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Gillian Seed

31/12/2004 Just wanted to wish you all a Happy and prosperous 2005. Have a great time.

24/12/2004 First of all, Merry Christmas. I hope you have a great time. I did a couple of updates while sick at home, not enough, but here they go. The Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Konami Figure Collection, the Metal Gear Solid 3 Promotional DVD 2 and finally the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Original Soundtrack scans are up. Hope you enjoy.

22/12/2004 I would have loved to have a bigger update, but I am feeling a bit sick. Anyway, I present to you the Real Action Heroes Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Naked Snake figure by Medicom Toys images. I'll try to have the OST and the Substance figures this week, hopefully some tomorrow. BTW, I must say I do love the figure, it is really great.

19/12/2004 It took me quite more time than I thought, but I think I got some good material for you guys. Here are the scans for the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Premium Package. I'll probably change some for better ones when I get some time, since I am not comfortable with a couple of them, but they'll do for the time being.

17/12/2004 Temporal Images of the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Premium Package are available at the forums. Detailed ones will be available tonight.

14/12/2004 The Japanese version of MGS3 was released 2 days ago, so now just Europe is missing. I still don't know if the Japanese version has any more features, as the European one will have.

Yesterday Shadow Moses Island added a new Pilot Disc to the collection, with some interesting details that you should check. There is also a bit more of info at the local forums.

02/12/2004 An interesting Interview with Kojima san regarding Snake Eater is up at IGN, interesting details are mentioned, though it has some spoilers if you've not played the game. They do mention that the European version will have more extras aside from the difficulty level, great news. Thanks to Des-ROW for the link, as always.

30/11/2004 You can now view the scans for the World Character Convention 19 Metal Gear Solid 3 Naked Snake Kubrick.

25/11/2004 A interesting event took place in Japan, called the METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER PREMIUM PREVIEW (page fully in Japanese), but you can watch some interesting pictures like this food or this one of merchandise, or better yet this one with croc girls. Thanks to Des-ROW for the link.

24/11/2004 Great news for Metal Gear fans (besides the recent release of the great Metal Gear Solid 3), Takamichi has just released accurate translation of the original Metal Gear 1 Manual so go there and get some real info. This is part of the MSX Japanese to English Translation Project which has been finished and is really interesting, finally to see the real text that was omitted and changed. Kudos on a great work to Takamichi Suzukawa, Jon Taylor and Nekura_Hoka.

22/11/2004 The scans for the 'Snake Eater' song from METAL GEAR SOLID 3 Single are now up, the acetate spine card and insert are really beautiful. A shame they can't be appreciated in scans.

20/11/2004 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, US version Scans are up now. (Worst cover in a while as we already knew). Update (3:00 am) Been playing the game for an hour and a half, still haven't passed more than I did in the demo (which I never finished) and I can only say I already love this game. I've spent most of the time on the radio, and I am a happy man. I love talking to Paramedic =) this is why I like Kojima games so much...

19/11/2004 Finally got free time (and the whole weekend!) to play Metal Gear Solid 3 (Scans later today and also the ones for the MGS3 Single).

17/11/2004 Today Snake Eater was released, so try to grab a copy since they are still not well distributed across America (specially at Mexico they aren't =P). So grab a copy for the weekend....

10/11/2004 Finally, uploaded the Tokyo Game Show 2004 Konami Press Kit (everyone has one of these nowadays though, but if you haven't seen it yet...), it contains nice art, and also a Manga detailing MGS3 game play mechanics and elements. No spoilers inside =). One week for Snake Eater's release in NA.

07/11/2004 New Snatcher and Policenauts related updates. First, the Winbee Neo Cinema Club 3 ~Tokimeki~ album, that has Snatcher and Policenauts related arrangements (one track of each). Then, a compilation that contains two Snatcher tracks (from the Snatcher Zoom Tracks) the Konami Kukeiha Club & Konami Kukeiha Club BEST Vol. 1.

29/10/2004 I am happy to present The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 script transcript by Leiner Hanvåg, (scroll to the MGS section) he did this by hand and wanted to share it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

28/10/2004 Not the final photos yet, but some preliminary pics of the Anubis Resin Kit are available at the Junker HQ forums, be warned they are a bit big....

26/10/2004 The scans for Metal Gear Solid 3: The Countdown book are now up, the ones that have spoilers are clearly marked.

24/10/2004 Added two Boktai related pages: The Boktai Press Release, that announces the Coffin and Special edition GBA for the release of the first game. I also got my copy of Boktai 2 Solar Boy Djangoi (American version) recently and now you can view the scans for the game.

21/10/2004 Finally, a new server that appears to work quite fine with everything (except getting the image sizes for display, we'll have to look into that) forums are back up, as well as the entire site. If you find anything not working, please tell me.

20/10/2004 Added a small feature to the Kojima Games Page that allows hiding or showing information by game, since the page is really big I believe it helps have a clearer look of the information. Anyway, the old look can be achieved by clicking the "Expand All" option, if you liked that better.

BTW, I am sorry about the multiple times the server has been down lately... matters are being solved.

18/10/2004 I should have released this eons ago, since I figured it out about 6 years ago.. but although it is not a big deal, some people may find it useful or interesting. A small page that details how to extract the digitized speech and sound effects from the Sega/Mega CD version of Snatcher has been added to the site.

