a page with the release dates for the line up this year (including Boktai and Twin Snakes). I also updated the Hideo Kojima game list to reflect the future releases.

21/05/2003 The official MGS The Twin Snakes site has been updated. Now you can register for the usual contest, and get your name in the Dog Tags. It has a lot of interesting info and the full staff for the game. Also, a new interview with Kojima san that focuses on his vision as a director and some fresh questions.

20/05/2003 Konami has uploaded the Official Snake Eater site. It has several dates and the events that happened during those years: 1961, 1962, 1963 (Hideo Kojima is born) and 1964. Snake's (Big Boss's?) outfit changes each year, and the events are accompanied by phrases as "Cold War" and "battle of Ideologies". At the "Movie" section, you will find out that Kojima san is the director and producer, as well as writer (along Tomokazu Fukushima). The theme song is again by Rika Muranaka (as it has to be), and Character/mechanical design by Yoji Shinkawa.

If you can read Spanish, you should go and check this interview with Kojima san. Some details about the new scenarios were revealed. It is interesting to note that he talks about the experience with Mr. Mori in the Jungle, making teams and attacking each other. He describes the team's intentions for the Jungle, they don't want it to be a straight path or well defined, but a real jungle simulation in which you can get lost. He also mentions that the Cold War is the best place and time to make an espionage/action game, and that is the main reason they chose that time frame. He is also asked if he would do a remake of Policenauts, to what he answers he won't (As we all know). He says that the "Twin Snakes" game is being made because Miyamoto san and Nintendo asked him for a Metal Gear game on the GameCube, and he couldn't say no (besides, Silicon Knights is developing, with Mr Kitamura as the director for Motion Capture at least). Regarding the GameCube release, he explains that the motion capture is being completely redone for that title, and that Mr Kitamura is directing that as well.

As side details, he mentions that they used Johnny Sasaki voice actor for the "joke" scenes during the MGS3 trailer (the GTA and release date ones).

15/05/2003 There you go, Snake Eater will be directed by Kojima, as you know will feature the jungle plus caves, mountains, buildings, lakes, etc... I am really more exited about it than I felt I would when I saw the first teaser... And he won't reveal a thing about the theme... I love that. At least we know it is not "Another Grand Theft Auto" =P.

14/05/2003 Another update, got to love the flush of information coming during E3. A dear friend sent me this link with more info on Twin Snakes and Snake Eater. of course there is a lot more info around, alongside the full trailer (11 minutes) and new screens and info.. Also the trailer for Twin Snakes is online... a lot to see and download...Update: Also, there is some info on Boktai for the GBA. Maybe a bit too much games coming... And even more: According to E3 Insider, Kojima will be directing Snake Eater himself.

13/05/2003 You already know this, but more details and screens on "Snake Eater" have been released today, as well as a more reliable source for the video file.

12/05/2003 Konstantin Zhilkin just told me about "Snake Eater", go check this video (it is 30 MB in size) Snake Eater. Update: I have read around, and of course it is a leaked trailer from what appears to be MGS 3, which explains the countdown at Konami's page.

06/05/2003 Well, a page is up at the Konami of Japan site, and it asks: Hungry for some Snake?".. I wonder? May it has something to do with Twin Snakes and E3? or something different? I will be away from the city for 5 days, so most probably there will be no updates, mails or guest book answers meanwhile...

01/05/2003 Guess what? It appears we are indeed getting the Metal Gear Solid remake on the GameCube.... And the developer is: Silicon Knights (The guys that made Eternal Darkness). Supposedly we will be getting SOL graphics, since Kojima himself and Miyamoto are supervising the version. And indeed, the official subtitle is "Twin Snakes".. I will be waiting to see this one.

29/04/2003 I am very happy to announce that today I noticed that on the 26th The Kremlin (an excellent Snatcher site with tons of info for three years now) re-opened doors. I must congratulate the webmaster for the work done and the beautiful design.In local news, a "new" wallpaper is available. I say "new" because I created it 4 months ago but forgot to upload it. It has images from the Sega CD Snatcher introduction.

28/04/2003 Today goldenX kindly notified me of more voice samples from actors involved in Kojima games, this time from Metal Gear Solid 2. Go and get these from VoiceHunter.Com. In this case, they are in RealPlayer format.

23/04/2003 I found some samples of Jeff Lupetin's and Jim Parks' work, for all those of you who know who they are (and you better do), go there and listen to Gillian Seed and Random Hajile talking (you can recognize their voices in some of them, mp3 format).

14/04/2003 The scans for Dolores i, vol 2, Idolo and MGS2 Substance for the PC are up, I still need to add some more of them, so watch for updates soon.

