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Gillian Seed

19/12/2002 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance was released for the PS2 in Japan as announced, it has been said that Skateboarding is indeed included (for those who care). I will try to confirm this info, as well as what had been said about the "Document" file unlocking all from the beginning.

17/12/2002 The third part of Toasty Frog's Metal Gear Solid 2 Thumbnails has been uploaded. I am sorry to have so little updates and small bits of info here lately, but workload has been very demanding lately.Hope to change that soon.

16/12/2002 Sound Familiar?

12/12/2002 Of-topic, but you might want to read this essay on Piracy, online distribution and file sharing by Tim O'Reilley.

10/12/2002 Part two of Toasty Frog's Metal Gear Solid 2 Thumbnails has been uploaded.

08/12/2002 Yesterday, I had the opportunity to connect the Xbox to an HDTV set (along side a friend's home theatre with better speakers than mine). All I can say is that progressive scan video rules! The image quality at 480p in 16:9 is incredible! Although DOA3 looked absolutely the best (it supported both), Substance looked quite well in 480p (although 4:3)... bad thing is that at that resolution, textures look a bit worse... If you ever have the opportunity to hook your console to one of this sets, please do so (specially with DOA3, don't forget to set the videos to 16:9 under options too).

30/11/2002 Go and check out Toasty Frog's Metal Gear Solid 2 Thumbnails, and have a good laugh.

27/11/2002 A new project by Kojima for the Gameboy Advance has been announced here, it is in Japanese, so you better use Babelfish to read some broken English. Sounds interesting, it apparently will use a device that senses sunlight. Update: Here is the English information, at Gamepro, the title of the game will be Bokura no Taiyo ("Our Sun" in Japanese). But according to Gamers.com, you play the role of a Vampire, and have to take care of the sunlight (the real one).

19/11/2002 I made a full review and version information on the Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance version of Sons of Liberty, I tried to be as objective as possible with this controversial game. I also updated the Metal Gear Solid 2 Ending Analysis with some obscure reference I found a while ago, but kept forgetting to include.

12/11/2002 Yesterday, I finally got my hands on a copy of Substance. The scans of MGS2: Substance are up now if you are interested. I found this to be a very good port that looks almost identical to the PS2 version, with a lot of extras. It must be said that it has some problems... some slowdown here and there and, due to the superior HW, textures don't look as good as in the original release. But it is a must have if you haven't played the game, or you are in for the VR Missions and Snake tales.

5/11/2002 Today was released Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance for the X-Box. Hope I can get one of those soon.

1/11/2002 I have added two new soundtrack scans related to Snatcher. The Snatcher (Radio Play) and the Snatcher & SD Snatcher Perfect Selection, both include the track listings.

30/10/2002 I have broken the 400 Kanji barrier on the Policenauts Kanji table, still a lot of work to do but some advance is well received. I also made available the version info text for the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty Premium Package.

29/10/2002 A new section with reader's reflections and comments has been opened. So if you have any thoughts you want to share regarding the matters treated in MGS, please e-mail them to me. I also added a new link that provides interesting information on the Chinese Periodic Table characters ("Hanchi") used in the report found at Queen's Hospital in Snatcher, try reading "Be-N-So-N" there =). Thanks go to Takamichi for the information. And, a striking resemblance was pointed out to me between Solid Snake (in the first game covers) and Kyle Reese, here is an image for you to judge.

20/10/2002 The section of MGS2 Konami Figure Collection Images was updated, I made better looking images and added the elusive Raiden Secret Figure, the one with the Skull Suit's mask.

10/10/2002 I am currently on a business trip on Tijuana, so updates will be somewhat slow. I have been working on creating the "Version Info" section for each game at Junker HQ, and some of them are up now.

04/10/2002 OK, the scans of The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 are up now, I will give my comments in the info section later. All I an say now, is that it is a must have for a Kojima fan, game programmer and 3D artists. Playing with the real time demos, reading the script and playing the Substance VR Missions (5 of them) is great! Thanks Kojima =) I also added some very important notes to the MGS2 Ending Analysis taken from The Document script.