15/10/2004 Third great day in a row for Snatcher fans. MrRudi has released yet another excellent arranged Snatcher track, this time it is Funny from SD Snatcher. Go get it at the Snatcher Music Arrangements section, and please post all your feedback at the Snatcher Forums.

14/10/2004 The rest of yesterday's update is here today. They are some interesting additions that have Snatcher related material. The first one is the game Hai no Majutsushi, a mahjong game that has a Snatcher amongst the playable characters. And also the beatmania Club MIX which has a mix of "One Night in Neo Kobe City" called "SNATCHER [Dual vacuum Mix]".

13/10/2004 Great news, two important updates today. The very first game Kojima worked on is now scanned: Yumetairiku Adventure (Penguin Adventure). You can also read some small notes on it at the Kojima Game Gallery.

Secondly, the other rare Snatcher book is also now scanned, the Snatcher No Subete (All About Snatcher) guide. It contains lots of info, a couple of interviews and interesting images that I now present to you. Hope you enjoy them. I have another 2 related items, but time was not on my side today. Look for an update soon. Thanks a lot to James for his help on getting this great items.

12/10/2004 Two small updates today. First, the scans for the MIDI Power Pro Best Selection Soundtrack (KICA 7670), this CD contains some themes from the Snatcher MIDI Power Pro 5.0 disc, but also is the source for the MIDI files that around the net, since it contains a floppy with those files and some others from Twinbee. Also a contributed scan has been uploaded, the Snatcher preview from gamepro. It is at the Magazine Scans section, thanks to leftoverfiller.

08/10/2004 I'll do some updates during the weekend, meanwhile a small update was made to the Kojima Game Gallery, indicating the games in which Kojima worked directly. Meanwhile the Junker HQ Forums are starting to get some people in, lets see how they work out and if interesting conversations can spawn there... I believe there is material. I started a couple of threads, even one related to the actual MGS3 campaign.

06/10/2004 The scans for the OPM Metal Gear Solid 3 Demo are up now. I didn't play it much, surprisingly. Didn't have much time to enjoy it fully and it felt quite incomplete in some areas, but it is really nice and game play is really good. I enjoyed the conversations and noticed that story wise it is going to be a good game, specially in character development, in "life". I'll probably wait for the full game instead.

Update: Added the Junker HQ Kojima forums for discussion on Snatcher, Policenauts, Boktai, ZOE, Metal Gear and any other Kojima games. The purpose is to give the community a general place for all these games, and not to create a Metal Gear Solid 3 forum exclusively (that is also welcome, and has it's own space).

05/10/2004 I'll upload scans for Issue 86 of the Official Playstation Magazine tonight, along with impressions. Meanwhile, scans for the Official Metal Gear Solid Comic #1 are up now. I liked some of the art, but mainly where it looks either like the game or like Shinkawa's but it shows promise and follows the story line closely, let's see what happens with it. Scans are for the Regular edition of the 1st issue.

01/10/2004 The scans for the Drama CD Metal Gear Solid Vol.2 (link fixed) are up, again some very nice art is in there, worth taking a look.

30/09/2004 Today I've got you the greatest artistic representation of Snake. Yup, Scans for Snake's Revenge, just check out the Characters scan... As a side, you can view scans for the Game Player's Official ULTRA Gametape (NES Metal Gear Video Strategy Guide), it is not just Metal Gear, but it does have the "hits and tips" for a perfect play....

29/09/2004 Another item was added today, the Metal Gear Konami Doll Collection Solid Snake. Expect at least two new items tomorrow.

28/09/2004 Scans for the Metal Gear Solid Drama CD 1 are up now, some great art in those booklets, specifically done for this Drama CDs by Shinkawa (although the illustrations do appear in the Art Books).

27/09/2004 I'll start uploading a series of scans regarding a lot of Metal Gear items that I have been storing without archiving. The first one is the Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Bonus Ration. I'll be posting at east one item daily for the rest of the week. Expect another small update tonight by 23 CST. Update: as promised, here you have the scan for the Metal Gear Solid 3 Promotional DVD 1. Not much to see but the disc, but the video quality in the trailers is a nice thing to finally see.

25/09/2004 There's been a lot of information regarding MGS3 lately, since the Tokyo Game Show is taking place. I know there are a lot of reader of this site that prefer to know nothing about the game, and I understand and respect that (I try to not know much, but it is inevitable for various reasons).

First for the links that might be of general interest: Contents of the MGS3 Premium Package and Metal Gear: Solid Snake is official for cell phones in Japan (Thanks to Arkhound for the link).

If you are of the few who wants to know more, but has not yet found the info, please go visit these sites: General Metal Gear Solid Official Konami Site, Snake Eater's Official Site and Metal Gear Solid, The unofficial Site.

24/09/2004 The HTML Version of the Sega CD/Mega CD Snatcher text dump is now available. Hope you guys like it.

18/09/2004 A small update that I've wanted to do for quite a while. Most of the names of the Japanese games are now in Kanas and Kanji at the Kojima Collection page, I hope you like it. I tried making it non intrusive for those that don't have Japanese support on their machines, yet informative for those they do. Please mail me your opinions (either negative or positive). Also, give Metal Gear Solid . org a visit, the site has grown quite a bit with lots of info, a good design and promises even more (Just be warned that it is centered around MGS3, and there might be lots of spoilers).