12/04/2003 Finally back from Vegas. I got quite a bit of new scans to be uploaded tomorrow: ZOE and Idolo US Anime releases and the Substance PC release ones. I was also alerted that a poll is running at MSX.org, go vote on your favorite Kojima game on the MSX 2 (thanks to Sander Zuidema for the news). During this period I also received another Wallpaper contributed by NARF, go check it out at the Wallpapers Section, this time it features Katrina.

08/04/2003 Here I am running an unauthorized SSH client on a public NAB terminal.... I got Substance for the PC, and scans will be up when I am back at home by this weekend, also from the ZOE Dolores I 3rd disc. MGS2 for the PC is a dual layer DVD (just as all Substance versions), in that new small PC game case.

02/04/2003 I will be at Vegas for a week or so, at NAB on booth SU6004. Meanwhile, I have uploaded the Anubis OST Scans. I will try and check my mail from there, as well as doing updates if possible.

01/04/2003 The Snatcher for Mega CD scans are up now, along with an updated Version Info page for both English versions of Snatcher. I also received the Anubis soundtrack today, so scans will be up soon.

31/03/2003 I finally got Snatcher for the Mega CD, a rare and difficult to find game (and one of the pieces my collection was aching for, since Snatcher is my all time favorite game). Scans will be up tonight, I must add that the instruction manual has a lot more information than I expected, it is in par with the PCE version. Update: if anyone had the doubt, I ran my script dumper on the European version of Snatcher, and the text is every byte identical with the US release, so at least in the text there are no differences (I already knew that, but it didn't hurt checking, right?)

26/03/2003 A few updates and news over here. First of all, I uploaded the ZOE Fist of Mars Scans. I have had it for a very long time, but since it wasn't Kojima's work, I thought it had no place here. Silly me, that is why there is a "Related Stuff" section at the Kojima page... right? Now for the news. There is a new Metal Gear Solid Parody site still under construction, but the text parodies are up now. I also found a Kojima Fan Club, not much activity there but we can help to change that, my Yahoo Groups nick is girianmx.

20/03/2003 If you are interested, you might already know.... But there was a delay on the Anubis soundtrack, due to shortage. Great, at least I have the single that came with the Anubis Premium Box meanwhile...

19/03/2003 Today is the release date for the Anubis:ZOE 2 Soundtrack... one definitively worth it. I also uploaded a scan from the Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner Demo Disc contributed by ars max.Update: For those of you interested in ZOE, and specially in the story line. Konami has updated the "In between story" from ZOE to the 2nd Runner. Check it out at Konami's official site

16/03/2003 A bit late, but here they are... the Zone of The Enders: the Second Runner scans (that is the American title for Anubis).

15/03/2003 Just got ZOE2: The 2nd Runner (the us version). I must say it is more difficult in normal mode than the Japanese version... I had already mastered that. But I am enjoying understanding what they say =). I will upload the scans tomorrow. (BTW, a bit of fan service was removed, not very important, and not completely.. but it was)

12/03/2003 So, now we can go and get the American version of Anubis, and to celebrate that fact, I uploaded updated pictures of the ZOE 2: Anubis Premium Box LE. They include some pictures of the Premium book, and a group picture. Update: I uploaded the screens from Daniel Caetano's MSX Snatcher English Translation. I hope there is a new release of this incredible work soon.... The pics are here, at the MSX Snatcher information section.

10/03/2003 The Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance for PS2 scans are up now. Will try to do the Version info for both, Anubis and Substance ASAP. I also updated the Kojima game list quite a bit.

09/03/2003 Just finished Anubis. I must say that it is an incredible action game, and if you liked the first one, this is a must have. Simply put, the resources were perfectly used. Non repetitive game play, excellent music, responsive control, a lot of extras, creative missions, fan service, a better story line and some of the most epic battles in a game made this title a real beauty. Can't wait for the English version, so I can understand all (had to use an excellent FAQ by Mike Wu to understand the plot).

08/03/2003 Ok, here they are: Anubis Premium Box LE Scans. I will take pictures of the book and upload them as well, I will get a digital camera today for that. Also, I will upload a review of Anubis (Japanese), Substance for the PS2 (it has no in-game 5.1 sound) and the Substance scans.

07/03/2003 Sorry, I couldn't upload the ZOE 2: Premium Box LE scans and pictures, I will between tomorrow and tonight. But I just had the opportunity of playing Anubis, and I must say that it is the best mecha game ever. Effects, graphics, music, ambiance, control, environment.... simply impressive. This is a must have action game. I will have a review of the Japanese version during this weekend. I do have my hands full right now, since I also got to play Substance on the PS2. Scans will be up this weekend too for that version, and I confirm the fact that playing it with a save game of document unlocks the skating mode and the VR Missions. Will have tons of news and updates this weekend... (and a lot of work, but hey, that's the way life is)

06/03/2003 Scans and pictures of the Anubis: Zone of Enders Premium Box LE will be up by tomorrow morning... Can't wait for the US release next Tuesday. Update: Just uploaded a new Wallpaper contributed by NARF. This time a nice Insecter one.