03/10/2002 I finally got "The Document", but will check it until 9pm since I am the office. Will upload the scans and maybe some comments in less than 24 hours.

26/09/2002 A new Zone of Enders Trailer was released lately, and it is quite interesting. Go check it out. It is also the first year of Junker HQ to be online =)

24/09/2002 Finally, the release date of Metal Gear Solid 2, The Document has arrived. Hope I can find it ASAP.

23/09/2002 Today was a hard one at the office, but the conclusion was great. I just had the unique opportunity to watch "Blade Runner" at the movies (thanks to Radioactivo), and I simply loved it. It was a completely different experience to watch it in the big screen, a lot of detail. One more reason I love Snatcher (or the other way around?).

22/09/2002 Finally had some time to upload the Z.O.E. Premium Pack Scans, hope you like them. Also I read an interesting note, regarding video games as homework. I know, it looks a bit dull, but it sure has potential if they aim to create something interesting... not the easiest thing in the world if you ask me.

20/09/2002 These have been very rough days at the office, I have been loaded with work.. even during the weekends (except for that one I spent playing Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun and Mark of Kri). Anyway, today there will be an update, not translation related, but with scans of the ZOE Premium Package.

07/09/2002 Added Track Lists for all the Snatcher & Policenauts Soundtracks: Snatcher Zoom Tracks, SCC Memorial Series Snatcher Joint Disk and Snatcher >> Policenauts (Kojima Black).

06/09/2002 Scans of the SCC Memorial Series Snatcher Joint Disk are up now, it includes the original SCC soundtrack of Snatcher and SD Snatcher.

05/09/2002 Well it is offtopic, but Ikaruga - a game in the same spirit as the great Radiant Silvergun - was released today.. can't wait to get mine. On other news, My Kanji table is advancing steadily, now I have 227 Policenauts Kanjis identified.

03/09/2002 OK, I have a table with 83 Kanjis from Policenauts so far =) Still hundreds if not a couple thousand to go... at this rate maybe in a month I will have the complete Policenauts (Sega Saturn) text dump =).

Also the Spanish version of the MSX Snatcher script dump made by Ivan Latorre is up now, it is localized for Spain but I think most Spanish speaking readers will find no unknown terms.

02/09/2002 The good ol' Cyber Warrior X made it again. He extracted the font table from Policenauts, so now I will be able to make my own table mapping the Policenauts characters to SJIS.... It is going to take me some time, so don't hold your breath. If you can provide serious help, please contact me

31/08/2002 Well, some good news today. I managed to dump the Hiragana, Katakana and Arabic characters of the Saturn version of Policeanuts.. Now, I am trying to find out how the Kanjis are encoded, since I find no apparent pattern. Here is a table with the actual characters in the Saturn's RAM, SJIS and EUC. If you can help me, it will be greatly appreciated. In other news, Daniel has set up the status of the English and Spanish versions of MSX Snatcher at his homepage.

30/08/2002 Made some small, but significant, progress in dumping the Policenauts Saturn text, looks a bit more promising than the PSX beta dump already available. Hope I can get on to something this time.

27/08/2002 Fixed the display of images, it was broken due to a small bug in my part, sorry about that.

25/08/2002 Today has been announced by Daniel Caetano that the translation reached the 100%, finally, after years of waiting the community will get Snatcher! I am very glad to see a project like that come to completeness. Now, to work on the English and Spanish ports of the game. Go grab your copy of the Portuguese translation! A big thank you goes to Daniel for all the work and hours he has dedicated to this game, and to Takamichi for his excellent translation without it, it would have not been possible. I would also like to thank the rest of the people involved in the project, who helped Daniel and Takamichi through this.

24/08/2002 First of all, It is Hideo Kojima's Birthday (and also my brother's, congratulations Victor!). To celebrate, I have released some images of the Metal Gear Premium Pack Book, and most importantly, Daniel Caetano's Portuguese Snatcher Translation has advanced a lot, up to a 97% total finished, which means we will start work on some other project.