14/09/2004 Scans for the Metal Gear Solid 3: the First Bite disc are up now, along with the corresponding lyrics in both languages. The disc is quite interesting, It has 6 tracks (the first one being the "Abstracted camouflage" track from the E3 2004 Press Kit, and the last one the theme in Japanese), a screen saver, a music video and a small square on the insert that can be scanned via a NTT/DoCoMo cell phone to get a sound and image.

11/09/2004 Check out the MG1 Remix (MSX Japanese to English Translation Project), I was aware of the existence of this project, but had had no news... now I see that I was missing something (Thanks for the heads up Takamichi). Also, remember it *just* was Friday, so get your weekly update at The Kremlin, it is worth it...

03/09/2004 Several things have happened, but we'll start with the ones related directly with the site, and in that department The Kremlin has excellent news. He has started posting his project, go read the details and download the file...

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (if possible watch the Japanese trailer, the American one gives you the wrong idea) is going to be released on September the 17th in the US, I had the opportunity of watching this at Tokyo, but my Japanese is lacking so I *have* to watch it again.

The other day I read an article on anime, and found an interview with Mamoru Oshii (director/writer of GITS/GITS2 and more, I've always admired his work) that really catch my eye, specially with some of the stuff I've recently experienced. Here's a quote that I loved (and sorry for those who I have already shared this with):

"A few years ago," the director explains, "I had a shock when my cat Nene died. There was a hole in my heart, a hole that could not be filled, even though a new cat, Mina, came along. I started to wonder why. Why can't one cat replace another? And I started to think that the 'I' is not just one person, but the sum of everything you love - your dog, your wife, your child, your computer, your doll. This led me to the conclusion that the self is empty. What is essential is this network of connections."

This idea is stuck in my mind as of now... and I've found it quite real so far. Hope you appreciate it. (BTW, if you didn't notice the scans of the "chat" between Oshii and Kojima now is a good time to see them, or at least watch the pictures).

27/08/2004 More Snatcher music arrangement news, which is excellent news. There are three ongoing projects on the subject, and we'll hopefully can delight ourselves in the near future. MrRudi (Check some of his great previous Snatcher work, the piano is simply great) has some material in stock, we also have Dyne's Project Snatcher and a project that I didn't know about by "Randam". Go read the Snatcher Fan Club for more details and to give your comments and support.

Also, the contents of the MGS3 PP have been revealed:

25/08/2004 Yes, it took longer than expected.. but now you can enjoy some scans and pictures from the Policenauts books and guides: Policenauts Official Visual Data Book, Futaba Policenauts Konami Official Guide (Sega Saturn) and the NTT Policenauts Konami Official Guide (Sega Saturn). All of them are great and have tons of info and images, I'll try and get a manual scanner to offer better quality images if possible. If you want more info on this great Kojima game, be sure to visit The Beyond Coast Policenauts Museum.

Regarding Snatcher news, there are great ones. Go visit Dyne's Project Snatcher to vie a new design, new forums and news. And also, The Kremlin is preparing an update for this Friday...

24/08/2004 Today is Kojima's birthday, and another cycle has been completed for Junker HQ as well (21st was the 3th anniversary of the site, and again it is also my brother's birthday). There will be an update today, regarding the Policenauts books. Sorry about the late update, but life has been busy.

20/08/2004 Junker HQ is experiencing some problems... so if anything works it is a miracle for now, All will be working (hopefully) by Monday the 23rd. This is a new server restored from a backup, please notify me if material i missing.

14/08/2004 Re uploaded a file that got corrupted long ago, the Metal Gear Solid 3 E3 2004 Press Kit full text and lyrics page.

12/08/2004 Today there are great news for Policenauts fans, since the Beyond Coast Policenauts Museum has opened it's doors with Character profiles, Merchandise information and notes. Rest assured that you'll find this information fresh, and that there will be a lot more in the future. I also have added the MIDI Power Pro 3 Policenauts soundtrack scans to the Policenauts page, a very nice soundtrack I must add.

11/08/2004 Great news for Snatcher fans, Project Snatcher has taken more form now, and you can download a mix for Pleasure of Tension. Thanks a lot to The Kremlin for the news.

05/08/2004 Quite a few new updates, that have been delayed forever... First of all, you can now view the Metal Gear Solid Stockholder Commemoration Edition Premium Package, which is a version of the Regular version MGS Premium Package in a beautiful golden box with a few changes, obviously an even more limited edition. On the same line, scans for the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Stockholder Commemoration Edition (Corporate Bond Version Package) are also available and although not as beautiful as it's predecessor, it is also a rare catch. Finally, you can also view the box in which the Metal Gear trading cards came, as well as the envelope in which they were packed at the Metal Gear Trading Cards scan page.

04/08/2004 Thanks to Anonymous Blue we now have more details and pictures regarding the E3 2004 Snake Eater "Snake Meat" Promotional Can. Follow the link for pictures of the actual packaging in which the can came, as our kind contributor described this rare item: 'I know I was surprised when it arrived, nothing but a plain box with "soup" written on it.'

01/08/2004 There is great news for Snatcher fans that want to know more about its original music and creators, and even more interesting for MSX and specially SCC enthusiasts. The Snatcher SCC Memorial Joint Disk KICA-7607 Liner Notes have been translated by Takamichi, and although I did take a lot of time to upload them I think the wait was well worth it. I must say they are quite funny and give detail on creators' personality.

27/07/2004 The scans for Zoku Bokura no Taiyo: Taiyo Shounen Django (Our Sun Sequel: Young Sun Django a.k.a. Boktai 2) are up now. Unfortunately I've had almost zero time to play it properly, but it looks like a good sequel that may improve a lot over the original.. Maybe won't be able to tell until the US release is out, since my Japanese is still way too green.