04/03/2003 So it is finally here, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance for the PS2 is released today in the US, and Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner, will be released on the 11th... a couple of bucks to spend there....

01/03/2003 Good news today for Snatcher fans, a Gillian Wallpaper has been contributed to the site by NARF.

28/02/2003 As you most probably already know, supposedly it is confirmed that Metal Gear is going out for the NGC. If it indeed will be, I will be more than glad to see it. Of course, no details have been given on the subject.

26/02/2003 A few more scans, this time related to Zone of the Enders, and they are from the ZOE Dolores i Anime DVD. It is really nice,and has continuity with Idolo. It also includes a Promo card for Anubis (Will upload the Anubis Premium Pack Scans sometime in the first weeks next month). Also, here is Deadcell Member, another site that also has scans and pictures of Metal Gear Merchandise and games, the site is mostly in French, but you can browse most of it without problems. Greta to find more sites with which we can create an archive of all related stuff.

20/02/2003 Today I am very glad to present a brother site, which has info and scans on a lot of Metal gear Stuff that I am missing, most of it European. So I invite you to visit Shadow Moses Island, where you will find MGS trading card scans, European merchandise, action figure pictures and more.

17/02/2003 I am currently away from the city, but CyberWarrior X has given me some excellent news regarding Policenauts on the Sega Saturn. Still a very long way to go, but as always he does great research and hacking on Saturn games, and this discovery of his is most probably, very important.

11/02/2003 More Updates! First, I added some new pictures of the Metal Gear Solid 2: The Making book scans page. They include the removed New York Scene, some motion capture scans, and the lego models of the Big Shell and Discovery. I also updated the Snatcher and Metal Gear group pictures at the Hideo Kojima page. And finally, I got better and more pictures of the Zone of Enders Premium Pack. I will have to select the pictures I will upload from the Art book, but believe me, they look good.

06/02/2003 Finally, time to update some old pics. Check out the Konami Figure Collection Images, my friend Rodrigo Regalado lent me his Cannon Digital Camera, and I have done quite a bit of pictures that I will be uploading when I have some spare time. Please tell me if you like them better, I think the amount of detail gained is great.

04/02/2003 I updated the pictures at the consoles section, and also some group pictures. But expect a huge update in terms of better quality images (actually some pictures of most books, figures and Premium Packages) of stuff I could not scan previously. Should be up by the weekend.

31/01/2003 After coming back from an installation close to the Popocatepetl Volcano, I uploaded the PSX Policenauts Scans, hope you enjoy them.

30/01/2003 The Lunar Legend for GBA scans are up now, took a while, but I finally found some time for it.

29/01/2003 A lot of new stuff around here. Yesterday I got Lunar Legend for the GBA (US), Policenauts for the PSX, DOA Extreme Volleyball, Splinter Cell and Panzer Dragoon Orta. I must say I have had not much time for any, not even to scan the ones that need to be at the Lunar and Kojima pages, but I promise I will do so in the next few days. The one I wanted the most (aside from the collection ones) was Panzer, and I wasn't disappointed. DOA is just what I expected, and also Splinter Cell (as a matter of fact my only complain with it is the transition between motion captured animations and hand made ones, looks a bit carton-like). SO little time to play *sigh*.

24/01/2003 Although I have had it for some time (a couple of weeks), I had no time to scan it (Can you believe that? Been through some work here...). And here it is One more SP Snatcher Trading Card, just one left to go (SP6, the one with Metal Gear).

22/01/2003 A new release of Daniel Caetano's MSX Snatcher English Translation is out, now with version 0.3.0. All menus have been translated, as well as the intro.

16/01/2003 I am sorry for the lack of updates again, still have some scans to upload but haven't found the time. I completed my Lunar collection (except for the new Lunar Legend for GBA in English, that I have not been able to find), scans for the new addition, the Lunar Eternal Blue for Mega CD are up now though.

10/01/2003 Excellent news today, I am very happy to announce that Daniel Caetano has released version 0.2.0 of Snatcher in English on the MSX. It currently has the menus and intro in English. Go check it out, it is worth every single byte =)

04/01/2003 Takamichi sent me a lot of information on the difference between the Sega/Mega CD version of Snatcher and the rest of the versions. I added a list of notes and links to give more reference and context, hope you enjoy it.

02/01/2003 I received a couple of wallpapers by mail, but since I was checking them from the cell phone, I cancelled the download and lost them. Please e-mail them again to me so I can post them.

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