22/08/2002 This is old news, but I hadn't checked the Zone of the Enders: Second Runner official site, even a movie download is there. And also, the release of the Metal Gear Solid 2, The Document DVD interactive disc for PS2 is just a month and two days away in North America, hope it arrives here on Mexico. On a final and good note, Daniel Caetano's Portuguese Snatcher Translation has advanced even more, up to a 90% in menus and 95% total!

20/08/2002 version 0.30 of the Daniel Caetano's Portuguese Snatcher Translation has been released. It includes the translation of Oleen hospital, the first meeting with Napoleon in Act 2 and some more fixes, 92% total!

MSX 2 Snatcher, Portuguese Translation (20/08/2002):

15/08/2002 Daniel Caetano's Portuguese Snatcher Translation has reached version 0.2.7, some bugs with calculations in the training were corrected, ad well as graphics hanged and text corrections, here are the details:

MSX 2 Snatcher, Portuguese Translation (15/08/2002):

12/08/2002 More progress in the Daniel Caetano's Portuguese Snatcher Translation, yesterday he released version 0.2.5, which include text corrections, Initial translation of the first scene in Act 2, color corrections, and more scenes translated like Freddy's house, GAUDI, Joy Division, and Outer Heaven. I also updated the Metal Gear Series plot summary and analysis document made by Grant Morrisey.

06/08/2002 Added some info and pics to the MSX Snatcher info page.

05/08/2002 More great news on the MSX Snatcher translation department, thanks to Daniel Caetano for the work and news:

04/08/2002 Ivan Latorre contacted me to say he has finished the translation of the MSX Snatcher dump into Spanish up to the 99% percent in text and 90% in menu text. Although a lot of work still needs to be done to complete that translation, it is a good step in the final direction.

02/08/2002 A Metal Gear fan? Would you like to know about how they made MGS2:SOL? Better check The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2.

31/07/2002 More great news! Daniel Caetano has made it again:

MSX 2 Snatcher, Portuguese Translation (31/07/2002):

30/07/2002 Today I made tons of updates across all the sections of the page. Mainly in imagery. I added some pictures taken with a Digital Camera lent by Rodrigo Regalado, mainly to the Hideo Kojima game section in the Premium Packs and figures pages, but also added group images and pictures of my console collection.

24/07/2002 Uploaded the long ago done Policenauts PSX Text Dumps. Although they are beta, incomplete and probably useless, I hope someone can tell me if any part makes sense (besides the obvious BEYOND COAST, EPMS, etc).

21/07/2002 Added the text dump for the PC88 version of Snatcher. Maybe we can spot some differences with the other ones, since this is the original version.

19/07/2002 Daniel Caetano made some advance again! Just Check out the advance in Text, has been incredible. Way to go!

MSX 2 Snatcher, Portuguese Translation (17/07/2002):

17/07/2002 Added some technical information and more accurate release dates to the information sections of the PC-88SR Snatcher info, MSX 2 Snatcher info, PCE Snatcher info, Sega CD Snatcher info, PSX Snatcher info and Sega Saturn Snatcher info sections.

10/07/2002 Scans of the Konami MGS2 Collection Figures (Japanese) are now available.

09/07/2002 Well on the interesting side of news, apart from complaining, I updated the Kojima game gallery a bit, adding on the chronology some games I don't have. Besides, did a special page for the PC88 version of Snatcher, not much, will grow steadily I promise (Had to give that gem a much better place). I also received my set of official Konami MGS2 figures, will try to make some scans tonight. Now to complain... I have been receiving the Klez Worm for a month now, although I am not affected since I use UNIX and webmail, getting tenths of samples of the worm daily is a bit annoying. If you happen to have my address in your address book and use M$ Outlook, please consider running this little program from Symantec that eliminates the worm. Also try updating IE if you use it. If you want more info on this worm, check out: McAfee and Slashdot.