26/07/2004 A very rare new addition to the Snake Eater promotional items, the E3 2004 Konami Metal Gear Solid 3 Promotional "E3 Snake Meat" Can. This was a promotional sent by Konami of America to the press in the US (As far as I know). There were a few mentions and pictures of it just before the E3, even at some online gaming sites. The blurred parts are the contact information of Konami PR guys.

21/07/2004 Great news! Thanks to the kind help of James from Shadow Moses I have completed the Policenauts collection, with the latest two additions of game versions: The almost impossible to find PC9821 Policenauts version (which comes in a cardboard box and includes a CD and a floppy) and the 3DO Policenauts Mouse Set, which is a bundle of the regular 3DO game with a mouse and an incredibly beautiful Mouse Pad. More updates are on it's way, I just need some time since I am leaving to the San Diego Comicon, so maybe I'll meet someone there. BTW, check out the new intro page for Shadow Moses.. he has a surprise in stock for Policenauts fans.

19/07/2004 I fixed the link to the Policenauts text dump on Saturday's news, I was a bit tired at the time. I also updated the kind of help needed, any help will be appreciated. There are several updates planned, including a new liner note translation by Takamichi san, lots of info.

17/07/2004 You might wonder why there have been little or no updates lately. Simple, been working on the Policenauts text dump (Fixed the link). So far I've made some progress and have a much cleaner dump than before... still no Kanjis, but a more complete Hiragana and Katakana set. The Kremlin used a nifty resource that pulled a smile from me today, nice one.

15/07/2004 Two great news today. The Kremlin is *almost* back to normal (after a "slight" accident there if you recall) and the Policenauts Trading Card set if finally complete.

13/07/2004 More than an update, a correction. I forgot to link the Spine Card (Obi) for the Snatcher "Radio Play" soundtrack (PC88). An update will probably be done during the weekend, these Japanese classes at 7:00 am are taking a lot from me, but it is well worth it.

10/07/2004 A small but important update nevertheless, following the current scheme of the site, a new Policenauts gallery has been created, I hope you like it and will proceed on doing a similar one for Metal Gear and perhaps other Kojima games. All the menus of the site have also been standardized, so navigation should be easier now. And finally a much needed font change was done on most pages, thanks to a kind suggestion by Des-ROW while doing the Policenauts page (it would had never crossed my mind otherwise).

04/07/2004 OK here we go. First of all the Snatcher Versions and Information Page has changed a bit, now containing an image map with all the items for selection. You might even find some bonus scans in there, if you like Snatcher Artwork that is.

Also the scans for the first version (276A 7713) Snatcher "Radio Play" soundtrack are available now, that is the King Records release from 1989, the first Snatcher soundtrack. There are just cosmetic differences against the re-release, such as copyright text and the print of the CD is completely different.

You can also browse the new scans for the Snatcher MIDI Power 5.0 along with its respective track list, and also the Group picture of Snatcher versions since the old one was a bit fuzzy. Since I was doing that kind of stuff, the Perfect Selection Snatcher & SD Snatcher scans were also updated to a better size.

01/07/2004 There will be big updates concerning Snatcher items, meanwhile (since I am very happy and tired) here is the Full Set of Snatcher Trading Cards, after several years of hunting them I finally present them to you (with all of the elusive SP Cards). Special thanks go to James from Shadow Moses for his invaluable help in getting these.

Update: Finally finished the Neo Kobe 2045 Speed King Kojima References page, which details what I've found about this game. Hope you find it interesting.

23/06/2004 A very interesting update for Snatcher fans I bet. I just uploaded some images for the Snatcher Official Guide released in 1992 for the Snatcher CD-ROMantic PCE game. I must say it is a very interesting book, unfortunately I cannot scan it with my current equipment since I would damage it quite a bit. Instead I took some pictures of the pages or details I considered important. As I go on uncovering info about the item, I will add it and maybe more pictures. What is relevant about the guide is it's design, the pictures of Snatcher related items and the interviews. It also has the Snatcher manga in full color and full size A4 pages, but as the Snatcher Trading Cards, it is missing one page (page 12 in the Sega CD manual and page 7 in the PCE CD-ROMantic, the 7th page in the manga). Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

22/06/2004 Two new updates today.. scans for the Policenauts F/N soundtrack and also for the Winbee Neo Cinema Club 2 ~Paradise~, this last album has one interesting track: a different version of Theme Of Katharine (Part 2) from Snatcher. It is a very nice arrange of the piece, I must say.

Policenauts F/N was arranged by Motoaki Furukawa & Koichi Namiki, two well know video game composers that have formed part of Konami Kukeiha Club. Motoaki Furukawa even worked in the Snatcher Zoom Tracks and Koichi Namiki has also made music for SEGA games like Daytona and AfterBurner II. More updates soon.

15/06/2004 Slow progress in uploading stuff, but today I've uploaded a mix of stuff I had lying around and not updated and new things, I plan on going on with that scheme. Here you have the scans for the Anubis Martian Cell Strap and something that I had been looking for quite some time until James from Shadow Moses helped me. Here are the scans for Neo Kobe 2045 Speed King a game that, obviously, takes place in Snatcher's Neo Kobe (although has nothing to do with Snatcher). There are a lot of Kojima game references, which are briefly detailed in the Snatcher page and Kojima game pages. I plan on expanding and moving those to it's own section, with screen captures during the week. Hope you find them as amusing as I did.