08/07/2002 I wasn't able to post this sooner since I only have net access with my Dreamcast, but Daniel Caetano had another update of his Snatcher Portuguese Translation. Current Status is:
Version 0.1.5 (06/07/2002)

I also updated a bit the MGS2 ending analysis essay, just more links and the reference to T.S. Eliot "The Hollow Men" poem.

25/06/2002 Finally, I have dumped and formatted the text from Metal Gear Solid disk 2. You can find it in the dumps section. I also took time to complete some comments if my favorite game list, although I don't think anyone cares about that. Anyway, it is a nice excuse to have my friend's names on the page though.

24/06/2002 I've had no modem access, since there was some trouble with my motherboard. Made a small update on the Hideo Kojima Game Scans section. Added descriptions, new images and a table with all the games I know off where Kojima was involved.

14/06/2002 Added Version information to all versions of Snatcher, hope it is somewhat useful.

05/06/2002 I am updating today from my Linux/PS2 setup: Gaudi. I have found that from Linux I can read the missing files from MGS2:SOL just by mounting the DVD. Will try to find if there is some text to dump in those.

28/05/2002 If you haven't read about it, go check out the Metal Gear Substance official site. A lot of stuff to drool there, download the video if you have played the game, some good surprises.

24/05/2002 Not too much time to update the page this few days. I am off again, but will return Saturday night. Expect some updates on Sunday.

20/05/2002 I am finally back, and hopefully will get some time this week. I just uploaded new scans, this time the Making book of Metal Gear Solid 2, will try to upload some more in the near future. Check them at the Hideo Kojima section.

12/05/2002 I will be on a business trip to Tijuana until May 19th, so there will be no updates. Sorry about the lack of new stuff lately, but I have been more busy than I thought. Anyway, I am leaving two interesting files for you to download: An emulator and a very rare disk image. Both provided by a dear friend to whom I thank, and they are related to the PC-88 version of Snatcher. Enjoy.

10/05/2002 Although with not too much time in my hands, I added some links, quotes and made a very small revision to the Metal Gear Solid 2 Analysis. Also received the first contribution to the site, a new Snatcher wallpaper by David T. Will be away for a week or so, but I will anyway try to make an update regarding the PC88 version of Snatcher.

05/05/2002 Added a new scan in the Metal Gear Solid 2 Art Book, and scans of the European MSX version of Metal Gear.

27/04/2002 Ok, came back from the trip. Just updated with some scans. Visit the Kojima Gallery for scans on: SD-Snatcher for MSX 2, "The Art of Metal Gear Solid 2" and finally, The Perfect Metal Works guide. Also added a new wallpaper that denotes character relationships on MGS series. That taken from the last book.

21/04/2002 Was back for just a day. Will be off for another week. Added the section of Lunar Legend scans.

11/04/2002 Added scans for the DVD boxes of the Escape series at the Kojima section.

07/04/2002 Ok, been quite busy at the TV Station in Tijuana.. a lot of work. But the MGS 2 Artbook section at Konami's page has been updated, go check it out. The third part of Yoji Shinkawa's interview is up now. Hope to get some new stuff up when I go back home.

30/03/2002 Added a new section to the Metal Gear Solid 2 Ending Analysis, regarding "What are the Patriots?". I will be in a business trip for 1 and a half weeks, but will try to check my mail regularly.

29/03/2002 Today the book of "The Art of Metal Gear Solid 2" was released.

24/03/2002 An online searchable version of the codec text dump was released today, at Metal Gear Solid 2 Online. Go check it out. Also updated the Metal Gear Solid 2 Ending Analysis.

21/03/2002 Added some stuff to the MGS 2 Ending Analysis Essay, just some links, no actual content (regarding Nanotechnology and Mark III Beast). Also gave the guest book a face lift.

20/03/2002 Konami has opened the Yoji Shinkawa MGS2: SOL Art Gallery, there is an interview with him.