11/06/2004 When the site was lost a few months ago, A couple of scans were lost and I just noticed and re-uploaded them. Now you can again access the Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition Premium Package (the European Premium Package) and the US version of Boktai.

09/06/2004 One step closer on the Policenauts department, I've just uploaded the Policenauts Private Collection scans. I must say I was really happy watching all the stuff that disc has, it made me feel how great Policenauts is, how much dedication was put into it. It consists of shooting demos, a database (with video, pictures and sound), interviews with the voice actors, story boards and music. Very much like the Policenauts Pilot Disc, I will have to play a bit with the 3DO version to catch the differences, but I am sure there are some.

07/06/2004 Today is the 50th anniversary of Alan Turing's death, the mathematician, code breaker, and computer pioneer that started Computer Science. It is quite off-topic, I know, that is if you haven't read the Metal Gear Solid 2 Ending Analysis from a MEME x GENE x SCENE view point. I also updated the piece a bit with a few links to official material from E3 that support it, and will soon be uploading a chat that Kojima and Mamoru Oshii had regarding Policenauts and Ghost in the Shell, just before starting Metal Gear Solid.

Regarding The Kremlin, the webmaster has stated it is just a temporal affair, and part of the story line of the new web comic he's working in, so go and pay a visit.

06/06/2004 June 6th 1991.... It is the 13th anniversary of "The Catastrophe" from Snatcher, and as always The Kremlin had something in stock for us.. hopefully, just for today.

02/06/2004 Tim Rogers has uploaded his E3 2004 Impressions at insercredit.com, if you want to have a different view of the show, go and read it. I assure you'll have fun and read stuff that can't be read elsewhere, along with some inside info on Metal Gear Solid 3 and MGS2 that you probably don't know since his Wired interview hasn't been published yet.

And for those of you interested in MGS: The Twin Snakes, Silicon Knights announced that they will release MGS The Twin Snakes Integral for the NGC, according to Denis Dyack it will not have online functions, just the same VR Missions that were released for the PSX.

29/05/2004 Great news for Metal Gear Collectors.. Shadow Moses Island is selling a Metal Gear Solid Gold Shareholder's Premium Package.

For Snatcher fans, The Kremlin has posted some music from the Saturn version of Snatcher.

And in totally unrelated news, tonight I am going to the Atomix Gamer Choice Awards 2004 courtsey of Atomix, Nintendo and AiWa, with the special presentation of the Mini Bosses.

25/05/2004 Here are the scans and text transcript of the E3 2004 Konami Metal Gear Solid 3 Press Kit. I'll add more details later today, hope you enjoy the images and text.

23/05/2004 Great news! Thanks to Takamichi Suzukawa's kind help, we have more information on Snatcher and it's development. We now have the translation for the Snatcher Zoom Tracks Liner notes (KICA-7610,KICA-7906). Hope you enjoy them as much as I did, since it was a LOT of work....

I also changed a bit the PCE Snatcher information page to reflect some of the information obtained from these liner notes, I wonder what those "great leaps" Kojima talks about were....

17/05/2004 There is good news for Snatcher fans, a new SD-Snatcher site has appeared and is growing with specific information on the game, and let me tell you it has excellent content. It is great to see such in depth information of the game, it deserves a page like that.

16/05/2004 Bad news... The Snake Hole has closed for reasons unknown... It has been a great site and it is with sadness that I inform you this.

12/05/2004 Apparently I wasn't so misguided when I wrote the Metal Gear Solid 2 Ending Analysis, since Kojima himself has stated that MEMES are the main theme on MGS2.. but you can read more on that and about Snake Eater at IGN. And I apparently wasn't so off the mark on my guess from the entry made in 30/09/2003, where I supposed that the theme for the final game would be life, it has been described as Scene, that is the scenario where the humans grow and share their time... not so distant and helps create the anagram MGS (Memes, Genes, Scene) described on the article.

UPDATE: The Snake Eater site was completely changed today, and the new video that was presented at E3 is really amazing. (Follow the Snake Eater link above)

11/05/2004 Well, there you go... did you ever want a MGS Comic? I am not precisely fond of the idea... but there it is.

09/05/2004 New scans available! Now you can compare both versions of the The Snatcher Zoom Tracks (Second release). The First Release (KICA-7610) has a bit more pages on the booklet, both spine cards are different as the re-release (KICA-7906) is part of the Konami O-TA-KA-RA Game Music Collection, some text was added to the back of the Case, the CDs are quite different and the "Syber Punk Adventure" error has been corrected. You can notice the rest of the cosmetic differences easily.

05/05/2004 Thanks to the invaluable help of James Carey, from Shadow Moses, here are the scans of an (almost) full basic set of Metal Gear Solid Trading Cards. Go visit Shadow Moses if you want more info and pics of rare Trading cards. I must say that you have to hold them yourself to really appreciate how beautiful they are, scans do no justice here.

04/05/2004 Here is a new update.. I've got a lot of material, so expect some more in the next couple of weeks. This time we get the translation of the Liner Notes for the Snatcher "Radio Play" soundtrack. Hope you enjoy that interview with the character designer, Kojima and music people that worked in Snatcher. Special thanks to Takamichi Suzukawa for his invaluable help, as always. I also updated the scans of the soundtrack, since they were in really low quality and size.

Be sure to visit The Kremlin, since there have been a couple of interesting updates, including the Neo Kobe Pizza guy.

28/04/2004 I received a couple of Policenauts Trading Cards boxes, so I almost finish my set. I am just missing 3 SP cards (1, 2 and 6) and the scans of the missing Rare ones and new SP cards are up there.

27/04/2004 Finally, an update. Here are the Metal Gear Solid 2 Medicom Kubricks. It is the full set with Box scans. I will try and get all those things I got at Akihabara up within this week.

26/04/2004 Don't forget to check The Kremlin today...

25/04/2004 It hasn't been easy, and it is not that good (yet) but here is the Snatcher "Radio Play" text. It was created by long hours between the OCR, me, and a bad automated translator... don't expect much from the translation, but the SJS files are good enough (although I bet they have some errors). I will try and do this for every Snatcher material I have, and probably from other games as well. Please tell me if you like this, so I go on doing it.

16/04/2004 Well, another unique page for Snatcher fans... Here is the real Neo Kobe Pizza (as seen in Snatcher)!! All thanks to Takamichi, who kindly got these for me and even gave me full instructions. These pictures are my clumsy execution on those instructions, but it was delicious anyway.

14/04/2004 I just noticed a couple of new interesting entries in the Guest book one even from Kokee, the webmaster from the great Snatcher Experience, the first Snatcher site I visited several years ago, when I barely had information on the game and had played only the Sega CD version. I am quite happy of what he mentions though.

11/04/2004 Well, still an incomplete update.. but here is the Japan trip photo section, there are just a couple of the pics that will be more interesting for Kojima fans, but they are good enough as they are right now. They still lack comments, which I will give during the course of the day...Update: Wrote down the descriptions of each picture, will upload more eventually though.

09/04/2004 There are images of Zoku: Bokura no Taiyou (Boktai 2), not the best in quality of revealing.. But Boktai is a great game, so let's hope that the second part is just as good.

08/04/2004 Ok, started by answering the Guest book. I will upload the scans soon.

07/04/2004 I know... I know... I didn't update as promised.... But I have a little gift to compensate, and I promise that I will do updates in the next few days. For now here is the Snatcher PCE Magazine Manga, finally translated. I had the help of a friend that lives in Japan, hope he is allright since he hasn't answered lately.

For the lazy here are the direct links:

02/04/2004 I have been way too busy for a decent update, that's why none have been done. I plan on updating this weekend with the stuff I got (MGS Naked, Kubricks, Kiss me sunlights single, MGS drama CDs, etc) at Japan, and some pictures of the trip as well as answering the guest book. I am sorry for the long delay though.

25/03/2004 I finally met Takamichi yesterday, that Compact flash I am holding is adapted to work on the MSX 2, and has the translated version of Snatcher we worked on in it. Takamichi took me to some great stores at Akihabara and later we came to the room since he made the great favor of bringing his MSX along with him. We played Snatcher for a while, I loved playing it on real hardware and listening to my SCC for the first time. It was a very interesting experience. Here is Metal Gear for instance... on real Hardware.

24/03/2004 Yesterday I met Kojima san and Scott Dolph in an interview made for Atomix TV, they are great guys and it was a real pleasure to meet them at Konami. Although they are really busy, they gave us good quality time. I got my MSX Snatcher and Metal Gear: Solid Snake signed by him. I also found a mint Metal Gear Solid Premium Package at Akihabara, and some more stuff that I will post when I am back home.

Japan is a great place, I am looking forward to meet Takamichi tomorrow night.

Update Here are some low quality pics of the signed MSX 2 Snatcher and MG: Solid Snake.

22/03/2004 The first entry from Tokyo, Japan. Yesterday I met Tim Rogers and we had a very nice time talking, a real shame that it was quite late and we had no time to go on, it was really interesting. I am looking forward to meet my friend Takamichi too, and to spend some quality time at Akihabara. I will try and upload some pictures tonight, but I can tell you... it is a great place!!

19/03/2004 It is 4:30 am, and I am packing in order to go to Tokyo in 4 hours. That is right, the next entry will be from Japan. It is quite possible that I'll be doing some visits around there, so try to check for updates every couple of days since I'll be taking my camera and laptop.

17/03/2004 Here are the scans for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Premium Package. There are some interesting things to notice, specially the page on the Twin Snakes manual that promotes a couple of books that I haven't yet seen on sale.. Hope that the next week I can find them personally at the place where I am going ...

There is a comment on the book by Yuji Norii (the supervisor of Chrono Cross) and also by Shigeru Miyamoto, I will attempt to get those translated, and if I do, I'll post them.

I will try and get some screen captures on the Special Disc, and also a group picture.. but that will have to be tomorrow morning, I am too tired as of now....

16/03/2004 I just received this. Expect more detailed pictures and scans in a couple of hours, when I arrive home. Meanwhile, here are a couple of images and Shadow Moses has more pictures of it, and I am curious about what he thinks about the game. =)

13/03/2004 I am more calm today. And happier with Twin Snakes. I don't take back any of what I said yesterday, everything is still true. Just toned down. Indeed it is a great remake and reinterpretation of the game, it lacks detail.. it is not a Kojima game and now I know that is what disappoints me. It is the lacking of attention to small details that frustrates me, and that is precisely what I love about a Kojima game.