18/03/2002 An updated version on the essay is available now, a bit more of depth in some subjects. Also, Daniel has been busy advancing to version 0.1.3 (17/03/2002) of his Portuguese translation. The factory is playable now and some more menus in disk 2.. Way to go!

16/03/2002 Finished version 1.0.0 of my Metal Gear Solid 2 Scene Analysis, which deals with the profound themes found in the last scenes of MGS 2. Genetics, information, AI... and more stuff. It is also available in text format.

12/03/2002 Daniel Caetano updated the ongoing Snatcher MSX 2 translation to Portuguese, here are the details. Meanwhile I am working on an essay of the Cognitive Science themes touched in MGS 2, along with the similarities with other sources. Translation (12/03/2002):

09/03/2002 Updated the Snatcher Text dump with an index file created by Takamichi. Also Daniel Caetano has made a huge advance on his Portuguese translation of the MSX 2 version of Snatcher. the status is: Translation

excellent news!

04/03/2002 I took some time to fix typos and broken links. Hope the site is a bit better now. I have just received the Snatcher>>Policenauts Soundtrack (Original by Konami), and will upload scans of it tonight. Update Scans are in the Kojima Section, including Spine card and stuff. Also added a new Wallpaper.

02/03/2002 Fixed the About Me page. (Well, I had to update it someday). Also added a couple of Snatcher Wallpapers and updated with Saturn Source Code and a better layout the Saturn Development section.

28/02/2002 Just got the Snatcher Zoom Tracks CD, and uploaded the corresponding scans in the Kojima section enjoy.

24/02/2002 A few updates here and there. Added a bunch of links, updated the Snatcher Magazine Section to include a link to the Snatcher and Policenauts Shrine, And uploaded Scans for ZOE Soundtrack, MGS2: SOL the Other Side and Lunar Eternal Blue Complete. Finally, added a Scan of the Justifier, under the Sega CD Snatcher Scan section.

16/02/2002 Tried the (beta) Portuguese translation of Snatcher, and it looks VERY good. Can't wait for the finished one in English and Spanish. Also updated the MGS2:SOL premium Pack images, added the "other" DVD box cover (reversible one, the guys at Metalgear.net noticed).

15/02/2002 I just found this page. What is it you might wonder? Well, about a week an a half ago I was contacted by Daniel Caetano about the text extraction utilities, I got him all the data I had and the files. He was interested on doing a Portuguese translation of the game. And that page has the beta version of such translation. All of the page contents are in Portuguese, but you can translate them with Babelfish. I am already working on translating the texts to Spanish. Hope to give you better news soon.

10/02/2002 Way too much work at the office... I have been almost four complete weeks coming daily (weekends included). When this ends, I will do some updates here.

09/02/2002 Added a new Wallpaper, this one featuring Solid Snake, from the Metal Gear Solid 2 Premium Pack book. Not much of an update though...

06/02/2002 I am now hosting the Snatcher MSX 2 translation Site, which contains Takamichi's MSX2 translation, a FAQ, complete documentation on the technical problems encountered and a lot of information on the version. It saddens me a lot to know this could not stay at it's original homepage, but now I proudly present it to you.

02/02/2002 Uploaded the long lost MSX2 source code for the Snatcher text dumper. Get it at the tools page.

01/02/2002 Apparently Takamichi closed down his Snatcher Translation site for good... and all due to some negative comments.. Let's hope it is not definitive, although it has been three days. In other news I just got the Tokimemo Drama games that Kojima-san produced, will upload scans ASAP, and they will get the "treatment" in order to get those script dumps if possible, maybe they can shed some light on the Policenauts text affair.Update Just uploaded the Tokimemo game scans to the Kojima games section.

28/01/2002 Have been too slow in updating the site. I have a lot more scans and am working on re dumping the Policenauts text. And maybe translation the Snatcher Sega CD text to Spanish. But.... that will have to wait, I have a lot of work at the office. Only added a lame excuse of an "about me" page.

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