If you are interested in reading what I think lacks, here it is. It is simply the small details, like how the water looks when Snake enters Shadow Moses.. it simply looks cheap. The way the hands and how the models in general lack life, as opposed to how the move and feel in SOL is what bothers me. They simply look as dolls, as polygon models with motion capture.. indeed a difficult feeling to transmit, but maybe some of you will feel the same.

Apart from that, I believe most people will love it, for me at first the changes were too much to bear. It has been done with a different market in mind for the new generations and by different people. So it is a different game, with the same skeleton and MGS2 elements thrown in. A mixed bag of feelings at least for me.

I am more used to the control, and blocking the old voice acting from my mind in order to enjoy the new one. Indeed the new translation is more accurate, without the adaptations made by Jeremy Blaustein that Kojima didn't like. The controls, after you get used to a different pressure, work quite well. And I must say the Prologic II mix is the best I've heard so far on any game (although I still am not feeling ok about the musical changes). I am enjoying the game, but I am not exited about it. Still, I believe that the difficulty level has been lifted quite a bit (either that or my mind-hand coordination on the new pad is really bad) so I am advancing slowly through the game and paying attention to everything. I believe that if you forget the original one, it might be a very good experience.

12/03/2004 Update: (Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes scans are up now).

I am disappointed. Very disappointed. Just played the final release of Twin Snakes for an hour or so... and I am not sure if I want to finish it, or just get out my MGS Integral for the PSX and play it. But let me make one point clear, I understand the main point behind this remake: it is a chance to let new directors give a different version of the original, the main theme of MGS2.

Indeed, the graphics look way better than the original PSX. But they are not at the same level as the Sons of Liberty ones. You can notice that Shinkawa's hand is missing from this work, completely. Besides that, Silicon Knights are not at the level Konami is, of course. Maybe some will hate me after reading those lines... but they are true. It is not a bad attempt, and most people that didn't play the original will probably like it.. But it is a "Crowd pleaser".

The musical changes were horrid, the game over was completely changed, the voice acting screams for the original Jeremy Blaustein's direction (it is not bad as in other games, but I believe that it is sometimes either overdone or lacking), the briefing is now completely in 3d and lacks the feeling, some accents are missing completely, the models lack credibility (their hand look like plastic doll ones... all the motion capture doesn't compensate for detail) and the horrid over-used Matrix effect...

Maybe I'll come to like it after playing it A LOT, but I don't feel that is true. And if I go on writing I will go on complaining.... so I better don't.

Like about using b+start for a map! A MAP!!! and A+start for the codec.... Don't take me wrong, I love my Cube and have played it quite enough during 2003, and I love the Pad (although it is a bit difficult to get used to it when you have played Metal Gear with PS pads).

You might like it though... give it a try. But I had higher expectations (not much really, but better than this). Still, I will have to give it more time and I hope that I am completely wrong and end up liking it. Or maybe it is simply that I played the original and don't like the changes at all, being kind of a purist doesn't help.

Scans will be up in an hour or so...

05/03/2004 The Japanese version of The Twin Snakes for the Gamecube was released today, one week earlier than planned. So if anyone is dying to play it, there it is.

01/03/2004 UPDATE: Great news.. I already knew that Tim Rogers was going to interview Kojima, since I read one article of his at Insert Credit a few weeks ago, and he mentioned he was doing so for Wired. But I thought I had already lost it. It is not the case, since he just finished it on February 25th.

For those of you that don't know, he is one of the few video game reviewers, or more accurately a writer about vide game culture and the surrounding world, that is worth reading for his humor and his vision, but also for his insight and sincerity. It is the kind of thing that I would love to write if I had the talent and time... he wrote the "dreaming in an empty room" essay on Metal Gear Solid 2. (this is a local copy of the original Insert Credit feature, since the original link site is down for now).

For now he has uploaded a wallpaper at Insert Credit. this is what the Insert Credit news entry reads:

Tim just finished up his interview with Hideo Kojima for Wired. He asked Kojima to draw something for him - this is what he came up with. Says Tim: The two Chinese characters read "shukumei," meaning "predestination" or "fate." I asked him why he wrote these words, and he said, "Because that's what I felt like writing."

Here is a small extract from his log:

"I'm interviewing Hideo Kojima on Wednesday, February 25th, 2004, from two in the afternoon until whenever we finish, in a semi-fancy part of Tokyo. I managed to secure this because I was able to ask nicely, and my proposal for the interview was detailed enough to pull Kojima away from his work on Metal Gear Solid 3 for a whole day. In other words, I promised not to ask when the demo disc is coming out. Also, it has been confirmed that Kojima does not think I'm an asshole, which should help us along."

On totally unrelated news, it is a silly thing, but I found funny that MG fans are doing this kind of stuff.

28/02/2004 It is just 10 days for the Twin Snakes game release... and new leaked material on Snake Eater has appeared. As Christopher Bryan pointed out when sending me the link to these, they are probably leaked by Konami itself... I expected them to use the Twin Snakes as a cover for reducing noise on Snake Eater... Anyway, they are provided by Metal Gear Central. UPDATE I was asked to remove the images, so I was right, they were not intended for the public.

27/02/2004 Maybe you already know, but Konami uploaded a new Twin Snakes Homepage, not much new but it is nice to look at and there is some new art. I also received new scans for the Spanish version of Metal Gear Solid 2, which will be uploaded today.

25/02/2004 I just updated the Metal Gear Solid 2: Ending Analysis since I had mistakenly uploaded an older one, sorry about that. Thanks to John (view the guest book for details) for the info.

23/02/2004 Finally, back from Montreal... Well, we are getting closer to the Twin Snakes release and as far as I know there are no news. This is just an entry to testify I am still here, and also to give hope to those waiting for the Policenauts text dump... There is someone out there that is very capable and *might* do something with the current progress....

15/02/2004 I know I took AGES in uploading these, and I want to upload a bit more of them (later), but for now enjoy the Metal Gear: Solid Snake for the MSX 2 Scans (Also linked from the Kojima Hideo tribute page as always). Hope you like them, I plan to upload the full manual scanned if there is enough interest. Let me know by mail if you'd like to see them (with a subject like "MG:SS" please, spam has been heavy lately).

I also hosted a local copy of the Tsuzuki: Bokura no Taiyo (the sequel to Boktai) magazine scan, since the link did not permit hot-linking, quite inconsiderate from my part.

Update: There is info on Metal Gear Solid Naked a disc containing inside information on the full Metal Gear series, apparently to be released at the same time as Twin Snakes. I imagine it is the video disc that could come with the Game Cube limited edition... or perhaps as a separate item.

13/02/2004 A sequel to Boktai has been announced in several Japanese magazines. IGN has a little more information on the subject, The tentative title is: Tsuzuki: Bokura no Taiyo.

11/02/2004 I just received some excellent news regarding Snatcher Outer Heaven, it now supports Mozilla and other browsers. It has a lot of info regarding the game and the information from JORDAN/Gaudi, as well as some wallpapers, images, forums, music section and emulation information. Go pay it a visit, one of the few Snatcher related websites still alive.

27/01/2004 Here I am decided to reinstall my machine (again). But there are some good news. I restored some of the last scans I made a while ago, they are from the Snatcher Sound Clip (A rare small format CD given with the PC-Engine version of the game as a Bonus) and the Perfect Selection Snatcher Battle. They are also available from the Kojima Hideo Games List and Snatcher page for future reference.

I also received a kind mail explaining the new features found in the Anubis Special Edition released last week. Here is a transcript from Chris Hill (Uk, webmaster of Metal Gear Universe a nice Metal Gear and ZOE Collector Site, that also details history and universe behind the games.):

I will try and confirm as soon as I can.

26/01/2004 Again, slow in updates. Not as an excuse, but my home computer Broke (which means I can't scan.. or to that effect, keep on playing Final Fantasy XI).

I downloaded the new Twin Snakes videos and I must say that, oh boy, I suffered. I don't doubt the game is going to be good, and as some have pointed out, I will buy it since I've been buying (almost) all that Konami has thrown at me (except for the TMNT remake, I stayed clear although I love the original). Like a friend of mine said: "They are making Snake more Tom Cruise than Kurt Russell". And the Matrix-like cinematic sequences are too much for my taste (more like trying to catch the attention of 12 year olds).

I also visited this website thanks to Tim Rogers from Insert Credit, I had a very good laugh.. specially since I have been trying to use my N-Gage as a cell phone (God forbid!) because my Nokia 9290 has some problems.

22/01/2004 At last, an update. You can now watch the Anubis Special Edition Scans. So far the only in game difference I have found is the Konami logo (It opens with the new one) and the copyright info. Still a lot of games to scan and upload, and I hope they will be done with this week.

21/01/2004 Finally back from the trip. Takamichi sent me an update on the MSX 2 Snatcher translation page where he added info on the hidden phone number and the band called Alphaville, to Miscellaneous and FAQ section, quite interesting facts in there for Snatcher fans. Also more great news for Snatcher fans, MrRudi has sent a new sheet music set for the Snatcher Music Arrangements section, this time they are for "Case Closed" from SD-Snatcher, the original version with no arrangements, an incredible work that I admire. I also uploaded a couple of pictures in case you are interested, here I am close to one of my favorite Moai:

I had no KONAMI T-shirt, but a SEGA one did the job.
Anyway, I am a happy man.
(Click on the image for a slightly larger version)

There also is a new wallpaper with the same Moai, but without me in a 1600x1200 resolution if you are interested, waiting for you at the Wallpapers Section. I will upload a few more in a couple of days. Here is also my very own Moai, carved by Teave from the excellent Rapa Nui group Matato'a. I plan to upload the Anubis Special Edition Scans tomorrow. I had some trouble with Junker HQ again, and am slowly re-uploading all the scans, since they mysteriously were lost. I have tons of new games, and very little time. hope that the site can get up again in a few days. Happy B-day to me anyway =).

Matt from Deadcell HQ (BTW, there is some new info on the Golden Premium Pack) sent me a link with a slightly cheaper site that sells the Anubis Special Edition, might be cheaper for you if you live at Europe.

Also, I have uploaded MrRudi's Case Closed MP3 at the Snatcher Music Arrangements section, as always his Piano gives new life to these tracks, can't wait to hear more of his work "Hands on Snatcher". Go give it a try, it pertains to the SD-Snatcher soundtrack.

16/01/2004 Almost back... I am currently at Rapa Nui (Easter Island), where the Moai dwell. I am a happy man. But I am writing this lines for anyone interested in the new Anubis: Special Edition released yesterday Mine is already waiting for me at Mexico City, so expect scans on Monday night.

06/01/2004Yes I know, no updates in quite a while. I have received some music sheets, for the Snatcher Music Section.. and have a lot of stuff to upload.. but have had no time, and have also been away. I am at Argentina, but will be back soon.

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